WP-Syndicator - Anyone using it?

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I'd like to hear some reviews on WP syndicator.

I already searched the forum and got nothing.
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    I picked it up when Andy had his WSO. Great system, easy to set up and nicely automated for your WP site. Highly recommended!
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    Does it syndicate well with minimum errors?
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    I don't know why you should pay this much for something you can do for free.

    Using WP plugin called Shorten2Ping you can automatically syndicate your posts to Ping.fm 30+ services.

    When it was sold for $9.97 is was a good buy, but I am not sure it is worth the price today.
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    I have various submissions software including rss bots, social bookmarking bots, directory bots etc
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    Syndication works if the site your syndicating two have a high PR or at least indexed in Google.

    I see people using WPsyndicator by creating tons of accounts on (vox, livejournal, blogger,etc) -- but if those sites of yours are not indexed yet, there's not much point.
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    It does not work for blogger for me which is HUGE. I get this error:

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class Zend_Loader in /home/site/public_html/wp-content/plugins/tpc-memory-usage/library/Zend/Loader.php on line 31
    If I can't get this resolved I'll probably request a refund and look elsewhere. I emailed the creator but no replies yet. Granted it's only been 12hrs, I'll give him a bit more time before requesting a full refund.
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    I just purchased this plugin yesterday for full price ($67) for multiple domain uses. Here's the low down...

    It supports 15 web 2.0 sites (including Twitter). You have to sign up to each site manually if you aren't already a member or don't have another program that does this for you. You could always outsource or take an hour out of your day to sign up. No biggie.

    The plugin installs like any typical plugin and is ready to use after 5 minutes of configuration. Very intuitive and easy to do.

    You'll need to sign up for a bit.ly account if you don't already have one and input your username and API. Again, very simple. you can also configure the excerpt length, auto syndicate, max daily posts and default anchor text. - Which you can also do in each post as you post in the future, the default is just in case you forget to include anchor text.

    The 15 WEB 2.0 sites currently supports:

    Type Pad
    Live Journal
    Friend Feed
    Bright Kite

    However, not all work or are 'dofollow'. Blogger does not work for me and I contacted support. After 24 hours, still no reply and I can't really seem to find an actual support link on the website. Not really sure how this works but it isn't easy getting support so far.

    Vox is no longer. They are closing the doors September 30th. So that scratches that one off the list of 15 web 2.0 sites.

    These are nofollow, so no SEO benefit will be given:
    Plurk - nofollow
    Friendfeed - nofollow
    Youare - nofollow
    Xanga - nofollow

    The plugin also seems to be a bit of memory hog. Not a good thing.

    I use TwitterFeed so I don't need the Twitter function part of this plugin. I like TwitterFeed because it's offsite.

    Oh, I signed up for all the accounts 30-40 hrs before I used the plugin and filled out my profiles on each account so it doesn't look spammy to the webmaster. Well, turns out I was suspended from Blellow after two submissions.

    So all in all, there's really only like seven WEB 2.0 sites that are useful. But it's still nice getting the link out there and I'm sure it'll give a little bit more of a boost after the WEB 2.0 sites get indexed and start gaining some authority. I'll need to link build the useful seven WEB 2.0 sites to help get them more strength. Is the plugin worth $67? I don't know... I think it's overpriced for what you actually get.

    Here's the summary break down:

    • Support - 1 out of 10 (poor) so far
    • Ease of Use - 8 out of 10
    • Functionality - 5 out of 10 (half the web 2.0 sites either don't work, won't work in the future or are nofollow)
    • Value - 6 out of 10 (bit overpriced IMO)
    • Cons - Support, half the WEB 2.0 sites are useless, overpriced, memory hog
    • Pros - Easy to use, after it's all setup it does all the work behind the scenes, despite of only seven useful WEB 2.0 sites it'll still help build backlinks
    • End thought - Shop around for something cheaper... I'm sure there's plugins out there that can be had free or cheap. maybe Incansoft has something?

    Hope you find this review helpful.
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    Doesn't this just do what Posterous does for free?

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    Actually what they do is to build link to their website so their website will get more traffic. But do you know that all of those ways to increase traffic can be done by this plugin

    But error generated is more by using WP-syndicator
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    Definitely not worth the money.

    Like someone already pointed out, microblogs are nofollow links except for brightkie, blogger is not working, Vox is closed although you can transfer an existing blog to typepad free.

