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Ok looks like we got another revolutionary software that claims it can make you money within 58 minutes for only $37

I am tempted to grab this just to see what it is about and give a real honest behind the scenes review on it, since everyone of these new so called "push button" software's that have been coming out all have blind sales letters and you got no clue what the hell you are getting.

Just wondering if anyone can give me the low down on this before I grab it, to rip it apart myself...


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    Originally Posted by TomBuck View Post

    I just got it, I will post a review in 58 mins

    Can't wait to find out..I was going to buy this to but I thought I would wait this time..just sounds to good to be true.
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    Well 30 mins later I give up
    I haven't even got to it, software didn't download probably.
    Videos still haven't loaded!
    So didn't even get to it.
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    Is this another one of Jani G,s pie in the skie crap.
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    Hey guys

    First of thanks for those who have made your order

    The software should download perfect

    And the videos are working i just checked

    Please let me know if you are having trouble downloading as it is Working fine last time i checked which was 5 mins ago

    Thanks I'll be here to answer your questions

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    Jani can you please tell me what the upsells are, how much and how many.
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    If I owned rights to some software where all you have to do is input a keyword relating to any clickbank product and the software would go to some secret underground website and send thousands of visitors to make their purchases thru your affiliate link, I think I would want to sell it for more than $37.

    Or maybe I would be spending more time working the software if it works so well, rather than spending time developing sales letters etc.

    Is there anyone out there who has taken an hour with this product who can tell me this is anything other than another frustratingly rubbish pile of tosh designed for the owner to create a dodgy mailing list and hopefully hold on to a few bucks of people's money who dont get round to asking for the inevitable refund request.

    Anyone can vouch for this product?

    All the best and HNY to one and all

    frm Sam
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    Thank you for your brief overview, Bill.

    Really though, how realistic is it for one to start generating income within the first hour? Actually, the headline states 58 minutes, so perhaps I'm being too generous with the extra two minutes.

    All kidding aside, ALL of us, no doubt, are waiting to know if you actually made any sales in the first 24-hours, much less the first hour. Can we count on you for a report back?

    Thank you,

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    Hi Bill, Thanks for your review. I will check out the product.
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    Hey Bill thank you for the review. I,m going to check out the product too. If anybody doesn't like your review they can buy the product and do their own review of it.
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    If this is dependent on a website to drive traffic from, how is this method and software not going to saturate and therefore diminish the profitability of this system, when its customers start to "bombard" this site?
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    Thanks Bill

    - I intend to look at buying it in the next 48 hours depending on other reviews if anyone should be so generous as to give their time on here with the feedback

    - it surprised me - normally these products get killed off quick on here!

    All the best

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    Well the software is of great quality and is very to use.
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    I see more warriors are willing to try this out now. Can some of you report a sale, so we can agree it works in some way?
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    Hi Guys,

    I have always trusted Jani G and have bought almost all of his products.

    I got tended to buy this one too, so I bought it.

    It has 2 upsells. 1 about Elite Video training, for newbie's and 1 where Jani G combines all his product for a very less price, $47 I think. Since I didn't have some of his products, I thought its a steal about bought upsell 2.

    The so called *secret* traffic source is not unique. We all know it. I think many of us have tried it too.

    I am not going to expose the traffic source.

    What the software does is create many accounts for that traffic source and makes it easier for you to do the process.

    I think if you would like targetted traffic to your website, this is a wonderful product and a must buy for people HUNGRY for traffic.

    But note, this is not unique!

    For the sales and earnings, I will try it later, but for the *58 minute* thing, I am confused. I think its just a marketing technique, but I am quite sure that you will get traffic to your website.

    Sim and Emilis
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    Hey guys,

    I posted a review here last night. It was removed for some reason. I didn't intend to be persuasive or anything. I reviewed all six modules yesterday. I really like the product. It literally takes you from A to Z. I downloaded the software late last night. I woke up with one sale this morning.

    It works folks.

    Jani G you've put together a nice comprehensive product that will help new internet marketers get started making money quickly.

    I don't know what I'm doing wrong here but if I have to remove my signature admin please PM and I'll do it with no problem.

    I tried to give an in depth review of this yesterday but that post was deleted. I spent quite some time looking over the modules and writing a review here for some of the members who were asking for it...but it's gone.
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    Hi Bill,

    Could you pm me your review please.

