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I have good exact match product domain where I am planning to start a Review style blog using ReviewAzon Plugin and Possibly Adsense.

Does anyone know of any good converting(Premium or Free) WordPress Theme for this review style blog?

If you know of any good example of existing similar site, please provide me that.

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    Check out

    I believe he has a review wordpress template and it is free.

    dave in indy
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    I have multiple sites promoting Amazon and really like the Flexsqueeze theme.
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    I use those types of plugins and I really like them BUT I have had better success with just writing product reviews in Wordpress. The problem with those types of plugins is that people use them to duplicate exactly what is on Amazon onto their own site. It's hard work competing with Amazon when you have the exact same content.

    If you are going to use these plugins then make sure you change the content that comes over. They work beautifully that way.
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    I just use Twenty Ten with WP Weaver which allows you to customize the whole thing as you want it.

    How to Customize The Wordpress Twenty Ten Theme | Automated Online Business Workshop

    And here is a sample.

    Materials Scientific and Industrial Tools

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    A great theme that I've recently discovered is the Socrates theme by Joel Comm. It's got a custom header generator, including tons of background graphics for almost any niche.

    I use it on my blog here: Socrates Theme | Traffic and Conversion

    That page is also a full description of the theme, and explains more about why I use it there.

    There's also a link on that page to a video about how to customize the them for whatever niche you're in.


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    I think what theme you use depends very much on what type of site you want. For me its either a site that is very blog orientated or one that is a pure shopping site. Ive gone for the ecommerce/shopping type design for my main sites but but difficult to find a suitable shopping style theme that hasnt got all the fancy shopping cart functionality.

    I took a premium theme and edited out all the shopping card funtions in php (which wasn’t easy) and Ive ended up with an e-hop type theme. All without all the shop cart stuff that you use if you ship physical products but with all the stock and product functionality at the
    back /admin end. See my signature below for the resulting sites.

    If I go for a more blogging feel I use solostream themes

    I just feel so many sites go for the typical blog design so i wanted sthg different. I also use the Amaniche mmcommerce theme – although the plugin is ****** problematic. Im trying to wade through all the bugs and come up with solutions to the problems im having with it. Anyway, you can see what Ive done with this theme at
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    Check out my amazon review site in my signature. It was made from all free themes and plugins. How do you like it?
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    Free ones like Inove and Intrepidity are good ..
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    I've just come across this one and am about to start working with it on a couple of sites. The video and the comments appear very convincing.
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    One of the problems with Amazon astores is that the iframe they use screws up your look as it automatically inserts an iframe that is something like 4500 pixels long!

    I am working on a theme that will have an automatically resizeable iframe and the tests are working great... I wonder if there would be much interest?

    You would simply enter your astore root URL in one place in a PHP file and it would automatically put your astore in the iframe at the right size - all links would be automatically updated and the shopping cart link would revert back to the original URL at the right size.

    I'm going to try to do a similar one next using PHP to automatically grab your astore, but instead of a resizeable iframe, it will put the content right on your page. Ideally using QSA...

    Hopefully, it will be ready by the weekend.
    I'll probably put it out there under the GPL license and leave two of my backlinks in the theme...

    Would there be any interest?
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    Another vote for Penthesilea Profit Package – The Best WordPress Theme for Amazon Review Sites | Penthesilea Profit Strategy In Action

    I think it's well under priced for what you get - not only a great looking theme (themes really), but the attention to detail with the implementation guide is absolutely fantastic - complete over delivery. Highly recommended.
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    What is the conversation rate for the Penthesilea theme? Is it high?
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    Another vote for Penthesilea - a beautifully coded theme with lots of extra features.
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    I am a HUGE fan of Scott's Clickbump themes - including the Amazonia one. I use his themes for Amazon sites and Adsense sites alike. The thing I like best about them is all the technical stuff is taken care of. I don't have to worry about my h1,h2, etc. tags being done right. Plus, the dashboard of the themes is so easy to use!

    Oh yeah, and you really should pick up his Clickbump SEO! plugin too. I love how it lets me know what my post is lacking and gives me a score so I know how much I need to do to make it better. My posts have improved so much because I want to score 100

    Anyway - just my 2 cents. I have an entire folder of blog themes, but 98% of my sites use a Clickbump theme of one kind or another.
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    I am using a theme called Socrates Is it ok for me to put the link URL; I do get a commission)
    Socrates is extremely flexible and easy to use. There are preset fields to put links to various affiliate sites including an Amazon field (sort of like Adsense). There are also headers you can use or you can upload your own.You can do just about any thing you want including stuff specific to Amazon. There is a demo on the site. I like it a lot and right now it is the only theme I use. Example of one of my sites using Socrates is: Welcome to Your References on Genealogy (Home)
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    I have used many different themes but the catalyst theme is the only one I am using right now for all my blogs. You can design practically any type of site with it. Check it out!
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    Tweaked default TwentyTen Theme that comes free with wordpress installation! Changable header image, clean css styling, SEO optimized features etc, makes it a good theme for amazon products review sites.
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    I have few amazon websites and for most of them I'm using the twenty ten theme and I make my own header in order to fit my niche.

    I like to use this theme as well : Frozenage

    I find that it's a very simple, clean, and clear theme. And again you can change the header.

    Here is a preview of the theme :

    Theme Preview (frozenage) - Free WP Themes
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    I have used Flexsqueeze and really like it, BUT, I just started using Scott Blanchard's Clickbump stuff and it's AWESOME!!!

    I've been doing this for a few years and have become quite familiar with Wordpress. Scott makes it super easy. AND if you have a problem, he gets in there and helps you out better than anyone I've experienced.

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