Crazy Clickbank Cash - any reviews?

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Hi Warriors,

I've received several emails promoting a new product called "Crazy Clickbank Cash".
Has anyone got a chance to review it?
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    Its the usual over hyped product by the familiar players. When are they going to stop? There is an upsell to $77 and then a downsell to $67, all from the original $39.
    Its based on Article Marketing.
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    I agree with @chuckles How can a digital product be limited? lol 250 copies left!! GO GO GO!! ITS LIVE!! Creating urgency is good but c'mon! lol
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    I wouldn't believe anything on the sales page. I really wish Clickbank would stop approving these awful products.
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    Has anyone ACTUALLY bought it and used it?

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    The owner/s of this product must have done something wrong because if you google the product name you'll find the download link/member area.. listed on the first page. Their main site is not on first page though..
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    Thanks WF...I almost got sold on Clickbank Cash and was ready to take out CC. But then I remember my good ole' fren...WF. I'm glad I checked in AND specifically searched it out. Thanks for the feedback.

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    Thanks Sarah for the great video review. I too have been getting emailed for this "next great product" from various IM's. Almost hit the "buy now" button. This forum rocks!
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    I just got the email and was looking at the sales page. Then thought I should check the forum for reviews. Glad I did. Thanks for saving me some money.
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    I was considering investing in this one, but not anymore. Thanks.
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    Thanks for the review. Been getting a lot of emails about this hot "new" product.
    Nice to know who you can trust to give you the truth.

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    Originally Posted by quickcashstrategy View Post

    I wrote my review after purchase this training program, you can read it below in my blog
    Do you only review products you're an affiliate for? I only ask because everyone of your reviews is a 9 out of a possible 10... which, ironically makes your review site much like 9 out of 10 other review sites.

    You pitch that you're different in that you actually buy these products and then review them. I have a feeling that IF you bought them and IF you used half of them, you probably wouldn't be recommending them.

    On the other hand... IF you bought them and DID NOT use them, well then, you're reviews are totally worthless.

    Just my opinion... which if you added $4.32 to it, you could buy a cup of coffee somewhere.

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    I bought the product to test it out. I wouldn't recommend it. Here's is why...

    - Crashes when I open it
    - No real instruction on what to do
    - When I search for a keyword it doesn't bring up relevant results
    (For example I search for the keywrod "blog" and it brings back results talking about p90x. I'm confused O_o)
    - Google, Yahoo, Bing rank is inaccurate

    I don't really believe the software made $400,000+ or whatever the salespage claimed. Wanted to test out the product and I don't recommend it.
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    Folks - don't believe everything you read!

    Use your critical thinking skills.

    If you read about aliens on a tabloid, would you believe it?

    If you read about some software making you $400K a month with little work, would you believe it?
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    Look like a BS or Over Hype Product
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    Thanks Sarah for the review and all warrior here. I just bought and emailed the owner about the updater and another issue with the Captcha but he never give me a direct solution he said input the Captcha several times and it will works and about the Updater he said because you didn't installed the spy something software but I installed everything and re-installed it. I was confusing what to do I just bought the First sale 39 bucks and the upsale 77 bucks.

    but I think I will ask for a refund.
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    Glad, I find this review. Thanks for saving my money.
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    Hmmm... for some reason people still keep buying this junk.

    I have to admit, when I first started internet marketing I was on a massive buying spree. But I learned my lesson after a while.

    Just find ONE method that works and repeat it like crazy!
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    thanks for the reviews
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    Thanks a lot for the video review Sarah. I just got an email from one of the internet marketer that I subscribed to which promotes this product and fortunately I checked WF before I made a purchase.

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