    So you only get dofollow links for wordpress, tumblr, multiply, livejournal, typepad and brightkite.
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    It's reputable - but is it getting results?
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    If you paid via credit card in paypal you can dispute charges.
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    I have been using for 3 days - so far only "Blellow" has closed my account - they closed it on the first post (i tried to open several times with different emails - even waited a day before posting) - i guess if you have a "link" in your post, you are a spammer. oh well, everything else working good - I am taking it very slow, only making 1 to 2 posts per day - letting the accounts age and testing to see if i can increase the posting rate, especially existing content previously posted. again, i plan to backlink all the web 2.0 properties, and check to make sure everything gets indexed.

    i am not questioning that "gearmonkey" is having issues and not getting any answers - i do think that we all need to slow down a little with some of these automatic tools and take the time to make sure everything is done proper and sticks. that was my problem with senuke - i just couldnt track everything i was "nuking" - not sure what was even indexed. i am waiting for the new version to come out that hopefully will make it easier to track each project.
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    Hi everyone (particularly Gear Monkey),

    I'm the developer for and co-owner of WPSyndicator and a couple of people have pointed this thread out to me (thanks guys and girls).

    I've been a Warrior member for a long time so I'd like to take the opportunity to publicly apologize and explain the situation.

    We had some issues with the support desk itself which really set me back so I spent the time I usually spend doing support hiring someone to come on board and help speed up getting people the answers to their questions. Unfortunately the person I hired disappeared on day two and left me even further behind than before.

    This is not an excuse. Supporting my products is my responsibility and one of my top priorities, it's my fault that I hired the wrong person and I'm sorry for the inconvenience it's obviously caused some people.

    If you think you've had to wait too long and you want to wash your hands of WPSyndicator and myself please follow the instructions in the Clickbank receipt email you received and you can request a refund through there. I believe they process it within 24 hours as long as I don't dispute it, which I won't of course. If you're not happy, I really don't want your money. Contrary to what it may look like from the tone of this thread

    If you're still really keen to get it working and it didn't "Just Work" (I promise you, it really has for most people) then please give me a few more days to get the new support lady up to speed and we'll get through the back log ASAP. Don't forget you've got 60 days to claim the refund so there's nothing to stop you doing both. I'm even happy for you to leave it, we'll get it working and then you can claim the refund for the inconvenience if you really want.

    While I don't want to address every point in this thread the one thing that really stood out to me was this comment -

    I don't think I'm being unreasonable. And of course I am going to tell people to stay clear of this product because obviously (if he is legit) can't handle the work load or has other things to do other than handle his company.
    I know several people have jumped to my defence but I'd like to say I think what Gear Monkey is saying is completely reasonable. I've always handled support myself before and never dealt with the volume of sales (and thus support) a Clickbank launch brought with it. This is my mistake and for that I apologize. I am doing everything I can to rectify the mistake and hope to have it all back on track in the next few days.


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    Are there any updates on what's happening with WPsyndicator and support, etc?

    Is everything working well now?

    GearMonkey, all okay? Or did you move on?

    I ask as I am interested in the plugin and wanted to hear all is well.

    Quick additional question specifically for Andy: Can WPsyndicator rotate multiple user accounts so the linking looks more natural than always being to/from the same accounts?

    Thanks in advance,

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    I just saw this post - have been out of town most of the month - and just want to say that I have been using this since it was launched with excellent results. There have been several updates, and the support from Andy has been STELLAR! If he says there were other issues going on recently, I would definitely be inclined to believe him.

    One of things I love about this plugin is that it lets me choose which content I want to syndicate, so it gives me full control over what I am sending out to my Web 2.0 sites - and that means more quality control. I use it only with original content or really, really interesting articles that I post from other sources - never on any 'autoblog' type of posts.

    I use other products of Andy's as well - and personally, I think he is one of the 'real deals' in the biz -

    Just my 2 cents, folks.....

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    I even upgraded the support tickets two days ago from medium to high priority .... nothing .... anyone had any support help recently or is this abandoned?

    If it is abandoned, why are they not saying so on the site before taking money?
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    I've been waiting 3 months for support. Still not getting any help. I think the plugin has been abandoned, which is a shame.
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    No spite to anyone, but there are really no shortcuts to backlinking. These sites are always changing, and being a web site automations developer, it's a really job to try and keep ahead of the curve.


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