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I have used submit edge a few times and my brief review of them is below, I would love to hear other peoples views on their service, and especially if anyone can recommend another company which is RELIABLE and can offer competitively priced article and directory submission.

I have used submit edges basic packages in several areas - directory submission, social bookmarking, andarticle writing / submission.

Directory Submission: Overall - 9/10
Price: $15 for 100 directories, ranging from Pr3 and Pr4, and a couple Pr5s.
Comments: Very happy with this service really, they do it a lot faster than I could, and at only $15 i thought it was pretty reasonable. On one of my websites I saw the inbound links jump from about 10 to around 60 in aprox 6 weeks.

Social Bookmarking: Overall - 3/10
Price $35 for social bookmarking of a link to 100 social bookmarking sites. You choose the titles and mini descriptions.
Comments: They completed it on time, but some of the links were entered in error, overall tho they did submit to the 100 sites, and if you just want some backlinks from a few social sites then this is fine, but none of the stories got popular, and we received barely any traffic, we would't do this again. We were probably nieve to think we would get these links dugg /voted for and get any real traffic.

Article Writing: 0/10
Price: Part of their article submission service
Comments: If you just want any spammy article submitted and are more concerned with the backlinks then this is fine, if you want the article to be read - it won't be, the article we received was in bad english, BAD english, enough said.

Article Submission: 9/10
Price: $30 for submission of 1 article to 100 article directories.
Comments: GREAT service. We wrote the article ourselves and had them submit it, we had a lot of subscriptions and visitors to the site when the articles started to go live. We were very impressed with this service and want to use them again.

I am not connected to submitedge in any way but wanted to give this review so hopefully people can share their experiences and point to any other companies which offer similar services too - we are especially interested in mass article submission companies who are reliable and affordable, and any recommendations would be highly appreciated.
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    Interesting stuff, i've been thinking of using this company for Social Bookmarking and Article Submissions

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    Thank you for your review, I was going to try them as well. I think I will only go with the directory submission.

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    I've used them and had decent but not amazing results - they are pretty cheap, but sometimes it is better to pay a little more and get something of better quality made

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      Originally Posted by Dan Bainbridge View Post

      I've used them and had decent but not amazing results - they are pretty cheap, but sometimes it is better to pay a little more and get something of better quality made
      Do you have any example of a service that costs more and is more effective? I am curious to know since I am thinking about trying this out. Thanks in advance

      Hit me up to collaborate :)

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    It's interesting. I tried to find reviews on when I first tried them in January 2010 and there was nothing. Now, folks have had a taste and are reporting in, which I am more than willing to do.

    So, from my professional and personal experience:
    I would not recommend them to anyone except for the directory submissions. And even then, all they do is submit for you with no tracking of acceptance or link verification. Many of the directories are theirs and don't index on Google or Yahoo anyway.

    Where the service really fell short: I did a small custom 10-link campaign and they guarantee them for up to a year. I am an SEO consultant, so I know my biz. I ran a basic backlink check on the list they sent me....of the 10 links, only 5 were active. Now, it should be NOTED that this was only about 1 month after I had the work done. 1 month later and the links were already disappearing. Shabby.

    They did offer to replace them a couple weeks later after I pointed out the sloppy work. I checked the new work list, some of the links were not even active on the replacement list they sent me. I think that speaks for itself. The quality of work is poor.

    On a positive note, a very positive note, their ordering system was simple, clean and easy. But, it doesn't help with ranking.

    This is a public forum in which my info is available and trackable. I stand by my poor review of their work.

    I do not trust them with link building work. Scale of 1 to 10. 3

    I have turned to my local Denver link-building team for stronger, reliable results. People I know and talk to.

    Yes, it will cost you real money for real results.

    I am no longer wondering if I can save $400-700 on a questionable campaign through a cheap, hack service that sends reports with dead links in it(twice).

    I get the top rankings my clients deserve by paying for it.
    If you are marketing a website for profit and to increase traffic through SEO rankings, then you should invest in it like it's your brick and mortar store getting new windows.

    Buy real glass, don't be cheap and buy plastic wrap. Hope that helps.
    Internet Marketing Consultants - Business Oceans Marketing
    BBB A-Rated

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    I am not agree with your views.I have been using Submitedge from last 3 years for many of sites and they made my 80% of keywords rank in top 10.They have best SEO Services in cheap price and good quality.SO I would surely refer them and stand by with Submitedge.
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    Hi, wondering if Submit Edge is good or bad? :confused: You decide...

    We like many other internet marketers, seek out great and affordable ways to increase high-ranking inbound linking and one-way links to our websites and our client's websites.

    Here is a detailed supplement to my previous post above. Hope it helps. This is for 'One-way Niche Linking'.

    We consider inbound links 40-60% of SEO Rank Value, so links are very important to us to maintain high ranks for targeted keywords. 100% of our clients rank in the top 5 of Google so we know how valuable good links can be.

    That being said, I will give a detailed review of 'One-way Niche Linking' work done by for us.

    Why a Poor Review?
    The Order: $170 for 10 Nice-One Way links from PR 2 pages.
    Date: 3/15/2010
    Keywords: "Business Marketing", "Business Marketing Services"

    I individually checked all 10 links when the work was first completed. Perfect! I was excited...10 new Google PageRank 2 inbound links were active, yes.

