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Anyone familiar with John Carter's Rapid Income Creator?
I just read the sales page and I am looking for some input.
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    I'm wondering the same. I can't figure it out for sure but have a few thought's.

    I was a bit annoyed with all the pop ups upon exiting. I noticed you can get a better

    deal tough if you want to buy. I'm looking forward to comments as well.

    Sorry I can't help, first I heard of it this afternoon.
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    I purchased PPV today and got through the whole thing in about an hour. He supplies you with information on 5 different Clickbank products that are said to be the bestsellers. The information he provides is then used for a PPV campaign. All you have to do is copy the keywords and urls and adjust how much you want to spend each day as well the amount you want to pay per visitor. You simply enter in your clickbank id and they provide a unique link with your affiliate id to lead to a preselling page for the product.

    When I bought this I didn't realize it was about PPV and not sure I really want to go that route. He says that you have to spend money to make money but I'm not convinced I want to go down that route right now.

    He does make it sound like it is so easy but having never dealt with PPV before I'm not convinced that the average person is going to be raking in the money this way. Also if everyone in the program is promoting the same 5 products and has the same list of keywords and urls to use in the campaign, won't it get saturated and make the price per visitor go up?

    I may try this for a week or so to see if I can make some sales or not.
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    i was about to buy.. thanks for the review guys..
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    Thank you very much for all your reviews. After pop ups I realized you can get a discount and then if you keep selecting cancel there is a page that explains in more details about the product; it is about CPA and PPV. I'll pass this for now...
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    Thanks so much for asking this question! I was tempted to try it because of the "it's so easy" marketing stuff being told to me, and I'm glad I read this thread. Now I'm definitely NOT interested, so thanks!
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    It's sad to see how people are already giving their negative 2 cents and they didn't even buy the program..LOL..My opion so far on RIC (since i actually purchased the program) is not that bad, especially if your a newbie. So far i made my money back in two days. Now let's see how much i can generate in the next couple of months..I will keep you guys posted, if your still interested.

    I heard they are upgrading the program for everyone. They are tracking more campaigns in high traffic low competition niches..

    More money for me! LOL


    Please note that this is a brand new poster who is using a false name. Is the post genuine?
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    I also could resist to buy it before reading the reviews here. One short note to their exit popups. I tried it 2 or 3 times and ended everytime with different price tags ;-) Once it was going from 49US$ on the mainpage up to 79US$ (but I made 2 times 10US$ in discounts ;-)).
    Edit: Ok ok, this where upsells for other products as mentioned above ;-) I got 2 of them the first time and 7! the last time I gave it a try...

    The second time the price tag was 59US$ and then, what really impressed me, I was forwarded to the payment page with the click of a button (no, not the buy it now button, but the cancel button!).

    Nice ;-) Have learned something for my future projects, haha.
    Have a great day,
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    Hello everybody, I also bought the RIC thinking that if it's not worth I will request for a refund, only that for the program to work I had to sign-up at LeadImpact (I was very curious and excited as I heard a lot of good things about PPV), another $200, I made the payment I setup the already preamade campaigns. I waited for the keywords to be approved and made the mistake to select the option "Make my Bid the highest", I was lucky that I limited the budget to $30 per day, so the prices started to go up as a lot of people was getting in the program, already for one click you had to pay almost $0.4. If I run the same campaign in the Google Adwords I am sure I would pay less and of course with better results, but in my case I spent $60 with no conversions.
    So to conclude the Rapid Income Creator is just an other scam that will make you loose money. Now I still have $130 in my Lead Impact, does anybody know if I can get them back, or at least can somebody give me an advice what to do with the account?
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    fahad308 is there any option, or I have to write them an email?
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    Hi costi,

    yes you can get your money back without a problem.
    Just go into your leadimpact "account" and press the "cancel account" link in the bottom-right grey box, your balance will automatically be refunded.

    I have done this a few times without problems. you'll receive an email notification that the payment will be there within 3-5 business days.

    Btw, in my post #12, I mentioned a problem about leadimpact booking too much from my account ...they admitted their mistake and redeposited the money the day.
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    don't forget, ppv success is only dependent upon who is sitting in front of that advertisment at the time, if 100 of those viewers were interested, they would have signed up or bought and vice versa. Its a lotto game - if I don't like football, then I'll ignore the game!
    Sometimes you can have great sucess with only keywords and sometimes with URLs as with ppc, there is never a garanty that people will click on the ads.
    This is why tracking is so important, 9 out of 10 ads might not convert but number 10 might bring you thousands.
    By using ad tracking, you sort out the ones that don't work and concentrate on enhancing the good ones.
    So keep your budget small for each campaign and find the ads that convert.
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    Hope I'm not confusing you when talking about "ad tracking".

    with PPV your "ads" are the different squeeze or landing pages, these can be tracked with an external php script or separate software.
    Then you have the Keyword and URL trackers within e.g LeadImpact where you can see which Keywords or URLs are converting. You find those results in your Reports within your account.
    Don't forget, the list is important and we are actually talking about whether RIC is worthwhile or not and seeing that RIC is geting YOUR list of sigh-ups, then you are throwing money out of the window.
    Its better to make your own Squeezepage with an opt-in form and redirect them to sales page, because even if that person doesn't buy the product, you will be able to inform them about other products that may interrest them.

    RIC is ""stealing"" your subscribers that YOU are paying enormous amount of money for. hope "stealing" wasn't too harsh
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    Today they launched two new prebuilt campaigns and they also added tracking, but I still think the program will not work, the price is going up very fast in leadimpact, because a lot of people is doing the same thing,, he should launch maybe 20 campaign and distribute it equally to the subscribers so everybody will get a chance.
    And something else, I don't see any optin in the premade squeeze pages so he is not stealing anything!
    Anyway is someone making money with this?
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    I didn't watch any video, I realized I loose to much time watching these sale videos, so I just read the mail from one affiliate and I bought the service!
    After you buy the product there are some upsells, that just drove me crazy I just wanted to see the product that I bought. After I got rid of them there is a tutorial where you can see what you will find and how to use the RIC. Basicly they provide you with 5 campaigns (starting today with another 2) that you have to promote by a PPV network and they recommend Lead Impact, even though in the resources box you can find tons of other PPV, CPC networks where you can register and do the same thing, I don't know if somebody did this. Anyway since it is targeted to noobs, I think everybody is following the instructions.
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    That's it, i even convinced myself the first time i read the sales page. Good thing i bumped in to this thread that totally opened my eyes. Thanks.
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    Costi, I saw that (2 new campaigns) and they're also tracking for keywords
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    tigerwar, so your saying the RIC has a lot of potential to be a great product? just making sure i made the right investment on it..thanks
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    Thank's to all in the WF for saving a lot of people their hard earned dollars. It's amazing how these sales videos/pages "suck in" so many people. Do some research FIRST--then spend your hard earned cash--the offer will still be there!
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    I see now by the mails that I am receiving from RIC, that the program is improving by keyword tracking new landing pages, advice to everybody to bid low, but I would really love to hear some feedback from somebody that is willing to try the new techniques they are teaching, because I already lost about $60 on Lead Impact and I don't know if it's worth to try some other campaigns. I don't know why they didn't start the program from the beginning with all these info, I think it would have changed my impression on the program completely, now I really don't trust any of the tips any more, because I've been there I tried also to bid low but without any keyword tracking, the money just evaporated without any sales.

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