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I am planning to try the system, it's $497 so I want to hear reviews from fellow warriors who already tried the system if the system really work.
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    Watched the video....he does state there is a 30 day money back guarantee so that will keep you safe. I would prefer the money back guarantee as opposed to what others here might think.
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    I have just purchased the system plus the 2 upsells. As it's late at night here, I haven't commenced Module1. I find that if I get the brain juices flowing so late, I don't sleep at all which doesn't help the day JOB next morning.
    You could Google Jay's name...some interesting posts come up. I'm thinking that the name of some products mentioned could be the same as the income insider system.

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      Well, I stuck through the entire video and I am tempted. I am seriously considering it, so I'd love to hear any comments from Veronica or anyone else that has purchased.
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    Is this the same product as in this thread?


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    I've bought it, but mainly to see how he markets the people.
    I really can't tell you if it's any good because he sends out the modules every week and not at once.
    But as stated above, you have a 30 day money back guarantee.
    So if after 30 days you think it's crap, just ask for a refund.
    Personally, i HATE the way this product try's to upsell... Just when you think you've bought something good, you're going to hear you can "improve" your purchase... that's really NUTS (imho).
    From a marketer stand point, I can totally see the value here

    Conclusion: I suggest to try it out. If it doesn't work request a refund.
    If it works, congratz!

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      Originally Posted by severt View Post

      I've bought it, but mainly to see how he markets the people.
      That's a nice position to be in. If I had the dough lying around I might do the same.

      IMHO, he shoots himself in the foot:

      First, because he drones on in the video for too long, making you sit through way too much hype (even though he acknowledges that it's all "hypey"), only to find out that....

      Second, it's a $500 product, which very few starving Internet Marketers can afford!

      And finally, this leads to anger and resentment, because after telling you for 20 minutes how he "feels your pain" and can relate to being a struggling marketer, he hits you (if not kicks you in the you-know-what) with that rather stiff and ugly price tag.

      Personally, I felt a bit soiled and used.

      Whenever I see one of these kind of offers, I get really suspicious. If he really wants to help struggling marketers, he should know that most can't afford $500. The ones who can afford that (as a rule) are the one's who are already making some money, or the handful of those who have room left on their overtaxed credit cards.

      The course may well be great. I hope it is, but he's not making it affordable to those who REALLY need it!

      Originally Posted by severt View Post

      Personally, i HATE the way this product try's to upsell... Just when you think you've bought something good, you're going to hear you can "improve" your purchase... that's really NUTS (imho).
      And THEN he hits you for upsells? Gawd! I mean, I can imagine a scenario where people scrape together the $500 just to get the system... only to be confronted with more?


      What was the price tag on the upsells, if I may ask?

      Say, I thought all the ethical marketers these days were going away from the blind(side) up-sell model. It's always been a bit dodgy and a tad shady, I think. Many of us are quite sick-and-tired of it, if not fed-up with it entirely.

      Furthermore, by not delivering the content up front, you're FORCED to sit through more video (I hope it doesn't drone on like the intro) for weeks before being able to evaluate whether it's any good or not. In my experience, that's a bad sign.

      It smacks of Mac Michael's Cell Phone Cash (Sell Faux Crap) system, that used a similar model. He took weeks to get to anything with real content (mostly he spoke in broad, sweeping generalizations and ended up repeating himself ad nauseum). At least in this case, you CAN get your money back (in theory). With Cell Faux Crap, the course length went beyond the Clickbank guarantee, as I recall, leaving many burnt and really, really PO'd!

      After having lost ad money (and time) on THAT "sure fire" "can't lose" course, I was only able to get my money back by punching out before the "advanced" materials were provided. Many wished they had done the same! But I digress...

      I hope Insider Income System works for you. I think I speak for many here when I request that you let us know if the "secret" really was worth the hype, and if it you start to make some serious bank. ;-)
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    I agree the video is long you need to finish the entire video and at the end you found out that you need to pay $500 for the system that I thought you will get right away after paying it.

    And I am wondering why he didn't even bother to post at least some honest testimonials from his customers.
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    Hej Mann,

    Nice post!
    I have no idea how much the upsells are because I was bored of watching even more video's. Pff the first video was indeed WAY to long and he uses very old techniques like "No, you don't even have to pay half, not $1000, no just $497. <--- Where 7 is the magic number that should convert better...
    He's really targetting newbies because intermediate marketers have a shield for this crap selling method.
    But I would love to hear how much this launch bring in, because I'm planning to do my own big launch soon, and if those tactics still convert then...
    But upsells... hmmm, No, not this way...

