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Anyone has a review on Auto mass trafffic from Mo Latif?
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    Product is in pre launch still but will go live at 3pm EST. Guess we'll get some reviews later when someone has bought it or just gone through the sales process
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    I skimmed over the sales letter and I don't even know what the hell the product is. They spend a lot more time telling you what it's not and very little time hinting at what it is or does.

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    I am in now checking it out. Will let you guys know if this is any good.
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      Originally Posted by GradingWebmasters View Post

      I am in now checking it out. Will let you guys know if this is any good.
      lol i just got an email about it too,
      I guess that its about CPV or something..
      Anyway please let us know if you satisfied so ill go and grab it too

      Big EDIT:
      Here is some info about this:
      "AMT is a CPV course that comes with training videos, but
      the HUGE benefit is the actual software that comes with it."

      And here is a link with $10 discount where you can get it for $27
      Affiliate link removed by moderator
      It was not an affiliate link FTW @_@

      Best Regards,
      Rico S.
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      Originally Posted by GradingWebmasters View Post

      I am in now checking it out. Will let you guys know if this is any good.
      I hope to see another exclusive review like you did for me here

      I do not want to see anyone get burned so I would wait for a real review like gadingwebmasters does

      check out this article by jason fladlien here Stay Away From These Products… | Jason Fladlien's Blog make sure to follow these guidelines when thinking of buying a product.

      P.S. I would highly recommend you listen to what jason says in this article since he is a copy writer himself...

      And If I get my hands on this I will be sure to post my review for you guys.


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    The ads today reveal it's what I thought it was, CPV with some sort of software.
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    I think I counted 5 exit pops. Those are always a nice touch...

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      Just bought the "Auto Mass Software" for $37.

      However, before I could checkout I was walked through 3 other complimentary products, each with a heavy monthly fee, and each pretty much telling me the "Auto Mass Software" sucked unless i bought these other products!! BTW, all the other products were training/seminar/webinar stuff! Sound familiar.....

      Anyway, eventually, I got to the "game changing" software, uh-hmm - basically a Wordpress website with a crapy looking keyword/url lookup tool. Halle-f**king-luya, another keyword tool, just what I need, a real "game changer"

      Anyway, all this thing appears to do is give you a list of URLs from search engines based on keywords you give it. So for instance type in "diet pills" and it will find out the top rated sites for, well, errrr, "diet pills". So rather than go to Google, Bing & Yahoo and do this for FREE, why not go to "Auto Mass Software" and pay $37 to do it - I just did!

      Perhaps this thing is useful to the CPA CPV crowd who are looking to quickly generate a list of URLs for a given keyword! However, to me the "Auto Mass Traffic" software is basically a very very basic keyword/url research tool aimed at numpties. And the authors are really selling training!

      I only bought this because it was recommend by someone I respected...until now. Heading off now to unsubscribe from his list and tell him he's an arsehole!
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    It's just that theres been so many of these $37 software products lately with expensive upsells...and the recent software products have gotten horible reviews here on the warrior Forum with massive refund requests. I wouldn't mind naming a few but most of us probably know which ones I'm talking about
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      Originally Posted by sparkie2260 View Post

      It's just that theres been so many of these $37 software products lately with expensive upsells...and the recent software products have gotten horible reviews here on the warrior Forum with massive refund requests. I wouldn't mind naming a few but most of us probably know which ones I'm talking about

      Just read Jason Fladlien's article.

      Good read.

      The thing is, I did my research BEFORE hand.

      I'll give you guys a little tip:
      (thats actually in MANY PAID products,
      for various obvious reasons)
      join up here:

      Joint Venture (JV) Lists, Announcements, Blogs, And Community Forums.

      And sign up.

      You'll be notified of all the upcoming large launches.
      (and smaller ones too)

      So, how is this really useful?

      Simple really.

      Then you can go directly to the
      merchants joint venture invite page link,
      where they lay out in detail all the
      upsells, prices, ect.

      So, yea.

      I did all that BEFORE.

      In any case, I also figured out that it
      was PPV...

      Which I am totally O.K with!

      (its basically the ONLY thing that they DIDN'T say it involved)


      There was no where on the page that said ''free traffic''

      But yes, I'll let yall know what I think
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    Just grabbed it for $27. Affiliate page went to a 404. So I'll check this out and report back. I generally don't do this but for a one time fee and such a low one, I'll do it. EDIT: Bloody hell 5 freaking upsells?!?! Seriously? Sheesh I'm used to one or two but 5. I don't know about this....
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    Confucious say:

    The quality of the product is proportional to the inverse of the price of the first offer multiplied by the number of upsells.

    IOW - The cheaper the initial price and the greater the number of upsells....

    "The simple secret of the universe is that you create your own reality" - Edgar D. Mitchell

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      Purchased for $27. The videos are not there, links to videos are not live, and not much instructions. There are, however, some good ideas for newbies like me, so if they fix the problems with links, etc, and the software performs as promised (yet to be tested), probably worth the 27.

