Anyone use the free CamStudio software?

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Quick question for those who use CamStudio- what is the max record time for a screen capture that one can do with this free software? I want to buy Camtasia (after Christmas) but I need to be able to go longer than the 5 mins that Jing allows for screen captures. Ideas?
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    I don't remember any time limitation with it. For sure I recorded about half hour without any issues.
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    Although an investment is needed I would highly recommend Camtasia, well worth the money and a second to none bit of software.

    I have never used CamStudio but interesting to hear any reviews aswell.

    Might give it a go tomorrow.
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    Obviously, Camstudio has way less features and does only the basics... You can downlaod the 30 days free trial for Camtasia and compare them for yourself.
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    I use camstudio and I don't think there is a time limit. God knows, I can ramble on and on in my videos so you can record for quite some time if not forever.

    I have no idea what the benefits of camtasia would be but I have never needed more than what camstudio offers. I am just doing basic "how to" types of videos and that seems to work fine.

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    I've used many screen recorders, except for camstasia, which I did not want to shell out the money for something that can be done for less.

    What I have found so far to be the best, is BB FlashBack Screen Recorder - Compare Editions
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