    Then, only 1 month after (4/27/10) the links had gone live, 2 links were already gone. 2 missing links(pun intended)?

    Are you kidding me? That's 20% of my order, not a small oversight. Poor quality right out the box.

    Also, 4 other links were now sitting on PageRank 0 pages. This was one month later. I feel that is not up to par and doesn't match the quality of the order that was placed.

    They guarantee links for 1 year... and it didn't last one month. They did a 2nd LINK REPLACEMENT LIST for 11 links and only 8 were live. I just checked all 11 today again....

    This is the 2nd REPLACEMENT report so you can verify this yourself. (Sorry, it's an image of links.) I wasn't going to make these live. This was 05/11/2010

    Fine, I gave them a chance. This second list of links? NOPE. Some of the new links were not even there when I visited each individual page. Which I did right when I first got the 2nd report. I used WORD SEARCH in the browser and with the VIEW PAGE SOURCE and searched for the Keywords "Business Marketing" and the URL: per the order.

    I sent a note saying the replacement list was missing links on 06/29/2010. This was again one month later.

    I contacted them the third time to correct the missing replacement links...nothing. I received a third new link Replacement Link List on Aug 17, 2010.

    9 Links were active as stated, but one(SEE below). Again, feel free to verify for yourself...

    Yes, there are 9 active links there on the new list 5 months later. However, the link was broken when I looked in minutes ago while writing this.

    I think that is problematic when paying for seo.

    You can see where I have the orange 'Business Marketing' link. It was merged/linked to the 'Groove Band..' link right before it(see arrows and orange). My website is not ""

    They may seem inexpensive, but once you get the link reports and verify the lack of work, it isn't worth it because some of the links aren't there. Plus, the extra time you will need to verify, track and correct the inconsistent work.

    I have been tracking 10 links for 5 months now. Review. Poor Quality Service. I gave them 3 chances to correct what I thought was a very large oversight. Then, the report I check has a broken link right out the gate. That's 3 reports with broken work in it over a 5 month period. Mar. 15, 2010 to Aug 26, 2010.

    Yes, they tried to fix it. Yes, there were some links active. But, all they needed to do was leave the links up they had already made. Sorry guys, no pass.

    Link Building Suggestions:rolleyes::You may want to look for other options. Many quality seo firms and link building firms are out there that will do good, consistent work. Yes, you will probably have to pay for quality work.

    We have adjusted our link building strategies to be done with our own team using customized seo and verifiable manually built link creation.

    Best of luck with your website's promotion. Hope this was helpful.

    Internet Marketing Consultants - Business Oceans Marketing
    BBB A-Rated

    • Profile picture of the author EricThor
      I have used and they do a very poor job - don't waste your money.

      I used to subscribe to backlink services that gave me 100+ backlinks per month, for a fee, and then I discovered that you can get an unlimited number of high quality backlinks, for FREE, by simply using:


      Type in the name of the website you want to investigate and then see their inbound backlinks by clicking "Inlinks". Start with your competitors' websites and use what got them ahead of you in Google to your advantage.

      Click each inbound link that looks interesting and see where the person put their backlinks and if they could use anchor text backlinks. Get an App on your browser to tell you the PR of that site and if you like what you see you do the same thing. The PR of the website can be found by clicking "Home" on the website.

      Use a free IP proxy service, like TOR, to disguise your PC's true IP to keep from getting your PC's IP address listed on various spam websites and you can spend your free time adding an unlimited number of high quality backlinks for free.

      Check your SERP ranking at until you are on page 1 and then position #1.

      Good luck...
  • Profile picture of the author SubmitEdge Customer Care

    This is Steve from SubmitEdge Customer Care team. Apologies to BoWarrior for the inconvenience caused. As far as Niche Link Building is concerned, I do acknowledge the fact that at times we have experienced quality issues with Niche Link Building services. The primary reason for this being, this service is solely dependent on other webmaster links.

    Our term with the webmasters is for 6 months; but since there are so many of them it is impossible for us to track each and every link. We do not have an efficient tracking system in place to manage the quality of the link coming back for the customers. Hence we are discontinuing the service till the time we have complete quality control system to effectively monitor each and every link because we place Customer satisfaction above everything.

    I request BoWarrior to write to me at support(at)submitedge.(com) so that SubmitEdge can resolve your issue in the best of your interest.
    Thank you.
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      I wanted to run a test, so I gave Submit Edge a non-indexed URL and asked them to make some links. They promised white hat links in directories, so I thought that's cool - right?

      $25 later they gave me a report, but that was probably a bad idea on their part.

      The next day I went through 10% of the links and not a single one was found in any of the urls from their report. I waited another 3 weeks and tested again. Same result.. None of the links they sent in the report actually appear anywhere on the internet.

      I can tell you that I was unbelievably disappointed with the results.
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  • Profile picture of the author MrMontgomery
    Just wanted to bring this discussion alive - Any newly reviews on SubmitEdige (2012-2013) what alternatives are better today?

  • Profile picture of the author joshhuntnm
    thanks for the review. for $15 i think I will give it a try.
  • Profile picture of the author mairsh
    Only 7 articles approved out of 100 It's been more than 20 days. They post articles to DEAD SITES. Don't trust their list of article directories.

    On chat they say that they have 60 to 70% approval ratio.. SCAM......

    Skype: drmairsh l e-mail: drmairsh [@] gmail . com

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