      "Ready, fire, aim" generally doesn't work...and it looks like they weren't quit ready for launch. :rolleyes:

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    Well, thank you guys.
    From what i saw here it's a web based tool so i can build one like this by myself, and....
    GOSH! Who needs a training on how to set-up a CPV campaign? i mean really... you pay you set-up the keywords and you're done!

    P.S @Niteprowler - I Love your signature bro

    Best Regards,
    Rico S.
    "Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune."
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    Just to let everyone know, the software is the same one from Auto Traffic Avalanche.
    Facebook will FIX this!
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      Originally Posted by redhwk63 View Post

      Just to let everyone know, the software is the same one from Auto Traffic Avalanche.
      Facebook will FIX this!
      How the hell is facebook related to CPV?
      "Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune."
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    I was curious about checking it out and knew to come
    here first. (It sounds to good to be true)

    I doesn't surprise me if they launched to soon and don't
    have everything working. I ran into this with a few other
    make money clickbank products a few months back. Probably
    the same ones Sparkie decided not to mention above.
    They are all pretty misleading and focus hard on
    telling you all about what the product is not.

    MJGrae finalized my decision real fast as I would not have been
    able to put 100.00 down towards advertising. So it is true that
    everyone would not be able to use it. They should have stated
    that some kind of investment would be required in order to start
    generating traffic with the software.

    Thanks everyone for all your comments. It made my decision easy
    and saved me time that I would have wasted otherwise.

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      They say that some good comes out of every new program. So, while I will not be buying AutoMassTraffic, it has alerted me to the possibilities of CPV.

      WF posts tend to be very critical of new programs and, based on past experience, with VERY good reason. But in this case it is probably justified. The upells sound plain ridiculous and the sales patter is just too smooth. So heres a vote of thanks to the more experienced IM's on here for some sound advice.
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      It's absolutely a bait and switch. I wish I could sell half as well as this guy, but the "software" is literally non-existent. He does state that you simply do some copying and pasting, and the software gets you a ton of traffic.

      That's simply not the case. I'm actually surprised at how lousy it is, I'm getting my money back. Here's a direct snippet from one of the manuals, to show you how raw this thing is:

      "Check out a live example here –


      Doh! Somebody forgot to insert the video link. And there is no video with that title anyway.

      This program is WAY over hyped, a complete waste of money and time.
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    You guys are all terrific, you all save me so much time and money. Thanks for taking the time to leave your reviews. I too got some emails about this, the first thing i do is hit the WF and find out what its all I have unsubscribed from a list and will get on with some more productive stuff....Thanks
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    I have a video review that will be up in maybe an hour if anyone wants to see inside.
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    Thanks for review guys,

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      I bought this for $27, because I wanted some of the bonuses being offered by a third party and $27 was a great price. I already knew AutoMassTraffic would be lousy, all you have to do is listen to the sales pitch about magic software that sends hundreds of thousands of people to your offer after 10 minutes work. Seriously, does ANYONE believe that stuff?

      As it happens, AutoMassTraffic is even worse than my lowest expectation. It's essentially a collection of very short PDFs stuffed with screen shots, the usual stuff like how to pick a Clickbank product, how to set up a basic AWeber campaign, and so on. The best part is the introduction which is amiable and promises so much. Read this before you look at anything else, at least that way you have a good feeling about buying the product - for 5 minutes. Then it's all downhill faster than a snowball on its way to hell.

      The software - oh please God, how do they get away with this?

      It's a very, very basic Google/ Yahoo/ Bing keyword lookup tool. You put in your keywords, and it returns the URLs for the top ranked pages or ad listings - in much the same way as if you looked up the keyword on Google, or Yahoo, or Bing, for example. Well that's the theory according to the demonstration video. In my experience the tool returned, "No organic listings for Google, No organic listings for Yahoo, No paid listings for Bing...", no results for anything. So not quite as helpful as going directly to Google, Yahoo or Bing but hey, teething problems I suppose. Once they get it sorted out I'm sure this will be a great paid alternative to the free services provided by the search engines.

      There's also a tool that allows you to put in a keyword or a URL and it will arbitrarily inform you if the keyword or site is buyer oriented. "63% non-buyer! 59% buyer...", it will proclaim confidently. I was a bit disappointed it didn't measure the precision to two decimal places, that would have been a nice touch and they could have got away with it considering no information is provided as to how this tool is reaching its measurements. Let's just assume it's completely accurate then.

      During the buying process you can grab more incredible software (perhaps of a similar calibre to that already described), get a bunch of DVDs or sign up for a training course. At least a few of these "one time" offers are predictably available in the member's area once you log-in.

      The "automation" and "copy/ paste" ease much hyped in the sales pitch is... I don't know to be honest. I can't find it anywhere. I looked and I looked but no joy. It must be there somewhere, probably I'm too dumb to find it. I did buy this product after all! DOH!

