keyword dissection??

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Has anyone got opinions on keyword dissection by Hitesh? Thanks in advance.
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    I got it and it is good. They are constantly adding stuff to it. I have just submitted my sites to their Backlink generator so it is early to say about that but just that alone is worth it.
    I hope this helps.

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    Thanks for the review Rhino
    You can check out a full demo of KD on the order page in addition to the demo and training I give during the webinar to see if it fits the bill for you. It's not a magic 2-click software that'll make you millions, but I do believe it is everything you need 'from start to finish' to develop solid niche sites and more. Like Rhino said, I'm constantly adding more features based on the demands of our members in the Forum

    I think it's great, but I'm 'obviously' biased
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    Hey Jessrules,

    Keyword Ninja only has about 10% of what KD has. I mainly bought KD for the backlink creator. There are tons of programs out there that offer the same service but usually it is a per month charge. The verdict is still out to the effectiveness of the Backlink Creator in KD. So I am yet to give it a full thumbs up. I still have a bit of time left before my Money Back Guarantee expires.

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    Yeah keyword dissection it's great!

    Hosted by Bill Mc Rea.
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    Two MAJOR thumbs up for Hitesh and KW dissection.

    His content has really shown me that there are people out there who are true experts and treat this with the same ethics and professionalism as any other business.

    I never imagined I would spend that much money on anything "digital" but I saw the potential in it and what he has to offer in terms of knowledge.

    I am not an affiliate of Hitesh- I'm not sure he even has a way to be (check THAT out, btw)
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    KD looks promising.
    The site is showing that its on Beta and can join only thro invitations.
    How can I join?

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    I bought KD about 2 months ago, am very pleased with it and consider I made an excellent investment. Hitesh is tops with regular follow ups and updates and thats a huge plus compared to some vendors whose only interest is to make a sale, then goodbye.
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    Hi Hitesh,

    i've notice that your KW search tool is pretty the same in one of WSO here..the layout, the features, the Search engine, terminologies, question is, did you really develop your own KW tool or did you bought the program and license from others??

    Cheers med
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    Hi Hitesh,

    Cool. thanks for your response....more question here:

    1. Does your system includes customise web builder?
    2. Does your program support other affil offers..ebay, CJ, clickbank, etc?
    3. Do you have any sites for reference?
    4. How subscribers do you have right now?
    5. Since this i a membership(life time access)$997, and not owing the program...what is the chance that this will not close or stop?
    6. What other expenses aside for paying the membership access...Do i need to promote my site aside from SEO and Backlink that the program provides?
    7. Any outsource needed here?
    8. any success people/sites that already using your program?

    Just want to evaluate and hopefully make a decision.


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    Hey HItesh,

    I cannot send u private email, can u pm me your private email so that I can reach you.

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    Hitesh can you pm me with an email address, and possibly a purchase link (discounted rate preferably LOL) for this software? I can promote this to my core group
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    Is this really a private tool , where can I find out the features and availability for it? Where are the "private" sales occuring anyway?
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    Does KD has a money back guarantee?
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    Ive PM'd Hitesh so many times its not even funny anymore.......whats even more rude is that he probably doesnt realize that anyone can acess the exact threads he has been going to and where he frequents on the forum, so I KNOW he has been bouncing around this forum even whilst ignoring messages. I had an invite through a webinar for Keyword Dissection, and came here to find him to ask some basic questions before purchasing his product that I was so excited about. Just lost himself a $1000 sale
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    I was interested to read up on this thread because I bought into Keyword Dissection on 1st November in the early Beta stages. I pay a monthly fee.
    I was just starting to work on Amazon related sites and thought this would be a great tool to use.
    Since then I've been back to it several times but have never found very much there besides the basic Keyword Research.
    When I click on the Backlinks Menu heading I get just a heading and nothing else!
    I wondered if I was missing some sort of update, but it all runs at Hitesh's server so that's unlikely..............
    I already use Market Samurai and am just restarting my Backlinks Energizer program so I'm not sure if I need to keep paying for this program.... ??
    However, there are great reports here and also Hitesh makes it sound as though there are going to be other modules..... I'm off to his support desk now to try to find out just what I'm missing, and why!
    Thanks for the info guys.
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    Hey Hitesh93,

    I am a member of KD, sent to u several tickets using the "contact us" tab, NEVER RECEIVED ANY ANSWER, why??

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    Do you accept any new members for keyword dissection?
    I'm more interested in the backlink service included in the membership.
    For the backlink, are you using the same system as in
    What kind of links do you offer in the keyword dissection? and how many links per month?
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    Edited: Thanks for the update Hitesh.

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