    Hopefully I can update this thread with positive comments.
    But if the good contents are only being presented after the 30 days of refund period, then I might take the refund. I don't have time to watch a dozen of video's with newbie information and follow his plan to only find out that I lost money.
    Since he's targetting the Clickbank marketplace in the video's I think it will be saturated within a month... Of course you need to think outiside the box and target
    other products to "test" this tactics on, but still...

    Gotta run!

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      Originally Posted by severt View Post

      Hej Mann,
      Hopefully I can update this thread with positive comments.
      But if the good contents are only being presented after the 30 days of refund period, then I might take the refund. I don't have time to watch a dozen of video's with newbie information and follow his plan to only find out that I lost money.
      Since he's targetting the Clickbank marketplace in the video's I think it will be saturated within a month... Of course you need to think outiside the box and target
      other products to "test" this tactics on, but still...

      Gotta run!


      Hope to hear from you soon with your progress I will wait for at least 3-4 weeks to hear your real life experience with the system
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    P.S. - What I would do if I was Jay (the product owner) is hire 10's of virtual assistents to totally milk this technique instead of selling this product. (And maybe he has done this already!)
    If he wanted to help people he wouldn't ask $500, if it was $50 nobody would purchase because it's probably crap, if it was $1000 he would get to many refunds and complaints if the content is presented after the refund period...
    You should always ask your self why someone is selling their hottest technique.
    Already saturated? Not as profitiable as he makes it believe in the video...
    Keep in mind this guy is a marketer...

    For the people that believe in the good side of people... Yes maybe this guy Jay is the exception... who knows
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      Originally Posted by severt View Post

      You should always ask your self why someone is selling their hottest technique.
      Already saturated?
      IMO 'Already saturated' applies to many,many info products - past,present and future!
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    The problem is we really can't tell whether the product is good or not until there's enough evidence... We need a few long-timers reviewing and posting about it on the boards, if it won't happen then something is going on.
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    Today the new video's came in.
    I've watched them, but this is so basic newbie stuff.
    Aweber account setup / how to upload your website etc.
    Hopefully the next video's are giving some useful information and something about that "Google Loophole" thing, because that's why most people signed up...
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    Shh. I've used Jay's product and if you are just starting out he covers a lot of ground in easy to follow lessons. I upgraded to the gold and got 5 websites. There was a lot of information that other classes I've taken didn't cover. But don't tell any more people - he is my secret weapon
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      Jay course and teaching is one of the best products that I had purchase! His modules training with the videos is very easy to follow. I just follow his teaching systems and been getting results from his teaching. He also have live webinar training which he will teach you and then you can ask him live questions about anything about the modules training and he will give you advice or more detailed answers about it.
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    Well, the new video's are coming next week.
    I'll update this thread as soon as I've watched them.

    Have a good weekend!

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      Severt (Dennis), do you know how many modules are in this course? Do you anticipate to have all modules before the refund guarantee run out? Thanks.
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    Today I watched Module 3.
    I'm very... no... VERY disappointed!
    You know what the "google loophole" was?
    That Google likes Wordpress!

    Aaaaah, did I really waste my time so someone could remind me about that???
    So they show you how to install Wordpress, and how to install the 2 famous plugins (all-in-one SEO & that Sitemap plugin) everybody already knows about.

    They talk in the video if it's their idea, that they invent this sh*t.
    Sorry for my words, but I'm a little bit angry here.

    All they do is copy/paste information together in a new product and market it like it's the best and you can't do without.
    So for marketing I give them a 10+ but for the content....

    Don't get me wrong.
    If you're a total newbie then maybe this information might be helpful.
    But until now it's not worth anywhere near the $500 they are asking.

    You're better of buying some WSO's


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      I posted above that I had purchased the product but at the time had not used it. I bought the main product at US$497...the first upsell at US$997 and the 2nd at USD$197 Total cost US$1691 or AU$1884.75. Much more than I could afford but the "platinum status" it gave me should have had me producing an attractive income within a short time.

      Then came the problem! Files would not open correctly. I contacted support and waited...waited...and waited some more and eventually pm'd Jay through the Warrior Forum. He replied, apologised for the delay and said that their support guy left without notice. He asked me for further info which I supplied within 14 hours (time difference between USA and Aus) and I've had no reply since.

      The product was purchased on 30/3 and it's now 12/4 with not one bit of progress using the system. Today I've pm'd Jay again requesting a full refund.

