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Anyone familiar with John Carter's Rapid Income Creator?
I just read the sales page and I am looking for some input.
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    I'm wondering the same. I can't figure it out for sure but have a few thought's.

    I was a bit annoyed with all the pop ups upon exiting. I noticed you can get a better

    deal tough if you want to buy. I'm looking forward to comments as well.

    Sorry I can't help, first I heard of it this afternoon.
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    Yaaaaaawn I just about fell asleep looking at the video and I like how he kept saying "Im not going to bore you" while waiting on him to say what it's about.
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    As far as I can make out it is a course on PPV. At first I thought it was just another scam product designed to fleece us since the salesletter is pretty much "blind" but it might be a decent way to break into PPV marketing. He supplies tested landing pages for high gravity CB products and even hosts them for you. I don't know-I have heard that PPV can be pretty tricky but have also heard when you tweak a winning campaign you can make a bundle.

    Can any PPV Warriors weigh in on this?
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    I purchased PPV today and got through the whole thing in about an hour. He supplies you with information on 5 different Clickbank products that are said to be the bestsellers. The information he provides is then used for a PPV campaign. All you have to do is copy the keywords and urls and adjust how much you want to spend each day as well the amount you want to pay per visitor. You simply enter in your clickbank id and they provide a unique link with your affiliate id to lead to a preselling page for the product.

    When I bought this I didn't realize it was about PPV and not sure I really want to go that route. He says that you have to spend money to make money but I'm not convinced I want to go down that route right now.

    He does make it sound like it is so easy but having never dealt with PPV before I'm not convinced that the average person is going to be raking in the money this way. Also if everyone in the program is promoting the same 5 products and has the same list of keywords and urls to use in the campaign, won't it get saturated and make the price per visitor go up?

    I may try this for a week or so to see if I can make some sales or not.
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    i was about to buy.. thanks for the review guys..
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    Thank you very much for all your reviews. After pop ups I realized you can get a discount and then if you keep selecting cancel there is a page that explains in more details about the product; it is about CPA and PPV. I'll pass this for now...
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    Originally Posted by TiffanyB View Post

    Also if everyone in the program is promoting the same 5 products and has the same list of keywords and urls to use in the campaign, won't it get saturated and make the price per visitor go up?
    In short... yes it will. You hit the nail right on the head, Tiffany!

    This is not the first recent product to tell us how many fortunes we can make with PPV. Rapid Mass Traffic is another one; there's a long thread on that product if you're interested in this area and what people thought of RMT. Overall, reviews are mixed. But to be fair to RMT (perhaps even "overly" fair), not many of them come from people who have actually used the product. I have and I wasn't impressed. But I digress...

    Speaking for myself, I've tried PPV several times (RMT and other programs) and never made a dime. Call me pig-headed. I dunno. Call me stupid! IMHO, it's very hard to make direct linking to Clickbank and CPA offers work. I believe PPV may be better for list building and long-term selling.

    The main PPV network people tend to start with is Lead Impact (formerly Zango). In theory, there's a lot of traffic to be had there.

    The problem (in my experience) is:

    A) It's "incentivized" traffic. People agree to have ads pop up in their browser in exchange for free stuph. I would imagine that, after a fairly short period of time, they simply learn to ignore these ads the way I ignore Google paid ads. I stopped "seeing" them for the most part years ago. I just click right past them.

    B) It's cheap traffic. Really cheap. And that would be great if it were good traffic. But as I've described in "A" above, I'm not sure it's good. Think about it. These are people who are willing to have ads pop up because they're too cheap to buy inexpensive stuph like games and wallpapers. What does that tell you? Are those same people really going to buy your Clickbank product? And even if they DO buy it, aren't you in danger of chargebacks?

    The demographics on Lead Impact are good. However, my results have not been. Now, this is just one man's results, and I will admit I haven't tried list building yet. But this Rapid Income Creator is all about direct linking. Direct linking to the exact same pages 50 or a 100 or more others will also be direct linking to!

    Bad idea!

    I can tell you that with that many people all going after the exact same keywords and URLs (you can bid on URLs, too), it's going to be a log jam* in no time on the approval end. Costs will go through the roof. And then, on the back end, nobody is going to make any money because the market will be too diluted.

