Which Coach Should I Choose?

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I'm one of the newbies that lack direction and focus. Yes, I'm also suffering from information overload and that next big thing. I'm also often discouraged by the poor results of some who have been at this for many years. I mean $2 a day from an adsense site. Is that really worth the effort. Let's see $2 x 100 sites, maybe. Is that the best I can do? That's where I get caught up.

I don't mine putting in work for something I'm sure will pay off, but if it's more work than my day job for less money, how much sense does that make?

I want to build a real business. My niche is computers services and software. From everything I've learn in IM, this niche is just too competitive. To hear that is discouraging also.

I have a feeling that someone on this forum knows how to break into competitive niches with either new traffic strategies or very creative marketing and sales funnels. However, being a newbie, that's not me. My guess is this is why a lot of people fail, chosing a niche that's too competitive.

So, I feel I need a coach who can look at my niche and how I plan to serve it and give me some advice, strategies, and direction. I don't mind, in fact, I plan on selling affiliate products as well as computer related services. Just not sure how I can compete in such a competive market. I have some ideas but I can't help the feeling that I'm going about it the wrong way.

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    I have not tried the WSO that you linked to so I can not say with any authority whether it is a good one or not.

    I will tell you that the coach I have been using has done a great job for me and about 155 other people that I know of. He will probably not tell you that your niche is too competitive, he will just show you ways to compete profitably.

    If you are interested in finding out more about him, just PM me. I will be happy to tell you more information.

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    Don't buy ebooks, don't buy courses.

    Just read!
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    From your original post it doesn't seem like you are interested in anything that you aren't "sure will pay off." Don't know anything about this coaching program but I do know this....there is NOTHING that is "sure" to pay off. That is why we are entrepreneurs....we take risk, we take chances....sometimes those pay off...and sometimes they don't.
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    It's hard to make money online without taking risks. However, if you don't have money, bet your time. Create an action plan using free traffic only and take action, implement it. Maybe some campaigns won't be profitable and you will end up losing your time (maybe it's not waste of time, since you gain experience, but...), but if you find a winner it will pay for the other campaigns.

    Just don't buy 1,000s of ebooks, WSOs and memberships, because this is not the way to go. First, make your choice. Let's say that you're going to work with article marketing (just an example). Then buy a good course about AM (if you still don't have one) and stick at it until you make some money. Chances are that it won't happen in 2, 3 or even 15 days, but don't give up and keep focused on your plan, improve your campaigns, make changes, but don't simply quit and forget them. It may take a little time, but you will make some money.

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    Mohammad is correct. Forums have lot's of useful information about many topics, but the information is not organized in a way newbies can easily understand it. So I can't see how buying a good course could hurt. The problem is that people buy tons of courses, ebooks and IM stuff and don't take action. Techguy, probably you already have a good course, so you don't need to buy another one, just use what you already have.

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    I'll say this, don't spend too much money. I spent money on a coach over a year ago that was way, way too much money to spend for a coach and it did not end up working out. Really, be careful and choose wisely.

    I have no problem with people selling to newbies their coaching programs or courses as long as they are selling a GOOD PRODUCT. That is the key with IM products. It must be good. You must truly be giving a good method or coaching system for people to make money. I will not suggest any to you, but please choose very carefully. Do not be too desperate. Take your time to choose. If you're too desperate you could end up buying a bad coaching course that will waste your time and money.

    Finally, if you are going to spend money for coaching make sure and follow through on it. Don't just spend money on a coaching program and then not act on what you've learned. That's a surefire way to get a double whammy. You'll be out $10-$2000 and and you will have wasted your time not putting in to action what you learn.
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    Hey TechGuy,

    First I want to say I understand your frustration.

    Second, I want to point something out to you...

    AdSense sites or anything like them are not actually a BUSINESS MODEL.

    AdSense is a REVENUE STREAM... and it simply SUCKS as a business (no matter what other people's number are -- there's truth to what those people say -- but there is also more they absolutely don't tell you -- and I know because I know two of those people personally).

    Thirdly, a market that is "too competitive" means you have to break into using one specific method. This is a method I have used successfully for a very long time now, and that "method" is relationships.

    Talk to some people. I know this from experience as I come from the "Magic Tricks" hobbyist marketplace. It comes down to talking to people and telling them what you do. I personally know people like Gene Anderson (and whom I live 30 seconds away from) in that market (he's known as the Godfather of Newspaper Magic if you ever want to look him up), who is good friends with Master Magician Lance Burton (you know, from the TV specials), who is good friends with Chris Angel, and the list goes on.

