Media Traffic Meltdown Reviews?

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Anyone seen it yet?

Just got into media buying and kinda tight on time so just wanna know if this course is worth the time?

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    I haven't seen it yet but I can vouch
    for Cindy and she is awesome and creates
    quality Products

    I will post an Honest review back here after I
    have Seen the Product

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    It's seems OK, but I would take the $4.00 7 Day Trial. I was going to buy it but I'm not interested in buying Media advertising. I love things free.
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    I've bought it. So far no videos nor PDF's are available


    My mistake. They are available
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    I've always find media buying a bit risky, now the proposal of MTM looks very doable... I wonder how strong has to be the investment to make it work.

    By the way when I first saw the sales letter I thought 'OMG! another freaking hyped blind sales letter!' but as read through it I found it really transparent guess I could give it a shot.
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    When I first saw this being promoted I thought, "not another of these $37 teaser crap products" that we've seen so many of lately. The sales page even looked the same as a lot of recent launches that have been panned here. I even ignored the avalanche of emails. But then I saw who the authors were and, on the basis of the reputation of these guys and the few comments here, I pitched up for the $4.97, 7 day trial.

    Yes, there are upsells, trials, super upsells, downsells etc. But not with rubbish and not mandatory, though getting through them to the main product took a lot of scrolling down and clicking on the "no thanks". However, I've had a look at the first few videos and the mindmap and this reminds me very much of my "real" marketing career before the internet. It's the first thing I've seen in 15 years online that brings conventional/traditional marketing to the internet. The intro video gives a good grounding and the others then go on in a logical step by step manner to cover a lot of ground.

    Will you make money with this? If you do what most peple do and buy it, watch the first ten minutes of video and then leave it to gather dust - NO!! I reckon you need to watch the videos a few times to grasp the potential here and, whilst the content is good, the presentation could be more slick and professional. But not at all bad in internet terms.

    At $37 bucks, this is a good education in an alternative to the usual online marketing methods. The big companies are doing this because it more closely equates to what they have been used to for years, as a 30+ years marketer it felt very familiar to me. The difference is it's more affordable than the offline equivalents.

    I won't be cancelling within 7 days so you'll be getting my extra 32 bucks Cindy :-). I might well go back and take a look at the upsell offers, the first one (a piece of interesting looking software) could be a good timesaver and it has a 7 day trial too.

    My verdict, go give it a try, if nothing else you'll get a good education on an area little know to the general IM crowd.

    Stay cool

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    Can you sell your own information products with media buys or are the people more receptive to tangible products you would find on commission junction?

    I have a fitness information product that would be much cheaper to promote with media buying than on Adwords.
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    Kudos on the transparency of the sales letter. Very refreshing to the latest trend of "this is what it is not" and leading you blindly. Very well done! This is an area that I need to learn more about, so I think you can count me in...

    Great timely answers on here as well, HUGE selling point to me.
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    Hey Cindy,

    can media buys be GEO targeted?
    Also, do you show how to direct link (affiliate links) with media buys?
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    Hi Cindy,

    I have held off on media buying in the past due to the cost of media buys and tracking. What do you use to track media buy conversions? Do you provide a conversion tracking software or service?
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    What's a media buy? is it like the paid advertising on facebook?
    On the other hand if I work 2 hours a day with your system, and follow all your guidelines... how long will it take to see my first earnings? Do I need a website or direct linking may work? what can of products may I sell (cpa, clickbank, amazon, my own,etc)?
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    OK I couldn't resist the temptation to jump into Media traffic Meltdown... I must recon that I was a bit skeptical about media buying due the cost of advertising (I'm not new on this kind of advertising), but going through the videos of MTM pointed me all the mistakes I made on my previous experience in this field and this first myth colapsed like a castle of cards.

    The way each video is presented make things really easy to understand, and after each module all myths about media buying were disapearing. The step by step process guide you by the hand trhough the ads land in a way that there is no chance you can lose the track.

    I'm just finished through all 10 videos and I'm eager to start applying, I must say that this has to be the most valuable product that I've purchased in a long long time.

    PS: Perhaps a little turn off for me was the insane amount affiliate banners disguised as "bonuses" (I counted 40!)
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    Thanks for the honest comments on this forum. (my browser doesn't show the "Thank" button below any post so I can't use that method.)
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    Cindy, what in your opinion is the best way to market today? CPV, Media Buying or PPC?
    I've done them all except for Media but have bought previous programs on the subject but haven't implemented it.

    In my opinion they all have their pluses and minuses but PPC is very expensive and hard to find winners without breaking the bank.
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    Hey guys! We are looking for some testimonials (honest, actual truth testimonials - not just buddy stuff), for our sales page. If you have an honest review, and don't mind it shared, can you please PM me?

    Am NOT asking for people to make stuff up, so please don't tell me what you think I want to hear - but what you actually thought.

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    Warriors and/or Cindy,
    Would this product be good for a complete newbie? I don't have a lot to spend, but it sounds like that's not necessary. I just need to learn - and find a program and marketer that I trust. I am also new to this forum but I trust the feedback here and I like the level of help that Cindy seems to if folks think that someone with very little internet marketing skill, but a huge desire to learn, can earn some money with this program, then I would purchase it without a second thought.
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    Hi Desmond, bought Media Traffic MeltDown yesterday n devoured it in a few hours! Videos r great quality, great training for those new to media buy networks. If u r an experienced IM'er, u should know this stuff, if u r new to traffic, I would recommend getting this product.

    Hey, u can't lose, there's always something u can learn, I learned of 2 media buy networks that I have not explored - so, the course was valuable 4 me - my take, if there is ONE thing I can learn, tis worth it!!!

    My $0.02 cents on the subject n hope my review was helpful ;-)
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    I hope someone will give an answer to the question above. I also want to know.

    - Oddvar
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    Would like to buy this at a cheaper price as well!

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