      I intensely dislike writing a negative post about anyone's product or service, but because of the big dollars involved with this product I felt that for potential buyers, forewarned is forearmed! It is also possible that another person may not experience the problems I have encountered.

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    Dennis Thanks for the honest review, you save my $500

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    Hi Veronica,

    I requested support also and it took 8 days for them to send me an
    standard and not very useful reply.
    I don't like complaining about a product either.
    But it's their own fault.
    They create a product and all ways to funnel us to the upsells and take as much money as possible. But when you need support...

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    Hi Veronica, could you please give me Jay's Warrior User ID? I'd like to contact him directly, not through his support system as I sent him a support ticket 14 days ago and have never heard from him either. I should have waited for comments on his product before jumping in Thanks.
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    Hey guys - someone just told me about this thread and I wanted to pop in and explain what happened RE: our support desk.

    I personally truly do care about my customers and would like to step in to clarify a few things.

    About a week and a half ago - our key support person had an unexpected death in the family, and took off without notice. Upon further investigation, we found out that he was not able to answer all of the support tickets prior to that.

    This is TOTALLY our fault, and we take 110% responsibility of this - no excuses.

    In fact, we just hired a full time person that comes to our offices each and every day that's devoted to providing support - and we personally oversee this person and make sure that support is handled each and everyday.

    Also, to make up for this…we've hooked all our customers up with extra training that Alen Sultanic (my biz partner) taught in a private invite only $5,000 coaching mastermind session.

    This additional training is no longer for sale at any cost, yet we hooked up all of our customers with it at no charge.

    Plus we're extending ourselves in providing extra training in terms of outsourcing and employee management for totally outsourcing everything.

    RE: the content - Dennis - with being through only module 3, I think it's a little early to be making generalizations like "You're better of buying some WSO's", but that's just my opinion.

    The system as a whole is what creates the loophole. *It's FAR more in depth than "Google loves Wordpress" - in fact, it's not even Wordpress that's key here, it's how the system comes together to create the engine that drives everything.

    Also i'd hope you would respect peoples' courses enough not to reveal the exact contents of what is inside to those who haven't tried them out yet.

    I have no problem with reviews (and absolutely encourage them) but there's a difference between reviewing a product and revealing the contents of what's inside.
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    Hi Jay,

    Thanks for your response, I really appreciate that.
    However, if I may quote you: "The system as a whole is what creates the loophole".

    But when I go to "module 3" I see this text:

    The Loophole.... Google can't help but love Wordpress. It's built very well. And the way you'll be optimizing it using these ultra-simple strategies will literally FORCE the search engines to send you waves of FREE Traffic.

    And now you're saying that Wordpress isn't the loophole?

    Anyway I supplied a support ticket after I watched module 1 because I wanted to know when the good content was coming... I wanted to know what exactly what we are going to do to succeed because I didn't want to waste my time and energy.
    After 8 days I got a reply that said "Just keep at it and follow the instructions".
    I got that reply after seeing Module 3 so I was irritated like hell.

    So after spending $497, noticing that Wordpress was the loophole, and a 8 day delay to a not to useful response I decided to request a refund.

    For your info: I'm a very direct person. Please don't see my comments as a personal attack or something. The reason I bought in the first place was because I liked the video and your style of teaching.

    as a side note: In my opinion the video sales letter was good and really convincing but it was a little to long. In the last few minutes you used old marketing "tricks" that almost stopped me from buying. And personally I hate it when people say "This is exclusive, while thousands of people are hearing/reading the same"...

    Anyway good luck with your product and hopefully my comments will help you.


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      Do NOT buy this course. They do not honor their 30 day money back guarantee. I purchased this course and after going through a couple modules I came to the conclusion that this was not the kind of info I was looking for, especially for $497.
      I asked for a refund two weeks ago and have not seen a penny back from them yet.

      The only thing their support says is that it is "processing".

      It does not take 2 weeks to issue a refund!

      Their customer service is horrible as they do not offer any real info to your inquiry.

      Not recommended at all.
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    Did you notice their support e-mail address =
    That alone irritates me, and the same issue here, I have not seen the refund processed...
    Now my English isn't top notch either, but that's because English isn't my native language.
    But when a support "staff" have a typo in their e-mail address then .... I stop talking now

    Update: 2 minutes after posting this message I received an e-mail that my refund has been processed. But what I didn't like was the message I received after sending an e-mail to - Delivery to the following recipients failed.

    Again, I stop talking now grmphhh
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    Hey - as I said guys we screwed up - by not having a back-up support plan. And I'm the first to admit it.

