The Retired Millionaire?-don't bother.

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A somewhat trusted source sent me a link to this program www theretiredmillionaire dot com.

That trust has dropped a notch.

The ad copy claims that he's going to reveal the secret of how he became a millionaire in Internet marketing and because he is now retired, he's willing to sell you his secrets for a mere $47.

If you close the window it drops to $27. If you close that window it drops to $17. If you close it again it drops to $7. So I figured I would try it at that cost.

It's not even worth $7.

All it does is send you to the main website where it has you read two very beginning guides to Internet marketing. It has a list of about 30 additional e-books that you could then read. In step three is a bunch of products you can supposedly resell but have really just been "bonus offered" out into oblivion for the past couple of years.

And here's the real kicker-they send you to a website called www myproductcenter dot com where you are supposed to be able to get a free website to market all this stuff. This is not true. This website has its own set of products that you can market and only a few of them are available to market for free. But then they make you buy a $67 "submit to 250+ search engines" program to get the traffic you need.

So I'm supposed to believe that this guy is a retired millionaire by following this system?

I'm not even going to bother to ask for a refund because I'm not going to waste any more time on it. I've spent more time writing this review than I'm willing to spend any more on this product.
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  • Profile picture of the author Ashley Wright
    I had someone send me an email about "The Retired Millionaire" from what you are saying the millionaire part of the title should be chopped and changed!
    • Profile picture of the author CraigX
      The Exact thing happened to me. I got an e-mail from a Guru who I thought very highly of until this e-mail and in the e-mail it said that he just got off the phone with the retired millionaire and he really recommended this program.

      What a Waste of time. The good news is I only paid $7.00 for it.

      I e-mailed this Guru back and really told him that he just lost all credibility with me. Right after that I unsubscribed to his opt-in list. I wont be buying anymore of his stuff even though I really liked the product he just recently came out with.

      If every time a guru sent an e-mail blast out and half his list unsubscribed, I bet they wouldnt send out Crap anymore.
  • Profile picture of the author AFFILIATE ROB
    A lot of gurus will tell you that they never promote products that they don't thoroughly inspect first. Obviously that is NOT the case in all situations.
    • Profile picture of the author dotslash
      Originally Posted by AFFILIATE ROB View Post

      A lot of gurus will tell you that they never promote products that they don't thoroughly inspect first.

      A lot ? Every single list I'm on says that

      Thanks for the heads up on this one !
  • Profile picture of the author doublee
    I came here today to see if there were any opinions about this product. A friend of mine asked me to find out what I could.

    I thank you for this post, and I'll send it to my friend.

    My searches on Google turned up the same info, except for the sites where they were also selling it.

    I thought maybe it was good for a beginner, abd you "seasoned" guys might not think much of it, but you've explained your opinions well

  • Profile picture of the author Sue McDonald
    We all get caught from time to time so don't all beat yourselves up at once. I looked at this ages ago but my girlfriend and I had made a pact "No more buying" so that probably saved me.
    I too agree that the so called gurus do not go through everything. I have had a few lately where the link doesn't even work. If they had of been through it themselves they would have quickly found that out. I agree - unsubscribe from any that do this.
  • Profile picture of the author André Silverspoon
    It´s an old product. I bought it for a couple of years ago, when I started out. Nothing special there at all. And as it´s stated by another person here already; you´ll soon recieve a telephone call from someone who wants to upsell you to a coaching class ;-)
    • Profile picture of the author GaryBurke
      [QUOTE=André Silverspoon;1928539]It´s an old product. I bought it for a couple of years ago, when I started out. Nothing special there at all. And as it´s stated by another person here already; you´ll soon recieve a telephone call from someone who wants to upsell you to a coaching class ;-)[/QUOTE

      I had the telephone call as well and after talking for about 5 minutes he then asked me how much money I could invest in his program.
      I though to myself (here we go time to sling a bit of B...S...) so I told him I did not have much money what could he do for me as I was keen to learn IM but he said because I did not have much money to spend he could not help me.

      I would say stay away
  • Profile picture of the author jfinley
    I am glad I did not try it, thanks for the advice.
  • Profile picture of the author NewLevelMarketing
    Originally Posted by smedsribaka View Post

    I'm not even going to bother to ask for a refund because I'm not going to waste any more time on it.
    He's probably making a killing from this $7.00 product! $7.00 is a drop in the bucket to most people and they think just what you said.
  • Profile picture of the author JDE
    Like many of you, I got this for $7.00. What a bunch of garbage! I too was sold on the idea by another "Guru" that I thought I respected. Am reconsidering.

    Even though it was $7, I'm still going for the refund, just on principle. Don't want these guys and those who referred me to make a penny on this trash.

