Best free article spinner?

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Whats the best article spinner that is free that you can just download or use at a website?
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    Spinning articles is kind of like putting your dinner in a blender. It's the same stuff... but not nearly as palatable.

    Create content that is palatable.

    Focus on quality. Why people believe all the junk links that they will supposedly get by posting useless articles is somehow beneficial helps, is beyond comprehension.

    There is no evidence of this... in fact just the opposite.

    Google is moving AWAY from just ranking links. They have been for a long time. Pay attention to what they measure in Analytics and you'll have clues as to what they really want.

    And it's NOT crap links.

    I have a site ranking in the Top 10 for a very competitive search phrase B2B.

    It has less than 40 incoming links!!!

    Google is measuring what people do on a site after they reach it. They are setting cookies and following people around. They are GeoTargeting.

    Welcome to the New World... links in and of themselves do not make much real difference as the competition increases.
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    I agree and I produce a lot of quality content but others want us to write articles for them so why shouldnt I just spin it for them instead of paying so much to re-write every time. PM the B2B site I am interested to see it.
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    I have to agree 100%. My site has 8 incoming links, and sits #6 on a google search! I think Google is looking deeper in to content.
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    I am one of those who thinks article spinners are all junks and article created by them are junks as well.

    However to answer your original question, there is one tool that I use myself sometimes.

    This is not really a spinner. But it makes rewriting easy. You basically paste your articles and it separates each sentences for you, so you can rewrite them. Which I think is a great way to rewrite articles.
    You dont need to download anything. just register and you can rewrite articles on their site. I hope it helps.
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    What are you looking for from the spinning software (especially as you want a free one?)

    You can easily just do it yourself using the {one|two|three} etc operations in notepad if you wanted!

    Mark Blaze
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    when you rewrite article through any software you only get crap articles...
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    Originally Posted by charto911 View Post

    Whats the best article spinner that is free that you can just download or use at a website?
    hi charto,
    article chest is a pretty good one but you have to keep in mind that generally the best ones are the paid ones. cheers!
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    I personally do not recommend using article spinning software. The articles end up sounding like mumble jumble, and incoherent.

    I prefer to spend my hard earned cash in a good article writer. If you want a recommendation, send me a PM and I will recommend someone.
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    As long as you proof read and edit the spun articles theyre fine

    Take a look at jetspinner that's free to use
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    I don't know about free ones but I use mass article creator and find it works fine.
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    The only article spinner that I have found that works at all, is not free. It is called Mass Article Creator. I'm not going to get into the discussion of whether or not article spinning is effective but that is the best one that I've tried.

    The other option is just to rewrite your article, line by line. It doesn't take much longer than most article spinners, strangely enough.
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    Imo the best free spinner is Jetspinner - no catch, it is completely free:

    But I just swapped and paid for The Best Spinner, it cost me $77, but I believe you can get a copy for $50 with a coupon (?), and it really has saved me a lot of time:
    The Best Spinner
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    Free article spinners would not give you the content that you need.. you will be wasting time as it would give you useless content. (honestly) But I have tried A paid spinner "The best spinner".. it gives you high quality spun versions of your original article.
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    Free spinners subdomains ...

    Are any of these comparable to the right paid versions?

    If it is important enough for you to consider using it in YOUR business.... do you really want to go free ?
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    I think it's best for you to write your own articles. Furthermore, your article is unique when you write them on your own.

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    I think that people need to realize there are two types of spinners out there - the ones that replace word-by-word, and ones that replace paragraph-by-paragraph

    I use the word-by-word method.

    I manually "spin" my articles. It may take 1/2 hour to write one, and another 1/2 hour to "spin" it into spinner notation with quality synonyms (no auto synonyms). I then run it through my own tool that generates hundreds - even thousands of unique variations.

    I thought I had used a free version of TheBestSpinner, but I now see it is a paid product. I think it started free on v1 and is now paid on v2? Could be wrong.

    What I like about theirs - and I may pay for it - is that it offers up synonyms, but they're sorted by how frequently other users pick that synonym - like a voting system. You don't have to use any or all of their suggestions - it is just an extremely easy way to run through & do the spinning. And I can tell you that after hours of writing and manual spinning, your brain turns to oatmeal, so easy to use, fresh suggestions - very welcome indeed.

    As far as crap quality - I don't see how you would get crap unless you used something completely automated that did search & replace with nonsense words. Of course that would produce crap. But if I'm doing it (manually or with TheBestSpinner) and I want to replace "house" and it suggests "home,abode,residence,...." (I made those up) I'm free to pick which to use and not use. It is not fully automatic, so as long as you don't make dumb choices, you don't get bad results...
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    I'm just going to reiterate what other people are saying with regards to spun articles: they CAN be readable and CAN be profitable. It's all about how what you feed into the program.

    Also... I've used SpinProfit - Free Article Spinning Service before I switched to the premium The Best Spinner
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    It's not free, but at less than $40 a year, it might as well be.

    Spinrobot - the best spinner you'll ever see! Rewrite your articles automatically with just one mouse click!

    it has a free trial, too.

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