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I've get an email from Bill McRea promoting his Massive Passive Profit product.

I know Bill from other products and they are OK (not huge ground breaking) but at least deliver.

As usual the sales letter is hyped up to attract the non educated lazy wealth seekers, it push the right mind buttons and promises a huge traffic increasing on your sites. As a traffic generation system I'm interest in review it (I'm still in the quest for the holy grial of free traffic generation software)

Anyway I'll check it out and will post my impressions. What I like so far its that the price is $47 and hasn't exit popups and is just one upsell of $197, and is managed by clickbank (easier to refund in case of emergency).
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    I bought it, and checked out some videos. There seems to be a lot of moving parts to it. I tried logging into it later in the day and website is now gone! I can't even login. Kinda sucks when you just spent some good money and can't even see the product you bought.
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    Any updates as to whether the page/software is working yet?
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    I finally have access to this Massive Passive Profits. I've read that they have some serious issues with the server.

    What is all about?

    Is a software or more like a plugin, that create a MU wordpress blog, and have the capability to create MU autoblogs fetching content from articlebase, eza, amazon and youtube videos for a given keyword (very similar to wp robot).

    Is actually pretty easy to create blogs that way and with the Mass Deploy you can upload a CVS file with 100's of blogs to create (this is actually awesome).

    However, it requires a little bit more than that to make it work, like a good theme (not included) and other plugins (not included) to help you rank better and get some traffic.

    Yet again as autoblogs is a matter of numbers, the fact to build as many sites as you want in a matter of minutes make this MPP worthed.

    The downside is that you'll probably need a dedicated server hosting that will certainly cut your profits. And you need a little bit more work in order to set the right sites, with the right theme, and the right monetization method, and keep an eye on them (if you set once and forget them... forget about make money too).
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    Originally Posted by imguru View Post

    What about traffic? You can create 500 auto blogs but without traffic there's no massive passive profit. What's the traffic sources in this?
    Traffic comes mainly by SEO, and backlinking using some paid plugins.

    But if you have some experience you can take one bit from here, another from there, and set a pretty decent income source... yet this is not explained in the 'training' in extensive.
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    Originally Posted by romolo View Post

    thanks to all of you for the reviews, this sounds like just another scam put out there for newbies, and I am so glad to be part of this forum and find out in no time what's it all about.... I wont fall for it and if you bought it ask for a refund and follow the true path to making money online, with true business mind and long term projects that deliver fruits for the long run..
    thanks again
    I get why this might not be somebodies cup of tea but I certainly wouldn't put it as a scam. Why the method of 100 blogs might not be what you consider as doable business model, there are plenty of people who make a nice living at it.

    I think with a little work on a persons part and depending on if you can place off of these blogs under one install of MU or not, it might not be that big of a chore to get 100 blogs going and optimized. Just my two cents.

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    • This thing is an autoblogging dream. You can build them in a spreadsheet, upload and walk away.
    • It will automatically setup unlimited subdomains (e.g.,, etc)
    • They accidentally provided the source code to all of the initial purchasers so you can easily prevent E.T from phoning home and telling his parents where and how you are using the plugin

    • It cannot create additional domains (only subdomains). So you have to create a separate Wordpress install if you want to do that.
    • They recommend that you use a dedicated server. More money.
    • To get traffic you need to install at least 2 other plugins (WP Syndicator and Web Traffic Genius Pro). They recommend a bunch, but you don't need them all. I use the two that I do, because I already know to use them.
    • One of the plugins they recommend is Blogpress SEO. Hey wait, isn't that a Wordpress Trojan? Either these gurus are to stoopid to know about it or they own it and want to secretly control the blogs of everyone who installs it.
    • They released an update which supposedly fixed a registration issue. When actually, it's an ioncube encoded version of the same software. I think I'll keep the source

    I've already made some edits to help me do some cool stuff with my autoblogs and my themes.
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    Here watch me build 100 websites using my Massive Passive Software

    This thing rocks... I make a little money on a lot of sites

    Sorry about the server problem. Too much traffic on launch day. Everything is working fine now

    massive passsive service - 100sitesvideo
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    just emailed Bill about the Blogpress SEO recommendation in the training. he replied back saying "I will remove it"

    so hey, problem solved.

    thanks to @LosingMyHair for actually having a real review of the product t'was very helpful.

    --Corey Lewis
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    There are two cool features that this thing has that may be worth to mention, that in my humble opinion the more I use the more I like.

    the first is the use of the cvs file to load the blogs, is just simply too freaking easy to build a blog that way, you only ned to set up one blog as a template and the rest will be build using the same pattern (plugins, themes, pages includes)

    The second is... wait... no... actually there is only one thing.

    Now... How do I use massive passive profits if I wish to stick to that short term business model?

    Adding market samurai, bookmarking demon and some other sindication plugins.

    find a niche, fetch a good list of keywords, get a domain, create your first blog, and then use your keyword list as subdomains of your autoblogs. The more the merrier. Bookmark, sindicate, index and forget.