    And that's assuming direct linking works – which in my experience it does not!

    I don't know if this product is good or not. It may be great for all I know. But I think the concept behind it is a bad one.

    And to be utterly cynical (how did that happen?)... If the five niches they're giving you with RIC are so freakin' great... why would they want to share them? Couldn't they make A LOT more money long term by not sharing them? I mean, they could OWN the entire market on LE, keep the prices low, and make fortune after fortune!


    Anyway, that's my two cents. I hope it helps.

    -- Mann

    P.S.: Is it just me... or is Clickbank becoming synonymous with crapola?

    * When RMT came out, there was a HUGE influx of people onto LE, which meant that approvals that normally took 24-48 hours were taking – I kid you not – a week! I expect the same thing to happen here, though maybe not to the same degree.
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    Originally Posted by Dico View Post

    After pop ups...
    By my count is was 5 back sells... or was it 6? 2 downsells for RIC and then some other offers.

    The upsell/downsell/sidesell/backsell thing is getting COMPLETELY out of control. And as others have pointed out before...

    Do you really want to be the guy who finds out he could have got the product for a deep discount if he'd tried to leave instead of just bought? You find out exactly how much the product is really worth and realize you overpaid (or got "taken," depending on your viewpoint). This doesn't exactly create good feelings towards the product marketer, does it?
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    Thanks Mann for all of that info...this product makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. I can just imagine what a cluster it's going to be when 300 people are all using the exact same keywords for the exact same products. Sounds like a waste of money. I too purchased RMT and have had extremely disappointing results. 3000 views on one product, and no sales. And what you say about the quality of traffic is exactly what I was thinking AFTER I purchased RMT...Again, thanks for that informative and insightful post, I'll definitely be passing on "Rapid Income Creator" and PPV strategies in general.
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    I really should have checked Warrior Forums first. I bought the product about 2 days ago. Didn't try to leave so bought it for the full price. I guess you gotta start somewhere though to learn the ropes in IM!
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    Hi guys,

    Thought I might be able to give you a little insight regarding RIC and LeadImpact.

    I bought RIC 2 days ago - Well the program in itself is basically for any Newbie with additional money to spend and LOSE, a great opportunity!

    The prog. comes along with a few workshops which cover the basics of contextual ads. BUT NOTHING MORE!

    In the workshops they preach 2 things, 1. "the money is in the list" and 2. "you'll never get a list without traffic".

    Having said that, the program comes with built in "non-editable" autoresponders, meaning that anyone that does advertising with PPV and pays betwwen $200-$400 might get a few conversions (3-6) but the autoresponders are designed so that RIC gets the list.
    Basically you are paying enormous amounts of money for the advertising in the hopes that their provided keywords are going to work and bring you a couple of dollars on sales whilst THEIR list grows!

    It's one of the biggest rip-offs I have seen yet!

    I mailed them about this and obviously didn't get any answers.

    ALSO BEWARE about Leadimpact:

    I have used Leadimpact many times and if done correctly, it is possible to get around 10-20 signups from about 6000 views = $150.00 dependent upon keywords, Niche and or URLs.

    Yesterday though, I fell flat on my face:
    There is an option to do a maximum bid where I entered 0,03112 cents. The problem is that I entered a comma instead of a decimal by accident and in turn they warned me showing some red text BUT still interpreted this as 3112.00.
    It took about 2 seconds and my $200.00 fund was gone - 0 - zilch! For 1 bid they accounted $3112.00 and promptly asked me per mail to enter more funds in order to carry on advertising.
    I have written about 20 mails of which none have been answered and I even called them from Germany, only to get an answering machine at the other end.

    So be very careful when bidding and confirming your bid.
    I believe that this is just a system mistake on their side but nevertheless, imagine if I had, had a $3000.00 deposit in there!!

    take care
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    About Leadimpact, I set up a campaign based on instructions from another product. It did bring some really nice traffic to my site while the campaign ran but the $200 deposit was gone in a blink of an eye!

    Also, the number of visitors to the site is only cost affective if you get the right amount of conversions which I didn't with that particular campaign. If I use it again I'll do a lot more keyword research first and make it really targeted. That might help.

