Any info on "Clickbank Wealth Formula"?

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Hi guys

Just stumbled on this product, and was wondering if anyone knows much about it, bought it etc?

I watched the vids, the guys are banking some serious cash, but of course all of this can be made to look better than it really just curious if any 3rd party (unrelated/unaffilliated users) have any feedback on it.


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    Funny thing is, many of the dates he talked about are all the dates his very own products launched. Just lookup some dates at jvnotifypro and you'll see what I mean
    Basically seems like: Launch IM product, get JV's, make 100k in a day...
    Oh yeah, and send emails out all the time promoting other guru products.
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    i dnt thnk its possible for some newbie to bank in such money...these gurus hav big list and other big gurus promote their product??no doubt y they make such money....
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    There is no question about Saj and Anik having huge success.
    Yes they have huge lists, they have an army of outsources and
    they have very deep pockets for ad campaigns than most of us in this
    forum could only dream to have.

    I believe marketing Clickbank has been re-told and re-sold many ways.
    The main ingredient is getting quality traffic. In a nutshell, you can go organic or pay.
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    I'm sure this will be "Google Proof" just like GCD and PPC Bully were for the 3 months that people could use them.
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    I'm pretty sure they are just do mini launches of existing clickbank products to their huge lists... which is actually quite brilliant.
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    However he made money, it's just incredible to see the real proof like that. Only ways to get that much traffic all at once from what I know are through PPC, banner ads, and JVs. It's just sad that people fall into this kind of guru games every time they come up with fancy salescopy and "real" proof. And it's also sad that we as affiliates promote those very products to make money..

    But on the bright side, we do learn a lot from watching how they launch their products to make a truck load of money, right? : )
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    The thing is, when you see legitimate clickbank stats, those are mostly from Clickbank account from other launches and other MMO products from that vendor. I seriously doubt they were commissions generated with the methods in the ebook.

    The gurus are just showing their huge accounts from their previous launches.
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    I note that in the sales letter there are two contradictions: 1) Anik says first that it took him over a year to develop this system, and later he says that it took him and Saj over three years. Also he says that they coincidentally developed it independently and yet he's saying it took them over 3 years and $67k, which, while not strictly a contradiction is a bit strange-sounding. And 2) he says Saj has a Lamborghini, but later in the letter he says that Saj is going to be getting his Lambo in 4 weeks time.

    This might seem like minor stuff, but I'm thinking, If they can't even get this sort of thing right, it does not speak well for either their efficiency or their integrity (depending on the cause of the contradictions).

    I decided not to buy the much-hyped Phil Mansour product when he didn't seem to know how old he was.

    On the other hand people like Brad Callen are promoting it. And it's on a money-back guarantee.

    The real cost, of course, is the 3 days we'd have to invest in trying it out, and if it turns out to be a loser then that's a BIG loss of time.

    So I'm still mulling, but tending towards not buying it. I'd be interested in others' experiences, and if I do buy it I'll report back.

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    I just paid for the system today $77 but was not too impressed, its just a bunch of video courses mostly stuff I already know!
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    Dan Lew care to share what the course goes into? Thank God for that CB 60 day guarantee.
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    Loving all these people complaining about how they were forced into a heap of new 'WAIT' pop ups.

    All you have to do is click 'OK' instead of 'cancel' and you will immediately leave the window with no further pop ups.

    I didn't think the product looked all that great. I was just looking at it because of a bonus I was offered by someone else if I got it through their aff link.
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    I was thinking the same thing. Got an email from Brad Callen and pondering over the bonuses he's offering. Is SEO Elite better than Market Samurai?

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