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    Auto Traffic Hijack was released yesterday January 1, 2011. Unlike most people who offer a review, I’ve personally purchased this product. It’s composed of 6 modules that’s basically geared towards taking a new internet marketer by the hand and showing them how to successfully set up an online business.

    Module # 1 is basically and introduction to affiliate marketing. It shows you where and how to find products to sell online.

    Module # 2 explains how to find an explosive market. This module shows you how to research products.

    Module # 3 reveals the secret traffic source and for the sake of the product, I will not reveal that source here.

    Module #4 shows you how to install the software that you’ll use to get free targeted traffic

    Module #5 and #6 both show you how to use the software.

    I believe this product is beneficial to new marketers because it basically takes you from A to Z. It covers every aspect of how to make money using this method. You get to look over the shoulder as this guy shows you how to set up everything. The traffic source that they reveal isn’t unheard of but it will net you a lot of money of you use it properly. Most experienced marketers probably have heard of this source but haven’t really thought about using it.

    I’d rate this product a 4 out of 5 stars. It’s simple, easy to implement and great for new marketers.

    That's a review I've put on one of my sites.
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    I think where you went wrong with your earlier review was by putting an affiliate link for the same product in your signature.

    This therefore clearly becomes a sales pitch for the product you are hoping to gain commission from - I would imagine that would be a reason to take the review down as it no longer is a review but instead a kind of advertorial.

    Without integrity nothing works. You can be impartial about a product or you can be promoting it for financial gain. There is nothing 'wrong' with either position, but they cannot exist in the same place.

    I see you have taken the affiliate link out hence why the review has been allowed back.

    All the best

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    The software is manually activated about a day after u submit your purchase number.

    This is a greyhat tool and it's basically a Yahoo Answers specific Scrapebox, it's not a new method but definitely a new tool and a pretty cool one if you learn it well, with a couple other yahoo answers specific needed features. It looks pretty good for what is intended and since u are targeting these people with problems, and literally create unlimited accounts from within the software, scrape unlimited questions and and create different answers so the account doesnt get banned, with ur affiliate link or website, chances are u can def get sales pretty quick.

    It's not expensive at all and I bet that once u understand it, u'll make that back in a week tops with really not more than 3 hours work. It takes less than an hour to set up, maybe more if you want to run several "campaigns" for different products and because you def want to write out answers that look like you are really trying to provide value to ur specific keyword. But u do this once and then refresh it with new questions the next day/week/month with the same answers and it can probs hold u over for a while just through refreshing, then creating some more answers. Off the top of my head having seen the videos.

    It looks really good, I'm just waiting to have it activated to play with it and if u've been around three months and know what you are targeting and know how to find it, u won't need the super secret elite videos upsell, just the $37 and u've got a pretty nice tool with a huge potential.

    Another cool thing is that if u set up ur yahoo account to notify you when a yahoo user has answered your question, you can start building your lists within your niche. There are some video trainings coming that include this topic and the one below, but I'm guessing it'll be something like that, definitely worth checking out how this works using the software.

    And, if you want to increase targeted traffic and at the same time increase rankings, you leave ur site's backlink there instead of an affiliate link, which will obviously help u twofold.

    They're also doing another video with case studies, which is icing.

    I usually don't feel good about a software or even buy it for that matter, as I initially thought it was going to be a file u upload to the server or something, but I truly believe that if you devote about 5-10 hrs a week to it, you can increase and get both sales and targeted traffic with this tool. It's just an idea that's been around for a while and worked, that has now been automated very well with a nice price tag.

    I think that it will bring in some quick cash, that it will not make you rich or full time income straight up or just by itself, that it does have some aftermath benefits such as backlinking and residual traffic from having answered a fresh answer towards it turning old, etc.

    Overall I'm very happy to have gotten it and can't wait to devote a couple hours to it daily, as it will be a nice little extra in a couple areas of the biz.

    Edit: One thing I want to point out to the developer, is that the videos lag, the video doesn't catch up to the voice. It usually happens halfway through the large videos. I see about a minute behind image and th voice over is ahead in explanation, it feels like taking notes in school all over.

    And also, the PDF quick guide has a download error and you can't either download it or open in browser.

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    Thank you, aCass, for a pretty thorough overview of how the system works!

    I imagine the majority, if not all of us, watching this post are interested in your progress, and more specifically, if and when you start generating any sales. Would you mind reporting back?

    Take care,


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