PaySpree. Any good?

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Have anybody heard/experience some goodness with (as vendor, especially)

I just notice that they have a very interesting commision payment system. see here:
PaySpree Commissions Explained

Also all payment goes directly to paypal, which is I think a BIG advantage, instead of having to wait months for checks (when u live out of US).

Any comments would be appriciated.
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    Well I think it's just great!

    Some new features coming later today, such as secured expiring thank you pages (just check a box when adding your product to activate), and our own IPN so you can integrate payspree with any external scripts.

    After that we're adding automatic aweber/getresponse integration and more.

    If there's anything you want to know, feel free to contact me.
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    wow.. the owner here is here. lol. Thanks Gary.
    I'll definitely give it a shot then..
    Still waiting from comments from other warriors tho.
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    I think is awesome! And the updates Gary frequently adds continues to make it more valuable and useful. There's really no reason not to use it. It's super easy and user-friendly to use.

    It's the quickest and easiest way to have an affiliate program going (with ability to pay commissions up to 100% instant PayPal) along with a simple affiliate promo page to boot. Plus there's a built-in dime sale script and it's all as easy as "copy n paste" to setup and use with your websites.

    Plus you get your product in the PaySpree marketplace which gets you exposure to affiliates looking for products to promote.

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    Originally Posted by shanedavind View Post

    This looks great. While I dislike Paypal, I've been looking for a way to sell my products for 100% of the commission to my affiliates straight away via Paypal.

    Just a quick question Gary, what is the best and quickest way to contact you or your support team if I have a question, and I usually do

    You'll get the quickest response through the support desk at: Help Desk
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    I've spoken with Gary on skype and so far his been very responsive. I'm looking forward to being able to offer not only instant commissions but 100% commissions (great for going viral).

    The only thing is I wish there was a training video or two. I'm particularly interested in getting people on an aweber "buyers list" (he showed me how he does it but I know rapbank does it a bit more smoothly) but he said they are working on this. I also would love to see how people are working integrating OTO's or upsells.

    As an example if you offer the affiliates 100% commissions on the first sale, I'd love to see how people are working in the OTO's....
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    I believe Payspree will be the best new comer affiliate program. I can see Gary always improve and try to make easier for affiliate and vendors.
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    Seemless autoresponder integration is working and live right now.

    I've still to create instructions on exactly how to use it to stay on the right side of aweber, I've contacted aweber and asked them to add us to their parser list.

    But it works and is ready to use right now, it's under 'Advanced Options' when adding/editing products. Just enter the email address of your autoresponder, your customers will be subscribed to it instantly after purchasing.
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    Signed up in the last week and very impressed. New features are coming out every few days.

    Need to test it more to see what kind of results it will bring.
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    Payspree is on my Todo list. Was sleeping in the car I guess when I was compiling a list of Instant Cash Programs. But will Add Payspree as an alternative very quickly. I went through the online information and the programs are solid and has variety. Makes it easy to earn cash onlinefor Internet Marketers
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    I am banned from using paypal so is there any other way I can list and sell my products with this site, or is this a paypal exclusive site?
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    @Thomas - The site only works with paypal. There are no plans to integrate any other methods in the future so you'll need paypal to use payspree.
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    Thank you. I've already tried JVZoo, but I cannot use it with my autoresponder. JVzoo is on Aweber's URL blacklist.. and they way I need things to be set up, I cannot cloak it. I've tried DigiResults as well, but DigiResults will not let me set up a subscription payment like I need. It only allows me to set-up a payment plan of up to 12 months. I need to set-up a lifetime subscription plan. I will try the other networks you posted. Thanks again.
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    Here's what I've tried to far... (and the problem with each one)

    "thank you" page not loading after payment
    I tried DeliverMyFile IPN, doesn't work
    I tried autoresponder integration, doesn't work

    payments must be manually sent out (not instant commissions)

    subscription option doesn't work, I can only set up a payment plan up to 12 months
    affiliates must be manually approved
    link is blocked by aweber (so my follow-up emails won't pass spam filters)

    no subscription option

    WarriorPlus/WSO Pro
    No instant commissions

    no subscription option

    no subscription option

    I've also tried...
    SimpleOneClick, PaymentChamp and JennyClicks

    I really need to find a way to fix this. It shouldn't be this hard
    to set up a simple sales funnel. If somebody has any ideas,
    please let me know. Here's exactly what I need:

    A payment processor that gives Instant commissions (via PayPal, Payza, ect.)
    Must offer subscription/membership
    Must have some sort of built-in affiliate tracking
    I need affiliates to be able to receive 100% commission
    I need buyers to be redirect to a "thank you" page after purchase
    My website is on Wordpress.

    That's it. Thank you in advance to anybody who helps me out with this.
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    I've heard it pretty useful in terms of getting paid instantly. I would invest if you want to cut the waiting time down.
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    Yesterday I sent aweber a request to take JVzoo off of the blacklist. Looks like they did. Not sure if if was because of my request or not, but I'm going to try setting up my sales funnel with JVzoo now. DigiResults is still not working for me. Also, Zaxaa is not linking up to my PayPal account for some reason and WSO pro only pays instant commissions with WSO Pro Adaptive which doesn't yet allow subscription based products.
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    My country is not listed on Clicbank so I could neither buy nor become and affiliate. Payspree is a great alternative. I just hope a lot more vendors join up! Thank Gary
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