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Yet another massive mail from the known names affiliate, this Auto Commission Bot looks just like all the recent launches. A Blind sales letter and all the typical red flags.

This is a software from Michael Pieterson (some said that Ian Ross is behind) any thoughts on this one?

Here is the link Auto Commission Bot (by any means affiliate)
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    Still trying to find a decent traffic generation product to mail to my list and, as I still had some 'review budget' left I bought Auto Commission Bot ($67,00).

    Sometimes you have to over look the hype to find some rare gems (yes... it happened before).


    The first red alert that I found is that is not a Clickbank product (it's managed by Plimus and is a pain in the a** to ask for a refund on plimus)

    When you buy there are 3 upsells.

    first a software upgrade to mobile apps (didn't take it)

    second, for the description made seems to be a suscription to Affiliate X but I might be mistaken.

    third a complete video training

    and in the download page there are 6 'bonuses' (actually they are affiliate banners to other products.

    Now the revealing moment... what is Auto commision Bot?... well... I HAVE NO IDEA!

    Seriously there is no manual, documentation, instructions, guide, blueprint, picture, hint, clue or whatever that tells you what it is, what it does, or how to use it.

    There is however a 'Initial setup where you find some info about mindset and double optin and a system but no tangible info on what is the software...

    You just stare the screen wondering what to do and avoiding the reflexion of your own stupid face in the monitor thinking 'why oh why I didn't listen to that little voice in the back of my head warning me of such blatant stupidity!' (to be fair is the same voice that tells me to burn down my ex-boss's house so I tried no to listen too often)

    I navigate through the so call modules or whatever and there is no intuitive navigation. There is a live training on how to start up on november 15th...

    It seems that the third upsell is necesary to use the product... but I didn't read the small print where it says 'instructions sold separately, batteries are not included' :confused:

    I don't know how awesome or how aweful it is, but there is only one chance to get a first imppression and in my humble opinion they blew it.

    Is up to you if you want to stick around or as me run like hell and cry out loud for a refund (Yeah! I want my money back!), there is no way in hell that I promote this to my list, period.
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    I've bought (in the recent past even) some software that comes with no manual or instructions. They were all pretty focused on one single function and pretty simple to figure out.

    If this software is complex and, worse, if the manual is a upsell (!?) that would be a quite insane task to learn how to use it.
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    Update: OK I get a response... they send me a link to a User's guide...

    Now I'm a little more clue on what this ACB is all about... and I put emphasys in the "little"...

    You have a free website... that is actually a MU wordpress blog on a .info domain (??)

    You have some plugins, some are working, some don't... when you click on the main plugin that I'm assuming is the "software" you have this message...

    "Auto Commission Bot Is Coming!…

    Auto Commission Bot takes the guesswork out of getting started, gives you solid instructions that are step by step and simple to follow. The Future Is Now! … Read More Dismiss"

    The traffic generation apparently is not automatic because they give you some tips on how to drive traffic to your new site... and the whole "auto" part is because you can replicate process of a system with a few tasks.

    I'm still thinking is a bad idea... still... I'll give these guys a week (until the first training) to prove me wrong.

    Note to myself: "if looks like BS, smell like BS, feels like BS, taste like BS... is because it is BS!"
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    What is traffic main source of Auto Commission Bot?
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    UPDATE: I created a site and gives me a fatal error (memory error) and the path that shows me where my site was attemped to be created is /home/ianross/public_html/......

    So mr. Ross IS behind this (or is loaning his hosting account) The decision is yours I held no responsability for your actions.
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    Neodarth! I was just about to hit the purchase button when the words "Warrior Forum" flashed in my mind. Thank you so much for your intuitive scepticism. You have saved many of us from probably losing $67, but more importantly, you have prevented the frustration, disappointment, waste of time and the inevitable "how could I have been sucked in yet again" syndrome.

    With appreciation,
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    I agree with some of the above comments its total rubbish save your money, ive emailed 4 times asking for help with the site, and receive nothing.

    I am filing for a refund as we speak, says theres a 60 day money back guarentee, we will see wont we !

    I will also think twice about purchasing from such pages in future now, you can sometimes take something from these purchases, but this one you cannot.

    With reguards a refund dont waste ur time emailing submission bot, email the provider which is plimus and I also paid via paypal so if i dont get anything via them i will file a paypal claim.

    Dont let these peopel keep ur money.

