Jason Fladlien's 48 Hour Report (aka, Instant Product Creation System)

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This product has been around for a while, and at one time was a WSO. I recently purchased it and really liked it. I think it has good staying power as it doesn't rely on any gimmicks or tricks that will go out of date quickly. I posted an extensive review on my blog, so I'll just post some highlights here.

Is 48 Hour Report any good? Is it worth the investment of time and money? And will his approach work for you, even if you aren’t a successful, impatient copywriting dynamo like Jason?

The bottom line answer to those questions, in my opinion, is “Yes”.

Jason is a master at developing systems that teach people how to get things done quickly and easily. And not only teach them, but really get them to learn it by taking action and changing their behavior.

And what are the things that will keep you from getting your own report created? Perfectionism? Procrastination? Analysis paralysis? Writer’s block? Jason can solve all those problems for you, if you let him.

And there’s the catch: “if you let him.”

You’ll often hear that the key to success in Internet Marketing is taking action – massive action. Jason Fladlien is living proof that taking action works.

I think Jason would argue that the quality of your info product is in its ability to get your readers to take action, to change their behavior, to be able to demonstrate that they really did learn and internalize what you were trying to teach them. Do that and you’ll have a very happy customer. One who will willingly provide you with testimonials, purchase more of your products, and rave about you to everyone within earshot. (Okay, yes, the shoe fits – I’ve clearly become a fan of Jason’s. What can I say? Guilty as charged…)

In a nutshell what you get is a simple, effective way to structure your info product report so that it delivers maximum value to your entire reading audience, with the least amount of effort on your part.

By having this system, you pretty much have the outline for either a mini report, or the outline of each chapter of a larger report. Now you just need to fill in each section with your unique content. Done this way your material flows in a logical fashion, people with different learning styles all understand your material better, and you don’t have to sit staring at a blank screen wondering what to do next.

If you want a more detailed assessment you can read my 48 Hour Report Review.

I hope that helps.
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    I totally agree with you on your review of 48 hour report. One of the beauties of Jason's products is how transferable they are to other skills. By thinking in fast and instant solutions you can create a huge variety of products plus modify your offers on services.

    Anything Jason puts out I get my hands on...this was one of hte first products I bought from him last year and it totally revolutionized my business.


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      Completely agree with you Patrick - even in 2013. And Brad Spencer too - fancy meeting you here!

      Jason's products show the genius of deconstruction and then application of the 80/20 principle. He really gets to the basics and tells you which of those to concentrate on. A fund of ideas for a brainstorming session on product creation.


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