    Bottom line is this is not a game for anyone on a tight budget or new to these systems as it will suck the money out of your account swiftly!

    It's more difficult to scale things up when you have to start out with a $200 deposit. So this method is not in the top half of my traffic systems for now.

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    Thanks so much for asking this question! I was tempted to try it because of the "it's so easy" marketing stuff being told to me, and I'm glad I read this thread. Now I'm definitely NOT interested, so thanks!
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    Originally Posted by phred View Post

    I really should have checked Warrior Forums first. I bought the product about 2 days ago. Didn't try to leave so bought it for the full price. I guess you gotta start somewhere though to learn the ropes in IM!
    If you're just starting out in internet marketing Phred, please take this to heart:

    If a product sucks, don't be afraid to get your refund.

    Seriously, if it's a dud, get your money back. Don't waste another minute thinking about it. Then take some time and read through the reviews of various products in the Warrior review section and then pick a product that people have actually used, have actually had success with but also fits your budget.

    NOTE: I have no idea whether this product bites because I don't own it.

    In any case, you do NOT need to spend a fortune on Clickbank make money products. Too many of them are absolute crap and really only make money for the author and the affiliate pimps, not the people who buy them.
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    It's sad to see how people are already giving their negative 2 cents and they didn't even buy the program..LOL..My opion so far on RIC (since i actually purchased the program) is not that bad, especially if your a newbie. So far i made my money back in two days. Now let's see how much i can generate in the next couple of months..I will keep you guys posted, if your still interested.

    I heard they are upgrading the program for everyone. They are tracking more campaigns in high traffic low competition niches..

    More money for me! LOL


    Please note that this is a brand new poster who is using a false name. Is the post genuine?
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    I also could resist to buy it before reading the reviews here. One short note to their exit popups. I tried it 2 or 3 times and ended everytime with different price tags ;-) Once it was going from 49US$ on the mainpage up to 79US$ (but I made 2 times 10US$ in discounts ;-)).
    Edit: Ok ok, this where upsells for other products as mentioned above ;-) I got 2 of them the first time and 7! the last time I gave it a try...

    The second time the price tag was 59US$ and then, what really impressed me, I was forwarded to the payment page with the click of a button (no, not the buy it now button, but the cancel button!).

    Nice ;-) Have learned something for my future projects, haha.
    Have a great day,
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    @kos818, hi there, as I said above in post #12

    all well and good, but if you are not getting the list then what is the point.

    I don't want to sound too pessimistic but what is the point of paying $200 for PPV to receive an average of 10 sales(and more often less) giving you 50% of profits = breakeven?

    With 10 sales you have your money back but RIC (not you) has the list and that is where the "possible recurring" profits are made.

    your opinion would interst me
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    I bought this RIC a couple of days ago and signed up for clickbank and lead impact. In just two days i got 1700 hits on my campaign 5 but just a few 0,15,9,0 on other campaigns. But when i checked my clickbank, it showed 0 sales. I had my budget of $10 for all campaigns so i will only spend $50 each day for all campaigns if they get all the hits. I will check it for a couple of more days and then, if it doesnt work, i will file dispute with paypal for chargeback.
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    Hello everybody, I also bought the RIC thinking that if it's not worth I will request for a refund, only that for the program to work I had to sign-up at LeadImpact (I was very curious and excited as I heard a lot of good things about PPV), another $200, I made the payment I setup the already preamade campaigns. I waited for the keywords to be approved and made the mistake to select the option "Make my Bid the highest", I was lucky that I limited the budget to $30 per day, so the prices started to go up as a lot of people was getting in the program, already for one click you had to pay almost $0.4. If I run the same campaign in the Google Adwords I am sure I would pay less and of course with better results, but in my case I spent $60 with no conversions.
    So to conclude the Rapid Income Creator is just an other scam that will make you loose money. Now I still have $130 in my Lead Impact, does anybody know if I can get them back, or at least can somebody give me an advice what to do with the account?
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    This program was good in a way that i learned a few good things about Adnetworking, PPV etc. and i would still give this program a couple of more days to work.
    You can deactivate your campaigns on leadimpact and you can get your remaining money back.

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