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Hi All...
I'm keen for feedback on Delavo from people who have used it - do you feel it's all it's cracked up to be? What are your experiences with it? Would you suggest another project management application?

Many thanks,
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    I am an active user of DELAVO. Here is the list of things I do with Delavo.

    1. Integrate payment with Paypal - one time.
    2. Create products and packages.
    3. Create remote membership control - include membership site delivery as part of a product.
    4. Create coupon codes to offer discounts.
    5. Create affiliate program - multiple affiliate program.
    6. Create two-tier affiliate program.
    7. Create shopping cart.

    I find it easy to control the sales and offer delivery.

    There are many more features which I do not use them yet.

    DELAVO is given as a free product, which give you the basic. Some features I used are from plug-ins that need to be purchase.

    A free version is good enough to start with.

    Hope the info above helps.
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    I Have read what YOU are doing with it - thanks - but have you receive the mail to see how cheap the gold membership is - $47?

    On their website they compare it with Goldbar one etc. My question is - is it that good? Can you host with them (as with goldbar), do you still need Aweber?

    As a newbie to IM, will you recomend using something like this from the start?
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    Nomad Warrior
    I just got a call from a marketing veteran who posed a few challenging questions to Mark Joyner (the sales agent behind the current iteration of Delavo / Fantasos).
    Mark is occasionally referred to as the Grandfather of Internet Marketing but he did not act like any grandfather I've ever met... have a look at his response to the Delavo questions:

    "Don't send anymore emails like this to my staff. In fact, don't do any business with us. We have plenty of very happy customers. We only do business with people who
    conduct themselves well.

    If you happened to have opened up a Delavo account, we'll be cancelling it.

    Mark Joyner"

    draw your own conclusions, but them's be fightin words
    Is that how top IM gurus act these days?

    hmmm... I wonder what the questions were
    like... "Does Delavo actually work" or
    "sounds like all you need is an autoresponder, a bunch of free scripts and clickbank account"
    whatever it was that set him off, I would tread carefully if you ever need support from the Delavo team
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    Having known Mark for a while I think I would hesitate before jumping to conclusions.

    Without having the opposite of the conversation and the questions asked it would be irresponsible to claim that he was acting in any manner other than professionally.

    I have a lot of respect for Mark, for his company and his customer service team.

    Delavo is a work in progress. Mark is using it to run his own company so a lot of effort is going into making it better and better.

    Is it right for everyone? Probably not. Is it a robust piece of software that will allow you to manage your entire business? Pretty much.

    It does have mailing capabilities but is not its strength. I would suggest using Aweber or AutoresponsePlus for your mailings.
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    Mark Joyner is a controversial figure and I certainly have my own views on him. But I wouldn't express them here because the rule is that you talk about the PRODUCT not the PERSON. So no more posts mentioning Mark by name, please.


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    Hmmm…ok, basically, I have the utmost respect for MJoyner and his company, and when I approached Delavo product about a year or so ago, I could not get any immediate support on some of the questions I had, and decided to drop out entirely. Then, I realized MJ had taken over, so I figured it's ok now, and I joined the 47 per month Gold deal. Now, I have sent a number of questions, but all I get is just autoresponse stuff, nothing to do with my requests at all. I mean, it's like they really do not care. So, I think, all I can do is to get my money back and not continue with it.
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    I own Delavo. I have the stand alone version from when John still had it when it first launched. It's a powerful script, but forget about support, plus all the other restrictions that they had in place that I am not going to talk about it here.

    Get if you want a powerful solution hosted on your own server.

    My 2 cents
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    Let me jump in here for a second....

    Just picked up Delavo - Gold last week and I definitely see a bit a steep-ish learning curve.... .....mind you I'm a little fresh !

    I just want to say I've probably sent 6 support tickets and they have all been answered....a couple took 48 hours (to get my final answer) but most are returned with in 1-8 hours.

    I do see more tickets in the future but feel confident with the support I have received.

    As for the current documentation .... lots of videos and manuals but still feel that something is missing... this could be the reason that other have created un-official "Delavo" Manuals for sale.