    Find another niche, and repeat. The time to invest on each site is about an hour taking on account the keyword research (about 20 minutes) the initial setup of your template blog takes you about 20 minutes with all the plugins, another 10 to fill the spreadsheet with your blogs data and 10 minutes to upload the 100 blogs.

    If you put your head and heart on this task you can build easily 5 niche domains blogs with 100 subdomain blogs in a matter of 5 hours work. All fully loaded with adsense and clickbank hop ads and amazon products.

    So theorically we are talking about 500 blogs a day 2.500 a week and 10000 blogs a month if each of them gives you just $0.1 a day you do the math.

    The cost?
    Hostgator dedicated server hosting $ 174 /month
    Godaddy .com domain names $11.99 x 100 = $1199 / year
    Market Samurai $ 149 /one time payment
    Massive Passive Profit w/mass deploy $ 244
    Total Investment $1766

    10000 blogs at $0.1 day x 30 days $30000 / month

    But... you know how numbers are... they paint you a dreamed scenario and sometimes they simply lie... but it will be awesome to get that passive income for 1 month work... if only this works that way right?
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    Yes, it takes some work, but the work of building the blogs is gone. This leaves plenty of time to use Market Samauri, Google Insight, and SEO Elite.

    I mean, yeah, I wish there were more data sources and more configurability... but hey, with the source I can always add more content sources.

    This thing really works.

    Also, IP diversity is a good thing. You don't want 10k blogs on the same ole IP addy. They actually mentioned some of that in one of the videos (buy very briefly). And the bottom line is IP addresses cost money. I personally plan to setup 50-100 blogs per IP.

    Sure there are some cons, but I've never seen a way to build blogs so easily. The next version will not doubt be even richer. Don't play games. Buy it now. But yes, there are CONS to it... and everything else in this world.
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    It is an interesting concept, but it requires a serious investment, that currently I cannot afford.

    I would like to test the system on a smaller scale by choosing a niche, selecting the leywords and building 10 or so subdomain blogs.

    This would not require an Hostgator dedicated server and could provide some feedback on the profit potentials

    I would be interested in your opinion on this approach

    Best Regards

    Mario Pesce
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    hey everyone... I am sorry about the download issue and all. But everything is fine now. I hope you enjoyed the video on me building the sites. Here is another video of what the software is

    There are always problems with product launched. I had no clue we would sell 5,000 copies of the software in 3 days. This put a huge strain on our system bringing our huge dedicated server down. I had to move everything to a cloud based server in the middle of the launch. What a mess....

    This blogging platform flat our works like a dream. Today it is 9:30am PST and we have build several hundred sites already.

    I wish I had more time to respond...but i am very busy.

    Good luck all
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    The videos I did above was done quickly. You want to make sure you have a time to build solid subdomains. Logical exstension of the root domain. For example.

    I have a domain named

    the subdomains are

    I guess it is just easier to criticize then simply understand the power of this software.

    Good luck
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    Personally if you’re going to ask the product owner questions and he is replying here in the thread I think I would ask him why he had server problems at all if he was supposedly only selling 200 copies....especially when he himself states he didn't expect to sell 5000 copies in 3 days.

    It's this kind of blatant lie that gives IM a bad name in general and in my opinion it's even worse when it's done against our own kind.

    I'm sure the product does some amazing things and from the sounds of it (based on some of the user reviews), it just might...but what I really have a problem with is the shady marketing approach. I find it very difficult to trust someone when they've obviously lied straight to my face!
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    Duplicate content isn't an issue... but Copyright violations are. I had an autoblog that was pulling from an article directory... lets call it "".

    I received an email from my hosting company that my account had been suspended due to a copyright violation, and they shut down ALL of my sites... I have over 50 on this one hosting account, which includes all of my niche sites and business sites as well as clients websites.

    I couldn't really "raise hell" about it because I violated their T.O.S. by having an article that was copyright protected... but I had no idea because it was pulled automatically from

    I merely had to remove the article before they would re-activate my account, but had I not been in my email when I received the notice... my sites could have been down for a LONG time.

    Just giving you guys a heads up about my experience with autoblogging... I still may buy this product and put it to use, but I may need to get another hosting account because I don't want my sites shut down again.

    Originally Posted by Rsberg View Post

    Personally if you’re going to ask the product owner questions and he is replying here in the thread I think I would ask him why he had server problems at all if he was supposedly only selling 200 copies....especially when he himself states he didn't expect to sell 5000 copies in 3 days.

    Its scarcity... everybody does it. Lie? yes... but that is an age-old tactic.
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    The guidelines of Ezine Articles CLEARLY gives you the right to use their articles if you include all the links. But if you had a disgruntled author, I would have done the same, and removed his article but I would have also reminded him of Ez's guidelines. He shouldn't be posting articles there if he doesn't want them syndicated.
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    I realize scarcity is part of the game and in some ways I understand it...doesnt mean I have to agree with it! If a marketer at all intended to actually (even partially) make something scarce and "inadvertantly" over sold a few copy's / memberships or whatever that would be one thing but to say you're only offering 200 and then sell 5000 in the first 3 days...well that's just rediculous...tha'ts 25 times what he advertised, think about that...that goes way beyond scarcity marketing in my book.

    Just my 2 cents.

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