      Look, I don't like being 100% negative about products but this offering has all the hallmarks of the typical blind sell that Jason Fladlien spoke about in his blog (mentioned above). I suppose if you are absolutely brand new to this game then there may be some value in there somewhere but (just like the "automation" software that mimics Google's free service) you can get everything here on the Warrior Forum for $0 and 0 cents.

      For me the product is literally worthless, seen it, done it, been there a hundred times before. It appears to be nothing more than a lead into the up-sells which is where the real money will be made, I assume. It's another reinforcer - you DO NOT get handed the world for $27 because logic tells you this makes no sense.

      The bonuses I picked up are worth the $27 though. So a good deal can be had if you shop around and then throw away AutoMassTraffic.

      All my opinion, of course. Mileage may vary for others.
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    $37 launch price, Up-sells are $67/$197/$77

    I joined the affiliate program, but wont promote it.

    From the affiliate page:
    "It's NOT media buys, No SEO, No Article Marketing, No adwords, No blogging, No ad swaps etc or any of the usual 'taking forever' techniques we keep getting hammered by every day.
    My 'new' traffic machine is a complete step by step system, DIRECT linking, with or without landing pages. You can send mass targeted traffic to your own offers or even affiliate offers."

    He doesnt even give his affiliates much info about what it is!!

    But he has a lot of big names promoting it, he lists alot of them, most of whom I opted out of a long time ago. I wonder if these guys even bother to check out the products they promote or just check to see how much they will make.

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    I just bought it, looks like it was rushed.

    1. Software - Auto Mass Traffic Software:

    Pulls up URLs from keywords from Google, Bing & Yahoo

    2. Fast Cash Software Plugin:

    Pulls up "Buyer Probability" from keywords & URLs

    3. Training Material:

    Basic niche selection from Clickbank & CPA Networks, using traffic from CPV sources. Some basic information on how to market properly. Creating landing pages. List building creation. List of other CPV networks to get traffic from. The layout of the PDFs sucks, pages are not laid out nicely and have no header or number. I printed the sections and some of the pages fell out now I don't know what order they go in. Lame.

    I bought the "Elite Software" option for $1 for the 1st month and then $67 a month thereafter. None of these are well documented, just a quick "how to" video:

    1. Amazon Profit Sniper - you enter keywords and it spits out Amazon product URLs.
    2. URL Digger - you enter domains and it creates a list of URLs from within that domain.
    3. Ebay Profit Sniper - you enter a phrase and it gives you a list of URLs from ebay containing that phrase.
    4. Affiliate Offer Scraper - you enter a phrase and it shows you a list of product URLs from different affiliate networks.
    5. Affiliate Offer Search Engine - you enter a keyword and it gives you a list of products and their payouts from various affiliate networks.
    6. YouTube Profit Sniper - you enter a phrase and it gives you a list of youtube URLs containing that phrase that you are told to put in fast cash software plugin. They don't say why this is useful ... all the keywords I used came back as "None-Buyer Probability".
    7. Keyword Mixer - Mixes up keywords and phrases.

    I didn't bother buying the "Campaigns & Coaching" or the "Advanced Leverage & Tactics".

    Basically you are going to be using CPV networks to drive traffic to affiliate programs. They take the "chance" out of keyword selection with their "Fast Cash Software Plugin" and extend it a little with the elite software.

    Personally I hate it when I am sold HYPE! I received the offer from Russell Brunson, who I doubt even tried the software before trying to sell it to me! 5 exit popups to make me buy! I found out if I had just left the page I could have got $10 discount ... I paid $37 for the main product! The Elite Software isn't worth $67 a month. I will cancel that recurring billing now.


    This product could have been great. If Latif and Greg really spent time to build a cool program they would have created something where we could just put a keyword and budget in and it spat out exact direct instructions keyed to that specific keyword giving: best affiliate products, best CPV networks per dollar for that keyword, auto create landing pages to collect names & emails before sending them on their way to the main affiliate product page. This could have been given in a server created PDF that had simple step by step instructions especially for your keyword & budget (simple to do). They could have charged you say $37 for the initial 10 pdf's (saved in your members area) ... then $67 for another 10 and so on...
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    I saw the sales video a couple of days ago and I noticed that in the video he blurred out the bounce rate and pageviews in google analytics even for his example without the software. And for his example WITH the software, he didn't show any of that stuff even blurred.

    When I read his sales page today, I saw a part where it was a picture that showed a snippet of the analytics again. It showed 800,000 plus visits and 1,300,000 plus page views which isn't even a 2 page views average. Now that probably doesn't mean much for those who market offers that are right there on one page, but even if that's the case, I felt like it simply needed to explained instead of blurred out and/ left out altogether.

    That was enough for me.

    But anyways, what are people's opinion on the quality of cpv traffic?
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    luckily they are only selling 500 copies at $37......$27 if you try to click this huge launch for $18000 GROSS sales less costs less affiliate less...yeah right.

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