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Ryan Moran is promoting eTycoon again. I had seen this earlier in the year and thought it was interesting, but flinched at the price tag. The course still has the same, high price, and I have mostly sworn these $1K+ courses off.

The course sounds good enough (flipping virtual real estate), but what course doesn't in the sales material? Has anyone here actually purchased this course and, if so, is it worth the money? Failing that, is there a comparable course that is at a much lower price point?
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    That is kind of steep, but I do think Ryan Moran offers great value.

    He was actually making a full-time income online outside of IM, before he began teaching (this is an important point).

    If that is a little bit steep for you, you can't go wrong with Mark Ling's teachings. He is a 7 figure income earner (outside of the IM niche). Google his name and look for Affilorama Premium.

    Again...Ryan Moran's product is probably great.

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    Ryan offers a guarantee so there's no problem. Nonetheless if you can read through the free stuff on his site, you'll get all you need.
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    I bought eTycoon in feb 2010 when it first appeared. Went through the entire course and I bought some websites, built some new sites from scratch to a huge success. One of them generated over $260,000 retail sales and the other give me a monthly income of $1000.

    I agree the course is expensive at $997, and this time round, you can choose to buy the different modules at cheaper prices:

    1. Lump Sum Profits - $97
    2. Local Tycoon - $197
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    In general, his information is really good.
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    I came here searching for this, as I just came across his site. It says $97 to sign up... where are you coming up with $997?
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    Hi Thomas,

    Thanks What is included in "Lump Sums"? Does the software come with that?
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    Nope, there is no software included in the lumpsum profits module.
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    @ thomashoi*
    Thanks for sharing all this info. I am interested in the course but I'm still trying to raise $997 for it which is quite a big amount of money for me.*

    You mentioned that he offered this course last year. Is it the same course?

    And about local tycoon, there was a section there about tax strategies to protect your VRE's. I'm not sure if it is part of local tycoon or about the course in general.*

    Anyways, thanks again for taking time to enlighten us with regards to this product. Your personal story and the figures you made by applying his course serve as an inspiration to all of us. Most importantly to me. As it reminds me that such amount is not only possible but achievable by anyone who applies the teachings in the course.*

    I know I achieve IM success as well (Which I define as becoming a full time Internet*
    marketer, earning substantial income to quit my day job, and teaching others to do the same, creating jobs in the process). But its a matter of me believing in it really. And to believe in a method long enough to make it work and not jump from one course to another.*
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    Just want to share some quick tips so you can start buying undervalued websites for pennies on the dollar, without competition at all. But pls keep it to yourself..... especially Ryan .... cos he will probably slaughter me for giving out this gold!...

    Tip #1: "Ended Unsold"

    One way to buy profitable websites with no competition is to
    get to the "Ended Unsold" section. Here you will find
    tons of websites where the owners are willing to let go. The reason
    their website ended unsold is probably because they have a high
    starting price, which discourage potential buyers from bidding.

    As a smart investor, you could go right in and contact these owners
    and give an offer price to them offline, i.e skype or phone call, because it is against
    fiippa's TOC to offer price in the messaging system. And when you offer a price, remember to use the famous "8 to 12 times the website monthly income" phrase to make sure you get the best deal.

    Tip #2: "The God father technique"

    I don't know why Ryan call it the God father technique but you simply see what is selling for a good price on and you find a similar website that is ranked on page 2-5 on Google, approach the website owner and say you are interested to buy their website. Ryan actually show how he did this in one of eTycoon video - Buy a similar website listed on page 2 for a low price, do some SEO to it and the website has went on to be listed on first page of Google.... in fact, just a few positions below the website that is sold on flippa for $80,0000!!

    Now you know why it is important to buy undervalued websites with zero competition.

    Try them out and let me know your experiences....
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    Erm.. okay I've not bought Ryan's stuff, mainly I'm not in the flipping business, but I was in Wealthy Affiliate forum for more than 2 years and I've known Ryan since then. If you are into website flipping, or, you just wanna make any money online, take this course up and I'm PRETTYYY sure Ryan will do a good job to help you personally.

    (Just so you know, I'm not paid to write this just my personal view on Ryan's personality)

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    I hear it is good

    I am currently working on my information product so watch this space.

    Another good one is David Jenyns and Danny Batelic's 'Buy Build Sell'
    which is very thorough and offers loads of bonuses like their outsourcing and SEO courses. This is about half the price of eTycoon

    I hope this helps

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    This is definitely a good business model.

    For those a bit hard up there are quite a few WSO's on website flipping - both on newly built sites & more established for higher profits. Also if you go to Ryan's website site there are some other offers if you trial his software.

    I guess the key is presenting your site and stats in a professional way that will get people interested.
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    Since I'm also in the business of buying, selling and flipping (and teaching others how to do it), I love to see new people getting into the business. The business model behind eTycoon is solid and if you can afford it and plan to take action, I'd say pull the trigger.
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    If you had to choose between lump sum profits or domain killing secrets which would it be for the best info?
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    eTycoon offers lots and lots of useful info and userfriendly,
    the videos & audio tutorials are over 4 gig if you were to watch and listen to them.

    All up is a good 5 star for this program.
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    I recently bought eTycoon and the tool is ok. It's not the best but they have unique features.
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    i had this program but got a prompt refund
    it's great but i just don't have the extra cash to shell out on the types of sites i want, nor do i know any rich investors... thomas, i'm curious to know where you found investors?
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    I too refunded - the course itself was ok, but it seemed like Ryan was dragging it out to justify the price tag. Also the site search tool to help you look for sites to buy was rubbish - most of the data was way out of date. You'd find a site worth looking at only to go to Flippa or wherever to see that the auction closed three weeks earlier.

    To me, if that course were $197, edited properly and with a bit more coaching and interactivity, it would have been good value.
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    I bought the entire package and all the upsells. Love the material. It's what I want to do. Sent about 6 emails to Ryan now at all his email addresses and not once has he ever got back to me. Despite that atrocious lack of any support I still like what he's saying and believe that buying/renovating or building and selling websites is for me but from what I can tell (if it was not for this forum) I would feel like the only person who bought it.

    Does anyone know how to contact Ryan? Is there a support forum for his clients? Is there a skype group? Is there any support for this product at all? Last night he sent me an auto responder saying it's the last chance to buy his stuff. I thought I did just buy his stuff. This really ****s me off about these things. There are either no content, no support, or good content no support.

    I want to start a chat room for flippers. Is there anyone else out there who is into eTycoon, website selling, flipping or anything like that. If you are also into this side of internet income skype me. If there are enough we'll start our own damn support group. Back in my day when I used to sell info products (in an unrelated industry) if I got an order I would be straight on the telephone calling them up and welcoming them on board making sure they were all comfortable and knew what to do. These days you get stuff all. No one wants to talk to you. I even contacted one of the really expensive coaches from here who charges an extreme monthly fee and got such a rude response that...anyway so who wants to stop the decay of support?

    Let's start a flipping group. Unless there already is one I can join.

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