Rapid Profit Method by Lisa Diane?

by crimsonbook 20 replies
Anyone heard or tried RPM? Those on Michael Cheney and Fabian Tan's lists would have received an email on this.
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    What is she teaching. I heard about it early in my journey in Internet Marketing. I think if you do a search you will find something on here about her. Expensive program as I recall. If you are just getting started and want to pay a premium price I might recommend Site Build It. Others will recommend that you do what you can here for free.
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      Buying this one is really up to you but here is small recap of this method.
      It's only a 40 page pdf-document with many OTO's before you get the
      product itself. Those OTO's are from $297 to $1997

      For $97 it's very very basic info

      This is the basic idea of RPM.

      1. You choose a market where you have an interest and you
      know people are already spending money.

      2. Then you identify a few of the experts in that market and hold a tele-training or webinar with those experts.

      3. During the tele-training/webinar the expert shares helpful information.

      4. As soon as you’ve held 4 or more of the tele-trainings/webinars the recordings are combined to create your very own product.

      Hope this helps your decision.

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    Thanks Janis10 for your information. That really shed a light on what The Rapid Profit Method was all about; and saved me $97.00.

    I appreciate your input.

    Thanks again.

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    Thank you SO much for saving me this $97 and a lot of disappointment.

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    To those who were about to buy....here is a suggestion...

    Form a mastermind with each other and DO it in your respective niches, just as Janis laid it out.

    Get off of all of the mailings lists that promoted this to you until you have launched.

    It is likely that they will sell you something else to distract you.

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    Thanks for checking this out and forwarding the info.
    Saved a lot of time and $$$$.
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    I've also been disappointed with her products - I spent $1000 on 30kpayday and it turned out being an mlm opportunity. Which might work fine for some but it's not what I was looking for, and guess what, no refunds. I probably should have known better as she lays it on pretty thick.
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      Originally Posted by marin7 View Post

      I've also been disappointed with her products - I spent $1000 on 30kpayday and it turned out being an mlm opportunity. Which might work fine for some but it's not what I was looking for, and guess what, no refunds. I probably should have known better as she lays it on pretty thick.

      Same experience as you. She did not deliver on the final phase of a product UNTIL the refund period had passed. And made a promise to give us resell rights on a product , the e version with a price point of $1,000 but NEVER told us we would not get it until she had sold out her stock of physical products. I waited over a year and it was still not available. A wolf in sheep's clothing, and no refund...very sleazy, stay as far away from her and Bonnie as you can..

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    I get emails from her all the time. She signs them but they come from a Bonnie. I'd like to unsubscribe and stop receiving them but she's on every safe list so I can't because I also use many of them to market.

    It is always suspicious when people don't give any refunds, especially when they are selling big ticket items!!

    The other thing is that if she's making all that money and such a successful marketer, why isn't she inside here at the warrior forum? Or that some pretty well known marketers here have never heard of her?

    You have to wonder.

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    I just wonder how this "no refunds" policy is actually executed?
    Unless buyers are all sheep to ask for it via payment processing company.

    In modern world you may always contact your credit card company with complaint or, if paid by Paypal - escalate it with Paypal and you likely will get money back.
    It's very hard for seller to enforce "no refund", regardless of what he/she says on his salesletter.

    Just wondering...
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