Is GVO (the new wwKiosk) Business Opportunity The Real Deal?

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Hi, I have been receiving lots of emails promoting the GVO Business (pay $1 for 14 day trials and after that $44.95/month) and you get to make money from the 2 x 10 Matrix.

The GVO business is all about Web Hosting, coupled with Autoresponder, Web Conference and Prospecting System.

Is this business good to go in? I have done a few searches online and there are one or two websites stating that there's issues with the hosting and the support is not really there.

Also that most of the big-shots who are promoting this business did not even host their site with GVO. Am I missing out on something as well...

Thanks in advance for the opinions shared.
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    I don't know about the new model, but I've been frustrated with Kiosk for a while now. My sites seem to go down way too often and they have software that blocks my IP address constantly. I am really getting tired of dealing with them and am looking.
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    Does anyone know where GVO is physically (geographhically located)? They and/or their users are driving me crazy sending me unwanted (and un-opted-in) emails. So I want to contact them and/or the FTC.
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    I have been in GVO for 5 years I have been a full time marketer for 13 years and I can tell you from experience that GVO is one of the best. Support is great and the hosting can't be touched and that doesn't even include all the tools you get with it.

    In all fairness to you and everyone else right at the moment GVO has just launch Pure Leverage and in like the first month there was 44,000 people sign up. Needless to say it's bogged them down and they are working hard to get things back to normal.

    Joel Therin is over GVO and he is exceptional that when something goes wrong he lets us know what it is what happen and as close to when it can be fixed as possible. Although in 5 years there have been very few issues.

    I hope this helps you and at least you know you heard it from someone that knows

    Susan Boston
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    it only is a real deal if you know how to promote it, if you already have a good list to send to.

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