90 Second Website Builder - Have You Tried It?

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Hi guys

I'd really appreciate to hear from you if you have tried

'90 Second Website Builder'.

Any feedback appreciated

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    I did not try it but those kind of software produces similar looking web sites.. so I suggest using either Dreamweaver or Expression.
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    I just got it and you get, I believe, 1,000 additional templates when you register it. That should be enough to create a lot of different-looking sites!

    I haven't used it yet, though, so for all I know, you can use NVU which is free, to build perfectly adequate sites. Update: Nvu is no longer available. It has been upgrade to Kompozer.

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    Was wondering if websites build using website builder like this one n others like hypervre, etc last long in google n yahoo rankings. will the search engine detect some kind of footprint resulting in generated websites dropping out of top ranking, errrrrm, right into page 47 where nobody ever bothers to check.
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    I like these software packages (like the one in my signature). They build pages in a few seconds, then you can customize them further if you like. Personally I think they are a real time saver. If you are going to build mutiple sites, you NEED to automate through either software or outsourcing and software usually is more affordable.
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    Rik & Ymon thanks for the reply, for your advice about compatibility Rik.

    Elliot, appreciate your input too, have you had a chance to try it yet, is it ok?

    Sparkie and Eikat, I'll check these out too.

    I've tried a few of the free ones, but what attracted me to 90 second WSB was the static insertion, meaning that whatever you drag and drop into it doesn't upset the formatting as happens with others.

    Really appreciate your input guys, any other comments?

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    Some people say website builders leave a footprint.. any ideas on that?

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    it is really wysiwyg web builder 5 just resold and repackaged with free addons
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    I've checked both and it seems you may be right! Both look very much the same to me. Thanks for this observation, it helps.

    Zm good point taken.

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    Thanks Georg

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    yeah, i have to say if you want more out of your site you would need to put more than 90 seconds into it
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    some people take things so literally don't they? "need to put more than 90 seconds into it"

    Just my opinion, but it looks to me like a WYSIWYG editor with some nice tools built in to quickly create & edit some nice looking graphics and other elements.

    I think the sales page looks good and the product looks good. If I were in the market, I'd be very tempted to buy it. And no worries about footprints either.


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    Hi Bob....

    Just a couple of thoughts I had when I saw it today....it arrived from Joe Robson of Newbieclub fame.......

    Honestly, I'm just learning all this IM stuff and HTML is a little foreign to me at this stage. I have the new Dreamweaver and XsitePro but like a lot of folks I've done more talking than doing.

    What did appeal to me with this program is not how easy it is to publish a site to the web, but rather how easy it would be to get ideas of what I wanted any given site to look like.

    I'm a Mechanical Engineer by trade and do a lot of layout work for new design piping and equipment......the hardest part of that is merely getting started. Years ago (40 to be accurate) a senior piping guy watched me struggle with a blank drawing for a piping layout....he walked over to my board.....nudged me aside ....took my straight edge and drew a horizontal line at the bottom of the drawing...he then said, "Anytime your stuck just do that and you'll never be stuck again"....he was right....essentially, in IM terms, it's "DO SOMETHING".....the old Chinese proverb, "The longest journey starts with the first step." The Nike adage, "Just Do It".....you get the point.

    I see this program as a way to get started with an idea, a concept if you will and then translate it into whatever program I want if the code the wysiwyg creates is not up to par....or better yet, hand the design I come up with to some outsourced Web Designer.......no more back and forth about concept, layout, and design.

    Just my take on the program for what it's worth.......
    Good Luck,

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    Hey Jack

    Thanks for the words of wisdom, I agree 100%. Too much talking and not enough doing is something we all suffer from.

    I now think 90 sec WSB is a good and easy to use software, thank you to all for your perspectives, much appreciated.

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    How much is it anyway and is it easy to build ladning pages likes selling a ebook or product? If not what program do you recommend for it?

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