    While Gene and I don't promote each others products or lectures or anything of that nature, we talk about each other whenever the opportunity presents itself, and we promote through those relationships by getting to know other people because of them, and in the end, we get customers who buy from us both again and again, and it's just one big cycle.

    This works no differently on the Internet. Truth is, you're in a good forum to begin doing this right now. I call it marketing through association. By associating with those who you think are "bigger" than you, you will most definitely begin to find people who can point you in the direction you want to go. In doing all of this, I have met a lot of people who have no doubt helped me in some say, both directly and indirectly with my magic career (both performing live on stage, doing street magic, walk around magic, and creating and selling my own DVDs teach other magicians some really cool stuff -- and please don't ask where you can find those because like many of us selling magic DVDs I most definitely don't use my real name and I won't be telling you the "stage name" in a forum like this).

    I even know Art Dore (the guy who started the "Tough Man" fighting contest a while back -- yes, he got in trouble for that, but he's loaded and owns half a city nearby me -- literally -- as well as stuff in Vegas).

    The way you do this is by congregating where everyone else in that market congregates and participating their discussions at hand. Kind of like this forum for marketers :-)

    I hope this helps, and if you are looking for an honest coach who really cares, I highly recommend Terry Dean at http://www.mymarketingcoach.com
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    I've never subscribed to the whole coaching thing - which can usually easily run into thousands of dollars or pounds. My advice to you would be to purchase a few WSOs and to join the war room and save yourself that money.
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    tech i am also newbie and tell you that you have ask a good question about Which Coach Should I Choose?

    thanks for asking

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    The right coach can save you months of trial and error, not to mention money.

    Yes you can do it yourself just like you can drive from NY to LA with no road map or GPS but it's sure sweeter with the GPS
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    Originally Posted by Brad Gosse View Post

    The right coach can save you months of trial and error, not to mention money.

    Yes you can do it yourself just like you can drive from NY to LA with no road map or GPS but it's sure sweeter with the GPS
    These are my thoughts exactly. I have been going it alone for years now. I have bought or "tried" nearly every course that sounded good. An I jumped on all the major freebies like butterflymarketing 2.0, Stompernet, Speedmoney, and many others.

    I have purchased used courses off ebay and yes, I have bought more than my share of WSO. In fact, I have bought so much stuff that it has started repeating. Now, nearly everything that comes out, I have something similar already. That is actually a relief because now I feel like I have everything I need to be successful.

    The only question is...where do I focus my attention and effort? Once I think I know the answer to that and start down a certain path, I get distracted by something that looks more promising, only to find out that there's a catch. There's always a "catch", and it's usually "too much damn work". What happen to all those promises of FAST, EASY, AND FREE???

    The problem for me is not that it's too much work, it's whether I'm focusing on the right things. So much stuff is out of date. Do you ever get the feeling that all these "Secrets" the gurus are releasing to you are because they're about to be played out?

    I remember when I was introduced to internet marketing. It was through the forum webhostingtalk I believe. Everyone was talking about this guy who was selling a website on ebay for something like $300,000-$400,000. It turned out to be The Rich Jerk.

    He revealed to us in the forum (or somewhere, maybe his website) that he sold off his websites before they died. I think in this case it was either an online pharmacy or a gambling website, and goverment regulations where about to make things harder, so he sold it on ebay to some unsuspecting victim. It's just like the stock market; by the time you hear about how great a stock is, it's too late to buy it. I may be wrong about this but if you watch carefully you might find I'm right. I guess the smart thing to do is invest your time in the fundamentals, those things that never change, but what do I know?

    Then The Rich Jerk went on to release his ebook which at the time was $97. I remember it well. He called us fools and losers and every name in the book. He told us he didn't need losers buying his ebook and how the few hundred dollars we make per month was nothing, cause he made millions. Everyone of us bought his ebook, and in looking back at the stuff I've learned since then, he pretty much covered most of it in that one ebook. In other words, I could have stopped buying right then and there and I would be much further along.

    I did implement what I understood back then. Even made a clickbank sell, but the reaction from those in the forum when ever they made a few dollars reminded me too much of my trading days which was a bad bad feeling, so I took what I had learned and used it to create and promote my computer repair website, which I have not changed since creation, and it still brings in customers whenever I want (via adwords, no seo).

    Most say start with affiliate marketing. Although I didn't understand the logic to begin with (back in 2005), I do now. Affiliate marketing comes with the advantage of knowing how well a product is selling (clickbank gravity) thus leaving one less thing to figure out, but when I attempted it back in 2005, I couldn't help but feel that I was getting ripped off (not getting credit for sales). I still feel that way after dealing with amazon. I sat with a computer customer of mine as I directed him to my website where he clicked on my aff links and purchased a netbook and accessories. Well, I got credit for the netbook, but not the accessories. When I contacted amazon about it, all I got was canned responses. Not that it was very much money but its the principle. That left a bad taste in my mouth.