    I personally would love to see a expandable process map/cash map. I think this could answer/fin in the blanks or help get my head around this monster of a tool.

    Definitely look forward to learning the possibilities as they look to be endless and seeing what Mark and John have planned for the future as I'l be sticking around.

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    Can anyone offer any more feedback/review on Delavo?

    For those using it, how do you find it? For those who changed to another software, why?

    Thanks in advance for your replies.

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    Hey guys!
    I have read a lot of threads on Delavo issues, and with all due respect, Im requesting to state "MY" 2 cents worth.

    I have been with this software from way back in its JV Manager days, years ago, through Fantasos to now Delavo. Loved it to start off with, excited, members input to improve the product back in JV Manager days was great and it growed quick.

    The software had great merrit even back then, despite a steep learning curve as testament to its many loyal members and users. Its evolution Enter Fantasos, core and module and the ideas from the loyal supporters converted into modules. And the rising profits from module sales begin.

    Todays is no exception with Delavo which does have plenty of bells and whistles..."at a price"...and dissappointingly, a lot greater price with the new transition and I dont feel thats the end of it either.
    I have loyally supported Delavo from day one till now and am somewhat locked in now (should I say for the time being) by costs invested.

    I use Delavo as it is similar to what Ive been seeking for a long time, great flexibility is possible, despite the decline in service, poor instruction manuals (credit the manuals are being upgraded, slowly) and software problems being regular happenings which is by MY interpretation of the threads AND MY EXPERIENCES.

    HEY FULL CREDIT to the Deconstruct team for their correspondance, "well crafted", as for their efforts...slow? But I understand there has to be a bit of give and take and things do get fixed!
    I have looked at other software, they have merrit too, but will wait till the playing field is more level, If the competitors have a loyal group of supporters like the old jv manager/fantasos group "AND LOOK AFTER THEM" Im sure theyll do well.

    Being looked after??... I stayed with JV Manager/Delavo, on the premise Id have a fully working software program, at a cost which I understand and support. Im sure you can imagine when told of upgrade version I will have some modules removed from "MY PACKAGE", especially the hosting modules.

    Tough cheddar about my future plans or anyone elses, but, hey now I still can, its just gonna cost me a whole lot extra. I know that a lot of people were upset with that. loyalty? trust? respect?
    Like I said earier, "plenty of bells and whistles..."at a price"...and dissappointingly, a lot greater price with the new transition.

    Well Im off to the Deconstruct support desk now to see how my 6 day old issue with my Delavo software is going. Dont you just love it when you get asked a question about what happened and many days later you get asked the same question.

    WHAT ABOUT?...well!

    I goto input this code into any template:
    [script language="javascript" src="......./web/aff.js"][/script]
    and after update/save/view html source again, it ends up like this:
    [script language="javascript"] [/script]
    Something to do with the mce editor I think?

    p.s. and now for a bit of light heartedness....anybody have the Delavo v2 hosting modules (roles etc) for sale... hahaha
    I 've a silver pack with most of the bought modules (gold pack) but They dont sell the hosting modules (of course).
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    James Jackson
    Hey Guys I am a Delavo user. Actually I have been using the script since it was JVmanager.
    Here's the thing.

    Delavo is extremely powerful and gives you lots of options so on the surface new users think OMG this is a steep learning curve but in reality it's not.

    Here's why...


    At least not when you first get started.

    Just learn the process of creating a product and putting that product into a package.
    just doing that alone will get you ready to sell as your order link will be generated
    automatically once you save / create the package.

    Everything else Delavo can do is just icing on the cake...

    I.e. taking clickbank, paypal,, 2checkout, google checkout...
    Unlimited tiers, coupons, instant discounts based on past purchases
    the list goes on.

    My take after multiple 6 figures processed through delavo....

    I would want to do business without it.

