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I'm thinking of buying Rapid Rewriter by Matt Carter. Is it good?
Any review??
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    I was thinking about picking this up to see how it compared to the best spinner so will wait for some reviews as honestly haven't heard much about it yet

    Mark Blaze
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    Originally Posted by jamestan81 View Post

    Well...my friend has it and below are the essential features:

    • Spins words AND entire sentences (unlike other sub-standard spinners) so it produces truly unique article everytime
    • Produces 100’s of unique articles in a matter of minutes, 100% unique and ready for you to start using immediately for driving traffic with
    • Special built in function to vary up your, word, sentence and paragraph count to ensure your articles are truly unique so Google doesn’t think they are duplicates
    • There’s already a huge built in thesaurus for replacing words, which you can add to also, should you wish, so you will never run out of synonyms to use, this makes spinning fast and easy
    • Automatically submits to Ezinearticles and other top article sites for you to save you even more time
    • Simple to use clean interface that is easy to navigate and requires zero technical skill
    • Works on Mac’s and PC’s for your convenience (no other spinner does this)
    • Able to produce HTML versions of your articles so you can add images and links
    Looks like the bonus with this over the best spinner are that it submit's to ezine and other article directory's quickly for you and also that it works on mac's (which TBS doesn't always).

    Mark Blaze
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    I'm curious about it too. I watched the video and it sounds like a great tool but I would also like to hear from someone who has actually tried it
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    I just download a copy.......

    I have tried several others and they produce junk...

    Will see how it does....
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    Actually I have MAR and tested it with TBS. Same article: MAR 26% unique. TBS: 50%. and it was a short article of around 200 words. Also, TBS does submit to EZA and a couple others as well.
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    OK...my opinion......
    Played with the software last nite...(before I watched the tutorial)....

    I like it....works better than any I have used so far....
    Easy and quick.......the finished document needs some polish....(test run)

    I believe that an above average writer would find this to be a good tool....I seems to spin well but, I think it is not for a non writer...
    Fell like I got my money's worth and then some...
    I am not an affiliate.....
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    Does this new spinner have the "replace all users favorites"? kinda like the one TBS has.
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    thanks for the review anyway guys
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    Buy it and try it out for 60 days...if you don't like the way it works or it doesn't fit your workflow, get a refund. Pros and cons are subjective in any case. Best thing to do is use it for yourself and see how you feel.
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    Are there any spinners that really work? Most seem to require you to go back and edit anyway. It almost seems easier to rewrite it yourself, but that's coming from a writer so I don't know.
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    I've found MAR works quite well, especially with the Magic Tokens function. The key is to turn on define synonyms first. Then hit apply magic. It goes through and adds everything in standard spin format usually starting at around 60%. then I hit rewrite article a couple of times. Any edits I do are minimal, whole process takes around 2 minutes. But it took some time to learn how to use it best and still requires common sense. No spinner can replace that.
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    The Best Spinner is what you need to check out.

    This is the best article rewriting software around on the market. Period.
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    I bought RR and works for me.
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    Yes you can purchase that...its more than the worth of money it holds.
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    I'm using Rapid Rewriter and using it in conjunction with SEOLinkVine .com (I prefer the spinning feature in Rapid rewriter). i find them both excellent systems. I also use RR to submit to a few article directories that it's linked to, then upload the rest of the content to SE0linkvine .com
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    Rapid Rewriter is excellent. It's the first piece of article spinning software i've bought so nothing to compare it to. But it does exactly what it says on the tin and more and for $77 it's a steal. i use it in conjunction with SE0LinkVine.com i.e. i spin it in RR and then import the spun versions to SLV to blast it out there.

    I didn't know matt carter before this product but he comes across as a very genuine, nice and trustable guy and committed to providing value to his customers.
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    Matt Carter, is one of my only trusted Internet Marketer that is truly honest
    and just bring quality content on his list. The so called gurus, they are just there
    to juice you of any products. RR is the first product he offered and Im happy
    with it.
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    Originally Posted by NicholasX View Post

    I'm thinking of buying Rapid Rewriter by Matt Carter. Is it good?
    Any review??
    I have Rapid Rewiter, The Best Spinner and a few others.

    RR is my preferred tool and it works offline when needed.

    Like tkboy101 said, it can take time to properly seed your article, but it is well worth the effort.

    In fact, I hardly use TBS at all anymore and will not be renewing my membership. Honestly, I can't even dream up a benefit that would make it worthy of a yearly subscription (except perhaps affiliates getting recurring commissions).

    RR is a one time cost and the back link package you get is pretty decent as well.

    Occasionally I use AAS (Automatic Article Submiter). It's is a pretty good spinner in it's own right, but I still find RR more intuitive. But AAS is great for automated submissions. Both are one time costs, both have great support (but AAS is pretty thin on the training material).

    I've heard good things about MAR as well (another one time cost rewriter) but I don't own it.

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