    I guess you truly do get what you pay for!
  • Profile picture of the author Phil_UK
    It looks as if this has been around for a while, but someones still pushing it as I got an email about it last week. Glad I came here to find out what others thought first!!!
  • Profile picture of the author John Atkins
    Same thoughts here. As always I bought it to check it out
    before promoting it to my list, and I didn't. It's not good at
    • Profile picture of the author fong47
      Think about this for one second. Do you really think that someone will reveal everything including his secrets to build his wealth for $7? If you make hundreds of thousands online, will you give away your secrets for $7? Probably not... Just my 2 cents.
  • Profile picture of the author Doiron
    I read some time ago (maybe on this forum ... not sure) that the Retired Millionaire was actually two young guys using that persona as a marketing gimmick.

    Unfortunately, I found that out long after I bought the product at much more than $7.00. Quite a waste, although there was some bonus PLR that might be useful some day.

    A guru recently sent me this pitch and I emailed him with my concerns. Never heard back.

    It's sad to find out you've made a mistake trusting some marketers. My list of trusted marketers is dwindling.
  • Profile picture of the author Caleb Spilchen
    Hi guys,

    Retired Millionaire, found at (which I would assume is the same as)

    I originally bought this months ago, and I found out that this product is just a bunch of PLR, and nothing else. So I decided to refund on this product. After that, they have kept on calling me (You put your phone # in), with an offer to upsell. So overall, with there upsell attempts, and the product, I would say not to purchase it.

    No offense to the product owner.

    • Profile picture of the author jrodriguez315
      They've called me 3 times and each time they want information about my finances, credit history, debt and god knows what all, just so they can "pre-qualify" me for their Success Stories program to the tune of 10k! I have a REALLY bad taste in my mouth from this Easy Retired Millionaire crap.
  • Profile picture of the author Thomas Buckley
    The Author also wrote the 16 year old millionaire very same as retired millionaire i think
    But the author got somone to put there name under carol Nygem or somthing as a girl But it was just for the sales page :
  • Profile picture of the author mario3
    Well, The Rich 16 Year Old Millionaire System was even better than this sh*t...
  • Profile picture of the author RB
    I'm not sure if this thread is still going, but it is now 1/05/11 and the retired millionaire is still selling this crapola! He's still retiring...even though the sales page says he is only selling 50 of these, the source said only 8 are remaining, and the sales page then says only 4 remaining.

    I look at these things to see if I can learn anything from the sales pages. I have never expected anyone to tell me how to become a millionaire, or even how to earn money overnight.

    Some people will go for it though, this thread was started 12/04/09, and is offer is still going on today, 01/05/11.

    Now that's how you earn (fleece...perhaps) money - if you can live with yourself knowing you be in the hot seat for eternity.

    Buyer beware.

  • Profile picture of the author Changing Man
    I have from time to time received emails promoting this - often the same wording regardless of who sends it. Now I know we all receive swipe emails but when it claims that they have just got off the phone from someone etc., and it is so clear that is not the case it makes me wonder how some of these marketers keep people on their list.
  • Profile picture of the author John Reed
    I just got an email about this one too, and as I thought I remembered seeing it before I popped in here to check it out! 17 Jan 2011
    Crapola again - there are so many of these still circulating - but someone must be buying or they'd have died a death!
    Thank Heavens for this Forum eh?!!!

    PS: The only difference seems to be that this offer was set at $37 and didn't drop when I clicked out - in one!!!!!!!
    • Profile picture of the author aciddropkid
      I went for the $7 option about 3 months ago out of pure curiosity. As others have said in this thread, it was all ancient stuff; and badly maintained (several of the links didn't work). It was worth the 7 bucks to me for its entertainment value. Apart from saying 'Stay Away from it', I have 1 other suggestion: 'retired' should be pronounced 'retard'.
    • Profile picture of the author aciddropkid
      Sorry, I pressed the submit button twice!
  • Profile picture of the author Fernando Veloso
    You guys keep buying dreams huh?

    You folks know 80-90% of products are old ideas, just rehashed stuff adapted to different platforms/different methods - but the basics are the same.

    I mean... Anyone could use one of Allen's old threads and adapt it to Facebook or Twitter and make a WSO right now for 7$ a pop.

    You know better then this folks... You're damn Warriors or what?

  • Profile picture of the author SEOGlobal
    What I have learned is that there are two cornerstones to success one of them is hard work and the other is enthusiasm which is doing what you love and are passionate about.

    All this internet marketing products that tells you they have found the secret to success without the hard work part is simply full of crap. Even if it just $7.
  • Profile picture of the author SEOGlobal
    That $7 or the money that you spent in crappy internet marketing products could feed a hungry person or save a village already.

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