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    Danny Turner
    I have access to delavo - but don't use it
    - it's complex and takes a while to learn
    it appears designed to best suite a person who has a number of different products
    it will enable the user to manage these from one platform and allow his clients to access track all purchases from the same platform (and do a lot more)
    the programs best feature - it's all inclusiveness - is it's achilles heel
    it's complexity makes it hard to understand for both user and client

    my personal preference is to use a membership script which incorporates product delivery and membership management in one box
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    Joseph Then
    Well, I used it when it was called JV Manager, then it was called Fantasos, now it's called Delavo.

    Finally, Delavo went 'free' when it was released as v2.0.

    Well, I sticked to v1.6 and did not upgrade because there is a monthly fees, which to me personally is a turn-off as I need to use most of the features and that translate to $400+ PER MONTH.

    But, standing from Mark J. and John D.'s point of view, it's a smart move to make Delavo a monthly subscription.

    My conclusion:
    Delavo is definitely a must-have but it would make sense for people who are running a substantially big business model. The free version works well for individuals too, but scaling to additional features will give you some considerations due to the monthly fees.
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    Basically any product launch for "total all in one business solution" that keeps coming out now and 20 years from now... has already been in Delavo 1 year ago.

    Right now, Delavo version 2.5 is so far ahead of anything that's ever been invented - that you could combine every known eCommerce, CMS, Membership, Sales, Tracking, Followup, Optimization, API Integration, Affiliate Tracking, OTO, Dynamic Pricing, hundreds more... solution that's ever been created since Internet Marketing began... and it's still all a joke compared to Delavo... which keeps being updated nearly monthly for years.

    Shameful how product launches are diverting peoples attention from something that already exists with infinite times more flexibility, professionalism, and overall ability to get the job done with building a multi-million dollar business.
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    Do this:

    [script language='javascript' src='......./web/aff.js'][/script]

    Change from " to '

    Yes, MCE editor is the cause for your challange.

    The Delavo gold version is only $47 per month. You'll get all the modules there.
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    So if you want to use all or nearly all of Delavo's features, including plugins and whatnot, what does the cost come to?
  • Profile picture of the author mesmerx
    $47 p/m for everything. The Gold (highest level). Including free feature additions every months or so.
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    I have a couple of products that I have bought that are on the Delavo site.

    It is a nightmare to use from a customer standpoint and I can tell the people that use it as a Shopping cart platform aren't thrilled either.

    I use DAP. Works great for my needs.

    Good luck with your decision.
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    Kirk Ward
    Originally Posted by affhelper View Post
    I own Delavo. I have the stand alone version from when John still had it when it first launched. It's a powerful script, but forget about support, plus all the other restrictions that they had in place that I am not going to talk about it here.

    Get if you want a powerful solution hosted on your own server.

    My 2 cents
    Same answer here.
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    Originally Posted by Kirk Ward View Post
    Same answer here.
    Originally Posted by mesmerx View Post
    $47 p/m for everything. The Gold (highest level). Including free feature additions every months or so.
    Been using it for about 2 years. Not the easiest to use and understand the logic of the flow for new users.

    It's probably not designed for a "casual" internet marketer. The concept behind D is simple one word - centralization of all your marketing product on one user panel. It tries to accomplish all things in one script. Granted, many other scripts are able to deliver "centralization" function (e.g. infusionsoft)

    Currently, documentation and user manual of D (to me) are lacking, but support help desk is there to compensate. However, it's not really intuitive for new comers to truly understand the flow or the logic of using the script.

    The current price of $47 is only temporary. The fee will probably be increased, once it builds up its momentum of recurring customer. The change of going for a recurring model is definitely a smart move to compensate for the updates/ support of the script.

    Conclusion: go or no-go?

    FYI, if I did not employ D, I'd probably use nanacast or amember which is seen to be used by many big-guns here on this forum as well. If you are more keen, consider Infusionsoft.

    Due to the learning curve involved, I suggest you to read more reviews, do more comparison before jumping to your own conclusion.

    My 2 cents and good luck.

    (If you want to "walk through" a typical old delavo system, check out my sig, you will see the process of the old "funneling", there is a new plugin called funneling just been rolled out. But it lacks sufficient documentation for anyone in the right mind to understand how it truly works.)

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