    For the record, I have received credit for sales (that I track) through other affiliate networks like CJ, OneNetworkDirect, and Revenuewire, and they are much higher commissions than amazon. I still don't understand why some many people promote the amazon affiliate program. I guess because they except anyone, unlike some of the others. Anyway...

    I have signed up with the Affiliate Power Group as it sounds like just what I need. That's the group I mention in my first post. They have a one dollar 30 day Trial WSO going on right now. The only way they would do that is if they were certain members would receive enough value to hang around after the trial. Well, I'm going to give them a chance to proof that to me.

    This is a group of 5 fulltime Internet Markets who each have quite a few years of experience from what I understand. They say that they will teach you their way or help you with you own ideas. That's what I need right now, feedback on my own ideas. And if they are not sound, help to make them sound. And if that's not possible, then I'll just follow their plan.

    Either way, I feel that by having 5 smart people working together to help me, I have a pretty good chance of hearing what I need to hear to keep me motivated and focused. The feedback should relieve stress and indecision and accelerate my path to profitability. I plan on documenting my journey on my blog. You can find the link in my signature if you are interested. I'm feeling more motivated already.

    It is highly recommended by my most cherished (albeit out of reach) mentors that I get a coach and become part of a mastermind group. I truly believe that this is the last missing component of my Internet Marketing training program. My goal is to be making $100 per day within the next 30 days. Will I make it? Follow my progress at my blog.

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    I looked at your site.

    Notwithstanding the fact that we are technically competitors, I'd like to help you a little. This is just a quick assessment of what I saw and don't take it personal.

    That 50% off coupon is frankly unnecessary. A 20% one would be just as effective. Visitors with less than perfect eye sight can't read your site as the text is too small. I see a large number of errors as well.

    I'll tell you one easy way to get some information not scattered all over the forum. Get one of those huge MRR packs. They come with a ton of content. Some will be crap, some will be good. Sit through the videos, get multiple perspectives, figure out what might work for you. Probably best $17 investment I've made.

    A coach is there to fine-tune your business model after it's roughly working and you are ready to blow up the dam that's holding up the river of money. It's not the best use of his time to take you through all the basics one on one (you can't imagine how boring that is).

    By the way, you don't really want to do all that work that's listed on your site, right? If that's the case, I may have an offer for you.
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    Coaches aren't going to give you any info that isn't already on the forums. That is where they get their own info from to sell to you. These guys are usually smoke & mirrors. Those that really did make a lot of money online are often entrepreneurs turned academics with no recent on the ground experience. So you are getting screwed over by them too.

    As for WSOs, generally speaking the people offering the business advice offers are the same people running those ridiculous get rich quick websites (notice the same sensational writing style?). Frankly, I can't believe some of them pull off marketing to marketers so well. It's like, you know what their M.O. is, yet still buy into it.
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    I started with an Internet Marketing Education Company in 2007, I find having mentors and coaches have been the keys to my success. It's too hard to do alone and too much information out there to be laser focused unless you have some help. Most quality coaching is not free, if you are on a budget, you will have to take the longer route to success.
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    For what it is worth...there are great mentors here on the forum and I personally have taken / bought Kevin Riley's stuff - he can focus you. I know John Taylor is offering now a fantastic wso coaching that looks like it will focus you! I'm sure there other great mentors - only go with one that has a GREAT reputation here...

    I paid a while back $997 for supposed one on one coaching and poof - turned out I know more than the 'coach' and he was very unreliable - missing appts etc. or calling me from a loud coffee shop via skype.

    Hope that helps!
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    IM is not a niche it is a business. You seem to know what exactly you want and have the technology niche with experience. What you lack now is the know how of how to market that baby, bring in the traffic and score on the sale. IM is overwhelming because there are so many ways to do it. One step and at time and you will laught how easy it is to market and how challenging it is to get sale.

    You are your best product in your business. Bank on it.

    Hope that helps.
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    Really depends what you are looking for. I coach individuals, small and large businesses on How To Leverage The Power Of the Internet To Generate Leads and Sales. Most of my clients have Brick and Mortar business but I have taken on a few Entrepreneurs who are serious about a career in Internet Marketing and making money online. Sadly...many people are looking for "Get Rich Quick" schemes online and don't realize the amount of work it takes to be successful.

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