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Anyone have an idea which is the best server based autoresponder software out there?

I'm not referring to the services such as aweber and getresponse - I already know about them and have used them.
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    I like jango mail. They have some great features.

    I have been using them for a while now and i love it.
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    I like group mail. easy to set up and use.
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    Have you considered Autoresponder solutions like Aweber or Getresponse.

    After I use them self hosted AR seem like a hassle.
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      Have used them for years. it's worked great but is a little behind on the new tracking features that have been introduced by Aweber and others. But they have a big new upgrade coming out soon which should be great.

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    you could check fleetmailer, oempro, intuit, interspire

    never tested them before, but they have demos.

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    I use phplist for a client with very simple needs, she sends a newsletter out once a month to her local business mailing list. It works well for me and for her for that.

    Anything more complex than her needs and I'd go for a service like Aweber.

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    I'm using and its amazing, flat rate of $15 for unlimited list members and comes with all features needed for an autoresponder

    Thank you
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      Originally Posted by View Post

      I'm using and its amazing, flat rate of $15 for unlimited list members and comes with all features needed for an autoresponder

      Thank you
      Just to clarify: is $17.95 per month.

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    There are certain things to check on before hosting your own autoresponder. First check to make sure the host can support them. Not only from a TOS, but from MTA compatibility i.e. are they running a sendmail type of program. Do they limit access to the standard smtp port (25), or do they limit the number of emails you can send in an hour - or are you required to pop/check your email before sending? Some ISPs will not allow you to send emails directly from your desktop or from a server. Some will limit you to 25 out going emails an hour, and some will only let you send an email after checking your account.

    Having said that - you should be using at the very least a VPS and in general a dedicated server.

    Next are you just wanting to send out newsletters and updates, or use a true autoresponse system? If its just sending out newsletters etc then any of several open source programs will work fine. If you want to use true autoresponders then you really want to look at fellow warrior Neil Morgan's Autoresponse Plus. Its the best self hosted program out there. Its been around for a long time so is stable and well designed and coded. Plus Neil offers great support. You can not go wrong using it IMHO.

    Now as to deliverability and other items - its more work on your part - either yourself or someone you outsource to. You need sysadmin skills to maintain your server and keep it secure. You need to take time to check to see if you're on spam complaint systems and follow up with all complaints. That takes time.

    but running your own AR Plus is possible and practical. You just to need to stay on top of things.

    Good luck,
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    Interspire Email Marketer is the best self-hosted AR, Lot's of Features and worth every Bit of the price.

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    i choose interspire email marketer.. one time investment... for larger list can use service for lower price compare to aweber and get respond... no monthly fees when you don't plan to send any newsletter.

    i work on web consultant and creative agency in indonesia..

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