    And unfortunately due to that fact, some customers who requested a refund were delayed, and for that all I can do is apologize.

    As I said above, we have now hired new in-house support. Those folks that requested a refund are now completely taken care of.

    Anyone who hasn't can feel free to PM me with order info and I will personally see to it that it's taken care of.

    On a side note many of our members are seeing some fantastic results with the system =)

    We are getting emails from members who have never made one sale online who are now making consistent affiliate sales as a result of implementing the system.

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    If you sell a product with the sort of hype you employed and then the training and support services don't come anywhere near the standards you claimed for it, it is not just my right to tell the whole world that you are selling us very short, it is my duty.

    So, firstly, get off your high horse about people giving away details about the course contents and, instead, focus on resolving the complaints. Happy customers wouldn't trash you in forums and would respect the confidentiality of novel information or techniques.

    Now, let me get down to your claims that you have already resolved all customer problems. In my particular case you have not bothered to answer a single one of the queries I have raised, going back almost two weeks. I very much doubt that I am alone.

    Next, allow me to remind you that in your sales hype you promised that all would be revealed to us - nothing would be hidden – and that nobody joining your elite (read "exclusive") club would be left behind. Well, so far those promises remain unfulfilled. The way you distance yourself from contact does not match your claim about being highly accessible.

    Principally, the way the course is organised is haphazard, to be polite about it. The course lacks a solid structure and is devoid of detailed explanation and guidance. The one pretty coloured flow diagram included so far is useless in allowing people to understand how everything fits together. Your latest Module is late, by your own admission, and even today there is still no sign of it. The video of the previous Module is still inaccessible. This is not the fault of the person dealing with customer queries; it is the fault of the course compiler.

    I also consider that the "Done for You" work was very unprofessionally put together, again without adequate explanation as to what to do with all the attendant bit and pieces.

    Having said all this, I am sure that the situation is redeemable if you just get your act together, start to focus on helping your customers and pitch in yourself (just pulling someone in off the street to handle customer queries doesn't sound like the brightest idea to me). I say this because those bits of the course I have understood so far contain some novel ideas for me and offer excellent food for thought, and I am looking forward to being able to check out how the sales side goes once I am happy that the websites are presentable and workable (which currently they aren't, due in no small part to the lack of guidance as to how it all fits together).

    In fact, in view of my last point, I really do wonder about your claim that "many of our members are seeing some fantastic results with the system", and that you "are getting emails from members who have never made one sale online who are now making consistent affiliate sales as a result of implementing the system."

    All I can assume is that those people must be from a previous batch of recruits, and not from the current batch. However, anyone can say what you have said about the success rate of other customers without providing proof. So if these people truly exist, why don't you show us all what utter clowns we must be for not being able to make it all work (which is the implication in your words) by getting those others to tell us on this forum all about themselves and their success, guiding us to their successful websites. That's a fair call, isn't it?
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      It's interesting to see the comments and to find that I wasn't the only one who stayed for the entire video. It's because I watched the entire video that I wanted to comment.

      I received my "exclusive" invite from a number of affiliate marketers; from two a few weeks ago and one just recently which lead me to ask myself about the exclusive invite and the limited time offer. Unlike some who watched the video I found it rather painful to sit through but I was interested in ascertaining if there was value in the content and here's where I found a few inconsistencies.

      First Jay said that two years ago he was in a job that he hated and that he was in debt. That sounds fair enough as many of us have been there. He also said that he invested in a number of programs that cost considerable money which may explain maxing out his credit card to over $25k. What Jay also said was that to duplicate what he has done would take two years and cost over $100k. He also said that he wanted to give back after he had proven the system, made money, traveled, bought his dream car and built his dream life style; quite admirable. He also said that the system is fully tested and works. Now don't get me wrong, I don't doubt that Jay has achieved what he says he has but the time-line doesn't fit. It seems to me to be one of those programs that is the same as many others; it appears as though it is another affiliate marketing program.

      I'm sure, without even taking up the program that it will work but only for some. Those figures of 5% earning 95% of the income on the Internet are about right; whatever the system used will go some way to making money online but the most important tool is mindset. If one does not have the right mindset then they might as well stay with their day job. As Wallace Wattles said; "it's not about doing certain things, it's about doing things in a certain way", which was backed up with examples by Napoleon Hill.

      I think $497 is a bit pricey for what it is and there are the upsells; I think there is more value in spending $2k with Frank Kern, $1,200 with Daegan Smith or $900 with Mike Dillard; but that's just my personal opinion.

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