Which Automate Webinar Service Is the Best????

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Which automated webinar service do you think is the best and why?



CDN | Content Delivery Network: Pay Per View, Streaming Media, more

Webinar Selling Machine | Automate Your Webinar

Live Webinar Replay

Any thoughts???

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    Originally Posted by rogerlodge View Post

    Roger, I am quite interested in automated webinars. It just makes too much sense. I started looking into the options a few months back.

    Stealth Seminar lacks sufficient info and details on the site. There is so much setup work involved with this, I need to feel that I can rely on that backend script host and most don't leave me feeling warm and cozy.

    With CDN, I needed more info to decide, but on their site it said, "Now you can get Webinar Selling Machine (software and training system) for only $247.00 July SALE $227.00 (single webinar license). Multiple webinar license details are on the check out page." It's not clear if this is a monthly fee, annual fee, one-time fee. . . . And I needed to know more about "multiple" webinars and I don't want to go through the checkout process to find out. That makes no sense. They should provide a chart like so many other sites and show the differences. When I tried to call, I got voicemail - of course. Left 2 messages and never got a return call. So, they are out. No support on the front means no support on the back end.

    I have sat in on automated webinars for the Webinar a GoGo system and I know a guy who uses it. Seems like it could be a winner.

    Brunson's system may be okay, but again there is little detail and few specs - just a sales page. I guess I have to sign up for the trial at $4.95 just to find out the nitty gritty. To me, that means I am paying $4.95 for the specs.

    I'm not sure if hosting the webinars on their servers is a good idea. Probably better to use Amazon S3. Brunson mentions about possible bandwidth issues because webinars are hosted on their servers.

    Thing is, it's mostly a matter of a script and for anyone planning to do it in a big way, might as well get your own script and cut out that cost and possible server problems.

    I'm pretty sure Ryan Deiss has a script for this, but don't know if it's available to anyone.

    Anyhow, as I work on my piece, I will continue looking into the automation side.
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    I just don't "get" the whole automated webinar thing.

    On the outset it looks and sounds pretty useful as a service - but then when you start thinking through it, really what's the point of having a separate service to do what you can essentially do as a video that requires registration to access in a protected members area?

    The timed delivery maybe to make it look like it's a real webinar? Seems expensive for just that ability - and you could probably figure out a way to even spoof that too.

    What am I missing here?
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    Hi Michael,

    The theory behind doing the automated wbinar versus a video with registration is it is more event-based. It adds some percieved scarcity because it will be on this date and this time, and then afterwards you also have a replay only available at a scheduled time, then finally they fall into the last chance to download the video.

    It creates a more solid commitment with the user to show up at a specific time to get the content. They are more apt to take action then someone that simply opted-in to view a video.

    The other benefit is to prerecord a webinar and play it through the automated system, instead of trying to do it live where more problems could happen. Webinars are much more tricky than teleseminars. More things available to go wrong.

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    You may want to check out our offer too: Evergreen Business System
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    Dear Guys,

    Jboss & Raptivity provides a easy source to try out a series of webinars available at their portal sites.

    Where Jboss uses Enterprise Apps Platform Environment to build a series of Webinar Interface, Raptivity presents high quality webinars for learning purposes.

    Adding to this, the quality do matters when it comes to streaming of live learning occurs & training sessions are been taken.
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    Good question Jim, I"m wondering the same thing.
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    I use my own webinar script and embed it into my webpage.

    You have to have a really good product for me to pay a recurring monthly fee
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    Good gravy a script to trick people into thinking the video they're watching is a live webinar. Now I'll be wondering during the next webinar I attend.
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    I just looked at Mike Filsaime AUtomated webinar generator.

    The concept and strategy is sound however these scripts are rubbish... I say rubbish if they rely on self host auto responders like Mike Filsaimes script.

    Your follow up emails will never make it through the filters... might as well call it a night.

    I dont know about the scripts mentioned above but Filsaimes script uses self hosted autoresponder (you host on your own server or his server). Delivery rates will be abysmal.

    It may be fine in the beggining but you'll see it drop drastically.

    You need to use a service like aweber but you cant because these scripts create custom URL's, they track who stays, and who leaves when, etc... this essentially is the whole value of the scripts but they are rendered useless because it relies on self hosted autoresponder.

    rubbish I say.
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    Does anyone tried the Easy Webinar Plugin for WP ?
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    I am testing

    fb Webinars - -

    I have yet to set one up though.

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    These are biggest benefits that clients tell me when comparing EBS and StealthSeminar:

    1. StealthSeminar actually streams. EBS does not stream so if someone goes away, changes computer, visits fb and comes back, ebs goes back in time and starts at a fixed point each time - revealing it is a video. We stream. So if someone is gone for 10 minutes, when they come back the presentation is 10 minutes in the future. We are an actual webinar service, EBS is more of a video player with the buttons removed.

    2.*** We work flawlessly on iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch. EBS does not. You can see the comparison here to EBS:
    *** NOTE: These devices are approx 20% of the traffic online now so to not get this right, is massively costly for most people. Those users also on average spend 20% more than computers online ( http://s3.amazonaws.com/stream777/bl...nfographic.jpg).

    3. We have quality support times, you can see the average ticket response time on the front of stealthseminar up in the top right.

    4. We set up your events for you, free.

    5. We guarantee your events will run.

    I'm not saying we are right for everyone, but we work hard and try to do the best job possible. In fact, we had another update today.

    Are we more money? Yep. If expense is more important then ROI, go EBS.

    Best regards,

    Co-Founder of StealthSeminar.com
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