Dragon Naturally Speaking ... slow?

by Scott Ames 19 replies
I find I have to talk at a slower pace than I would like so that Dragon can correctly put words on the screen. If I speak too fast, I find it either puts in the wrong words or gets so far behind that I forget where I am.

Is that just my computer being slow or is this normal?
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    That's what I found. It gets better the more you use it which is quite ingenious in itself.

    Also, it does use up resources one way or another and it sounds like your computer can't handle it with no doubt the plethora of other programs you have running

    I don't ever remember having to slow down, it was very fast on my comp.

    For me, the novelty wore off and it was taking too much time to use it without error.
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    This is one of the main reasons that I stopped using it. I found that the speed I had to speak (for accuracy) was slower than the speed I could type at. I used it for nearly six months before giving up on it.
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    What I've found is that MIC QUALITY really helps in translation and the better the mic, the better the sound pic up.

    What I'm using lately is a studio condenser USB mic that I just got off one of the vendors at Amazon:

    Samson Audio - C01U

    And of course, the extra training really helps as well and a LOT of extra RAM in your machine...
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      Originally Posted by thenewevilisgood View Post

      What I've found is that MIC QUALITY really helps in translation and the better the mic, the better the sound pic up.

      What I'm using lately is a studio condenser USB mic that I just got off one of the vendors at Amazon:

      Samson Audio - C01U

      And of course, the extra training really helps as well and a LOT of extra RAM in your machine...
      I'll have to try a better mic then. I just use a cheapy.

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        For me, when I speak slowly it works like crap. When I speak normally or quickly it works great. I think the reason is that the program is able to do contextual analysis better if more is in the buffer. It looks strange as when I speak nothing is on the screen and then it spits it out perfectly.

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    Originally Posted by Scott Ames View Post

    I find I have to talk at a slower pace than I would like so that Dragon can correctly put words on the screen. If I speak too fast, I find it either puts in the wrong words or gets so far behind that I forget where I am.

    Is that just my computer being slow or is this normal?
    Scott, was Dragon faster in the beginning and then slowed down or was it always slow? As for Headsets - I use a Logitech headset like this one

    Logitech ClearChat Pro USB Headset at TigerDirect.com (no Aff.Link)

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    Try adding some more memory to your computer.
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  • Apart from having to take time to pronounce the words properly, I found it either slowed my PC down or ocassionaly caused it to freeze and that's with a good size memory
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    I finally have it working like I want, it uses a lot of memory, I have 2gig now and it works great.

    I also found it will work better in some programs then others.

    Not so good in office or open office but very accurate in Text Pad! Notepad comes in second.

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    I suppose because of its contextual analysis, accuracy is actually better when I speak at a more normal pace instead of slowly. Now I love DNS! BUT - it drove me crazy until I spent some time on 'training' it.

    For anyone who hasn't done this yet, when you drill down under Help-->Improve My Accuracy you'll find various texts you can read aloud in order to train it to your voice. After I did this a few times there was a gigantic improvement. And if it repeatedly returns an error for certain words, use the Train button on the dialog box that pops up when you say "correct ____".

    I also upgraded my mic, but not by much. I just have a $30 mic I got at RadioShack, but the mouthpiece is flexible so that I can place it right at the edge of my mouth.

    In the beginning I was about ready to throw in the towel on DNS. But the investment of time I've spent on training it has been well worth it, and now I'd never want to do without it. I still have to do some minor editing, but its accuracy now compared to when I first got it is like night and day.
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      I found it a pain to train but it was well worth it.

      When I had a gig for memory it was painfully slow. For many reasons other than DNS I pushe my memory up to 3 gig and it works fine.

      Like any assistant and that is the way I look at DNS you do need to put in some training time. It took several hours of use and it does get better.
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        I’ve been using Dragon for quite some time now and found that it is a memory hog. However, this program is one of the most unique programs I have ever used when it comes to accurate speech recognition. I started out with a computer that was under-powered when it comes to processing speed and memory.

        Recently I upgraded to a 3.1 dual processor and 4 gigs of ram, and this has completely changed the game. I can now write and edit 500 word articles in roughly 10 minutes whereas before it would take 30-45 minutes. The accuracy is incredible which translates to fewer mistakes, and overall makes life a whole lot easier.

        For those that can't afford to upgrade their computers, you can go to your options and deselect functions that do not need to run. When installing and running Dragon the first time it will usually default to your current computer speed. Sometimes it won't, which means you can turn these functions off, which in turn will allow you to work much faster.

        I love this program because it allows me the freedom to get work done in a 3rd of the time I could when I was typing. I use a Logitech ClearChat USB headset for those long hours of dictating, but I also use the wireless version as well. Out of all the wireless versions available, the Logitech ClearChat Wireless headset is by far the best.

        I currently write about 8-12 700 word articles a day (single subject), and find that Dragon Naturallyspeaking helps me achieve this with little difficulty. I am currently using version 10, and I have trained it completely using all the articles in the training series. I have found that you can over train your Dragon so be careful when training over and over again when it doesn't need it.

        Also run the optimization tools as frequently as you can because this will help a great deal. Avoid turning off the computer in an irregular fashion to prevent any corruption to your files. If you set your optimization settings to automatic, it will update itself when you aren't using it. You will find that a week of these optimization periods will have your Dragon performing at tip top levels.

        If anyone has a question about Dragon, I feel I've been using it long enough to shed a little light.

        Oh, one more thing. Always perform a backup of your files. If you start to use Dragon and it continues to act up, you will need to use the backed up files to restore it.

        Hope this helps, and by the way - I used Dragon to write this in 4.6 minutes.

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    I too love it, mainly cause I type 8 words per minute...

    Tim J Tanis

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      I use Dragon all the time and I talk at my normal speed. Actually, it seems more error prone if I speak slowly. I guess this is because of context - if you say "there/they're/their", Dragon doesn't know which word to use unless it's in a sentence or phrase. It definitely uses a lot of resources, though, and I don't have a lot of programs open when I'm dictating. It's one of my favorite all time programs.
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    I have the software as well and I find that I also have to slow down. Not really what I wanted =/
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    I love my dragon. In fact I'm using it to type this right now (I really can't type.)

    But I spent a long time training my dragon. And it still is and it still isn't always right all the time.

    I add new words to it almost daily, and my first got it I read it every script it came with over a series of several days.

    Did you know there's even a way for it to read the stuff you've written as a script and then read it back to the Dragon?

    You have to spend time training it, you also have to learn to read the same way you talk, the same speed the same accents whatever.

    That's how you train your Dragon. (And you probably do need a better mic and more memory.) also, it doesn't really like background noise like music or TV. It confuses it.

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    Sadie, best microphone is this : Blue Microphones | Yeti - The Ultimate Professional USB Microphone. Worth the money. I use it daily.
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    I see there are different versions.....are they alll slow?.....if not which version would be the best and were could i person go get this at a very reasonable price?

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    I use Dragon Naturally Speaking ALL the time! It didn't work so great back when I had a slower machine and a cheap mic.

    But yeah, I'd suggest you buy a good quality mic and add some RAM to your computer as well.


    P.S This post was written with Dragon Naturally Speaking.
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