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    Wow - thanks a lot neodarth for starting this thread - and thanks to all the others contributing their experiences.

    I have to say I am an extremely bad believer, meaning usually hard to sell on promises. But in this case for some reason in spite of the blind sales page I was extremely tempted to buy...!! Fortunately as always did some research first - and you guys prevented me to give in to a perfectly blinding sales letter!

    Lessons learned? You don't really need a great product, what obviously counts in the first place is a killer sales copy!!!!!!! Then you can sell ice to eskimos...

    But what still shocks me over again is, how those guys dare not only to exaggerate, that would be acceptable, but how they dare to sell something that does not even "exist" let alone work!
    The product as it seems is not even a bot or automation, the product is a labyrinth of guesswork of a non-existing product with an "on-demand-only-user manual" ???

    Who is behind this at all? How do those scammers manage to hide behind always new names, and still make cash with a bad reputation........... fascinating..

    And guys like this are the reason why we go back buying from known "gurus" only! Because they at least cannot afford to sell completely fake products. hmm...
    And the honest small business marketer with a cool product is losing out, just because he/she has no name yet... That makes me real upset.
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    Ok... I got interested in internet marketing about 3 years ago... I've seen ALOT of CRAP and a few good programs.

    But by FAR, the best money I've spent is on my Warrior Forum membership here... WF has saved me a TON of money by way of reviews like this, keeping me from buying more crap programs!

    Thanks, WF!!!
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    I was just about to click the pay now button when I thought I would check here first.
    Thanks for warning me.
    I found it odd that every review site about the product could not say what it was exactly or how it works.
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    So is final... I never get to understand the concept of this... never have access to the training and I don't have any intention to get the VIP training... I'm too tired to ask these guys for a refund, so I'll go direct to paypal.

    I'll end this chapter with a bitter taste in my mouth. I'm still searching for the perfect free traffic generation system to offer to my list (is the only thing is missed in my promotions).
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    Ditto thanks to NeoDarth for testing the waters for us. Too bad it turned out to be a dismal swamp.

    P.S. I'd like to add my name to the "The Following User Says Thank You to neodarth For This Useful Post" part, but I don't know what the link/icon looks like. Heck, I'd even tip a $1 if there was an option to do so. This is at least the 3rd time a Warrior Forum member has saved me from wasting time/money on a dodgy product.
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    Save Your Money, Don't Buy This Product! At least you get across your message to others, save your money, AND get a refund for those who purchased.
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    I promise this is the last thing I'll said about this thread.

    Some people asked me where to get a refund. There are three methods to do so.

    First contact the vendor directly to the mail that appears in the receipt generally is support@something and in the subject add the words refund.

    Second start a Paypal dispute login into your paypal account and heading to the resolution center tab.

    And finally go to the vendor's processor in this case Plimus and in the customer support write the order reference number and your email and then under 'Billing Issues' check where it says 'Refund'.

    Here's the link for Plimus customer support

    Final words: I don't like to rant that much, and somehow deep inside (Waaaay deep) I feel bad for screw up some sales to the vendor, because I know how hard and stressing is to put a product on air within a schedule. And I know this guys had the best intentions to put a top notch product that will deliver everything they promise.

    Unfortunately for them things didn't work the way they intend (I'm pushing myself to believe so) and all they good intentions to give a great user experience turned into a mediocre launch full of missing parts.

    If there is some user or developer of this product that had good results with this auto bot commission, then I'm open to debate and hopefully someone prove me wrong because I'm really pushing myself to believe that there was no scam intended in this launch.
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    I really enjoy your approach to BS and straight forward...outstanding!

    Sent you a PM, hope to hear back.

    Once again...great work here, truely helpfull to all!

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    Yeah. ACS is one of the worst software I had ever brought! Luckily they refund me=)
    It sounds like some kind of SCAM that doesnt work
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    Warrior Help Please ~ I too bought into the ACB. I purchased for $67 through CB. Then I purchased the upsell, the VIP package. Well, I returned my CB product without a problem but the VIP did not go through CB so I have contacted the ACB folks directly for the rest of the refund. I will let you know what happens but am wondering, is anyone else in a similar situation?
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    A copy of what I posted on their support forum ...

    #4537 Cancel My VIP Subscription

    I cancelled my Clickbank order regarding your product. As your product did not work for me. Now please cancel my VIP subscription and anything else I have with you. This product did not work for me. See you on the Warrior Forum.

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