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This will be semi-long but hopefully helpful! Until I get around to blogging, I'll post here. I hope it saves someone time, money and frustration!

I recently started using Kunaki and though they offer payment processing I wanted something automatic and didn't want to wait a month for my payment checks from them. SO i searched for a paypal kunaki integration. My main and only reason for using an integration script is so I didnt have to wait for kunaki payments and could process immediately with my paypal account.

So I found a few, a couple were outdated and the sites didn't leave me feeling very secure about their service, so i bypassed them totally.

My Initial research:
Great domain name. checked his testimonial websites, no indication the software was being used. really bad copy and overall look. Made me instantly wary.
Unclear if it was a download immediately or have to wait for a CD.
No indication of server requirements or how product worked.
decided: not to purchase

Nice looking website, appears professional and up to date.
nice features listed
Cons: I hate pop ups and fake 'special offers'. Testimonial website pages no indication the script was even being used. A lot of hype about kunaki, written to sound like it was the script that does the work.
BUT Looked like it would work, so I bought it.

How it works

Purchased via paypa, instant download
install desktop application, enter some info if you could figure out what was needed, then upload generated codes to your website

What Didn't work
After a couple hours of attempting to tweak and fix permissions, the script did not work.There was no documentation or instructions for setting up the script, only how to get your paypal number.

How it works:
You install the software, answer some questions, then upload the script to your site, link to the sales page.
What didnt work
I had constant errors, php errors and more.
Wrote for support, as of today, day 10 response.
The errors are specifically from the product generated codes, not from uploading errors or permissions on my server or ftp problems.

Unable to use, requested refund, to date, no response
Basically same as other software, but focused more on what the script could do, not what kunaki already does.
great screenshots of what program looks like
different versions: great ideas. single items, or ebay version or others.
Great comparison chart
No hype, no promises, no fake testimonials. quick video on how it works.
none really. for a very super basic website owner, may need help uploading and modifying

How it works
Purchased via Paypal,received right away.
installed, no problem
ran program, uploaded script.
Great documentation and instructions within the program itself
BUT, error! uh oh.
contacted ted , within 24hrs had an answer and an apology for leaving out a step for installation. I did what he said uploaded an already included file..and perfection.

Pros of the script
customizable header and footer
can set up multiple dvds for larger sets
easy to use with really nice pop up hints and helps
there are several versions according to need

Cons (but resolved)
powered by discbuddy on checkout page.
had a problem with the link to the developer site promoting his product on my checkout page. i don't like promoting other products from my cart Contacted him, within a day he got back to me on how to remove it. Turns out, my fault I could have turned it off during installation on my server, or kept it on and added my affiliate code for commissions.

end result can be seen here
Christmas,Thanksgiving,Advent powerpoints

again, hope that helps someone!
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    **great post..very helpful and informative.
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    Hey guys, at the risk of being pointed at and singled out for ridicule...

    SmartDD also supports Kunaki now and IMO it's very easy to use, but then I *would* say that wouldn't I? I'll be doing a WSO for it shortly, the current price is $67 as an OTO and my idea for the WSO is $27.

    In case you didn't know, SDD works with eBay as well as your mini-sites, so you don't really need a product to handle Kunaki sales and another for downloadable products as SDD does it all - centralised too if you want a bit like JVM only easier. We're right now adding in memberships and subscriptions too for the next release which will be a free upgrade.

    I *won't* do the WSO until I have the docs up to date, or at the very least addressing the new features. I know I'm a very naughty boy for not doing that, but sometimes things get out of hand and stuff gets pushed to the back.


    -Frank Haywood
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    Hello Everyone,

    Thank you for the kind words about Disc Buddy.

    Many enhancements have been made since Linda first posted this thread including two new versions, 1shoppingcart and like kind payment gate support.

    Free shipping or pad shipping options for extra income on low priced CDs and more, more more...

    You talk, we listen and improve the Disc Buddy to mold it into what works for you, not what we want you to buy...

    To your contimued success,

    Ted Kopelli
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    Also I saw another option called which is a CB product too..

    I am chacking out discuddy now to see how it looks, nice review though OP..
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    Thanks for this. But perhaps for us advanced warriors who are somewhat noobs at
    the whole kunaki outsource thing, you can describe what your doing. Is it this:

    1. Sell PPTs
    2. Push visitor thru your own order flow.
    3. Pass on order to Kunaki who ships, etc?



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    I'm new to Kunaki and am going to use them.
    I see this is an old thread but a bit of advice would be helpful, is there a way to link my ebay sales and paypal with kunaki for fulfillment? What software as discussed above would be best for this?
    I will also be selling my cd's via other websites, but ebay will be an important one. thanks

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