Spinner Chief Vs The Best Spinner

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I just tried out the spinner chief and it seems pretty good. However, I have not tried out TBS yet. But I am hearing rave reviews about it. Can you suggest one?

77$ VS FREE is a very compelling option to go for spinner chief. however if the benefits of TBS far outweighs the lure of FREE, I am willing to invest in it.


Edit: I see that they (Spinner Chief) have a pro version coming up... I am not sure how good it will be.. Anyone has any opinions regarding this?
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    TBS all the way. I did try spinnerchief but TBS wins hands down. and $77 is really not that much. I'd give it a shot now because Jonathan has added some very useful features to it.
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    I have been using SpinnerChief. I know people don't think FREE is good and a lot of people have been asking the same from product owner on his forum. But I really love with overall functionality of the software. They have 10 synonyms for each keyword or line as you select to what level you want to spin the article, whether to 1 word 2 or 3 and so on.
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    How many synonyms can we expect from TBS which will be more than the spinner chief?

    Jonathan has added some very useful features to it.
    Can you share the feature list?
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    Spinner Chief is really good. I have a good experience with it than Magic Article Rewriter. I have tried one article to spin with this software, and I can't believe the uniqueness is up to more than 90%! It's good that this is free, and very useful for newbies and pros.
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    Ok...what? inferior? Really? Come on, don't bash your competitor. I can create hyperlinks with a click as well as protect my terms with a click. The database is continually updated and gets downloaded locally every time it is updated. Jonathan is responsive to both user issues and feature requests, putting out several new updates a day sometimes. I can choose the level of spin I want but most times don't have to touch what it outputs.

    In short it is fast, feature rich and damn well worth the money. And I wouldn't be so quick to insult other products just because yours is free. I've tried yours, I do like the article comparison, but for me TBS will remain my main software as with the amount of articles I have to spin, it is quite simply, faster.

    Oh, one thing: can you provide independent verification that SpinnerChief is the market leader? I'm not going to apologize for my opinion, nowhere did I saw that your product was bad, so please stop getting defensive.
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    I would go with TBS but nothing can beat the free price of SpinnerChief.
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    Here's what I suggest Rem: Take the 7 day trial and compare for yourself. I could list features but really what it comes down to is which tool you find fits best into what you do. I can tell you that $77 is nothing when it comes to your business. But I also know that for some, the budget is a shoestring.

    Try both and see which one fits you best.

    you can find a list of features at www.thebestspinner.com and also the trial. No affiliate link.

    EDIT: This may help it is a video of the latest update done by the creator, so you can see how it works and what is new: http://thebestspinner.com/help/version-2-7/
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    We don't understand this, can you explain further please?
    With TBS we can vary the length of each spun article so that it leaves minimum trail of similarity...
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    Ok but how does it do that? Deletes sentences/paragraphs?
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    if you go to the main site you can download it without going through any affiliate if you want to try it. I'm with you. Didn't particularly like that the developer got so defensive earlier either.
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    I've been using TBS for about 5 months now. You can see the feature set on the sales page, but what may not come across is how aggressive the product creator is in supporting & updating the software. Updates are frequent and solid, and the forum is active and helpful.

    I've found the thesaurus to be extremely good, the software extremely stable, and the feature set very comprehensive. It's rare that I use software that I can't think of features I would like to see in it that aren't there - TBS is one.

    One interesting feature I've begun using is the user-supplied library of articles. Essentially, a user can upload articles which you can then use as-is, or re-spin and use. Though there aren't hundreds of articles available, it is growing steadily, and the quality of the articles are pretty high.

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    When I try to login I get "the remote name can't be resolved: license.domarketup.com" And now it works. Disregard.
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    Spinner Chief works for me. I've test at least six other rewriter/spinners and found Spinner Chief easy to use and meet my writing objectives.

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    Did I just read the SPINNER CHIEF can MASS SPIN articles within a folder?

    So I can throw all my articles into one folder and then it will spin ALL the articles in that folder?

    If this is the case, then The Best Spinner doesn't have this function and I need this!
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    What's the difference going to be between the two?
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    By the way the cost for TBS is $77.00 Per year and not $77.00 for one time.
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    I have been using The Best Spinner for two months so far, and I'm really happy with it. It seems like most of the products I buy don't live up to expectations. TBS is one of a handful of recent exceptions.

    I've begun 'training' Dragon Naturally Speaking for some of the TBS functions. If I can get that working smoothly, I expect my productivity and output to be at crazy high levels.

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    I'm using both right now and I agree with the above comment about humility. Remember, there's nothing wrong with either paying for the software you use (if you've got a real business, not everything is free anyway), and neither is there anything wrong with using free software. The key is in which suits your work flow best. Truthfully, I've bought Market Samurai, Article Marketing Robot, TBS, Article Architect and Dragon Naturally Speaking (And a Yeti microphone). I could NOT do things effectively without these tools and at most they cost over time, $300 or so.

    Not that much if you're running a business and anyway you would buy these as needed not all at once.

    My point is: to call any software down (especially your competitor's) because the software developer has decided to GET PAID for the time he put in and continues to put in, is stupid. And compared to other softare (SENUKE comes to mind) $77 per year is nothing.
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    Indeed you do. I get tired of people thinking that running a business can be done for free. I'm using both. Personally, I think that competition in the marketplace is a good thing.

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