craigslist-voodoo-course by Kenny Cannon

Profile picture of the author ewenmack by ewenmack Posted: 11/22/2010
Kenny Cannon's course.

His video on his website about it isn't working,
so makes me wonder if the course has been pulled.

Anybody, have any knowledge about the course?

Much appreciated.

#cannon #craigslistvoodoocourse #kenny

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    The guy turned out be a scammer - was banned from WF, PDC and who knows where else and eventually disappeared (without issuing refunds or paying any of his affiliates). There was also significant evidence that he stole a lot of stuff within his course.
    Mods: I'm well aware of Forum rules to not bash product creators - however this is a genuine case of scamming that is well documented. Hopefully this will help steer people clear off Kenny.
  • Profile picture of the author ewenmack
    Thanks for that.

    Noticed he hasn't posted on his blog since June.

    All the best,

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