CLAD Genius Reviews?

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I've seen this CLAD Genius Craigslist and/or Backpage/ E-bay Classifieds auto poster around claiming to be so great for automating Craigslist. Personally, I have been having BIG problems trying to bypass Craigslist even with new IP's, phone #'s, computers, etc. It almost seems as though they can combat anything you can do manually. I'm wondering how an auto-poster can work so great?

Does anyone have any experience with this software? If so what types of ( honest and not biased ) reviews does anyone have with it?

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    i can't tell you anything about this specific product but... most craiglist auto posters are garbage.
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    I am interested in CLAD Genius as well. Any feedback on this product? It is expensive but worth it if it works.
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    I want to use CLAD Genius for posting to CL. Does anyone have any experience with using CLAD Genius for this?
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    Most of the posters these days are dried out but CLAD has been on top of their game ever since EasyAd and the Craigslist Auto Poster went under. CLAD was one of the first ones that came around while the others were shutting down. The fact that it creates PVA's and has the dynamic ad generator built it will save you a lot of work. Keeps it much more simple then modifying the ads, putting hidden texts, renaming image ads, changing URL",s obtaining PVA's. I think its a good piece of work. Download the demo and check it out.
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    You have to know how to post bulk before you should even consider automating it with software. If you dont know how to post, this software doesnt magically help you get live ads. Its worth it if you already have a working method and can beat CL filters. Regarding making of PVAs (misleading in its ad), it doesnt create them out of nowhere. You still have to get the phone numbers. All it does is it automates the process.
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    I'm interested in CLAD but not sure if it worth it. Especially today.
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