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Just received an email from Chris and Jerome about this product. It is from Michael Jones and a guy named Daniel Young. Did anyone buy this product?
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    Originally Posted by Azlan.MY View Post

    Just received an email from Chris and Jerome about this product. It is from Michael Jones and a guy named Daniel Young. Did anyone buy this product?
    I did a review for the product (no affiliate link)

    Push Button Cash Site Review | Don & Jeremy's

    It's more or less a site creator/auto blog plugin.
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    I expect loads will buy the product, but I have unsubscribed from all the lists, 'cos I found that I was constantly bombarded with great-sounding offers all the time and kept spending money, time (and lost focus costs) on more products instead of utilising either things I had already learned or products I had already bought.

    Master Resale Rights are so versatile, and these are educational, too. All kinds of IM material. Read, sell, break up into articles, combine into bundles, and there are 250 of them, complete with MRR, here for a bargain price! I'm even throwing in the sales page. Only £37 for Warriors. http://www.250mrrproducts.com

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    All of Micheal Jones products he has done in the past have all forward to this website. Which is crap for the people who have spent time marketing and wrting about his other products and now they all forward to this.

    I do not plan on marketing anything from this guy anymore. I would hate to promote this and then in a month he might change it to another product if it flops.
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      Originally Posted by tonyaphx View Post

      All of Micheal Jones products he has done in the past have all forward to this website. Which is crap for the people who have spent time marketing and wrting about his other products and now they all forward to this.

      I do not plan on marketing anything from this guy anymore. I would hate to promote this and then in a month he might change it to another product if it flops.

      Michael Jones's name is affiliated with sooooooooo many products; upon further inspection, one will find that these products usually leave alot to be desired, especially the ability to not have spent the money that you did. These are "wallet and purse raping" products. Trust me, I have bought more than one in my time.

      Do your homework; the Warrior Forum is honestly the best place to get started, but also to investigate so called "Turn Key" solutions. Check everything out; it's YOUR hard-earned money!

      My two cents.

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    I've just received this.

    Is it just me or do the backgrounds look near on identical in these two videos:



    Edit: Thanks for that review, Jeremy.
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    I love that those two guys paid for a hotel room suite (if they even paid for it, they probably used a freind's while he was out at dinner) to film the two "nearly identical" vids.

    I have no problems with that, it makes for a clean vid, but don't try to trick anyone by moving the shot to the other side of the room.

    I bet if I did a vid of me sitting on my couch in my messy one bedroom apt, sitting in my boxers and t-shirt and was honest with people about making a living online and how much I make, they would not respond at all.

    Most people LOVE to be lied to, and they will belly up to the "get rich quick" trough every time.
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    O Mai Garsh LOL
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      Bookmarked your blog, Jeremy...

      This is the second time I've purchased something mostly for the bonuses and usually I look around. Have you ever seen where a marketer is up front and tells you that you'll get this if you purchase this level, and that if you purchase that level?

      I bought with Paul Ponna's link, forwarded the receipt to them, and got this back:


      Thank you for purchasing one of Paul Ponna's recommendations!

      This is to confirm that we have you on file and the bonuses will be
      delivered to you within 48 hours or less.

      If you did not receive your bonuses yet, please be patient as the
      bonuses are customized for you.


      Paul Ponna

      Notice the customization? There was nothing about levels on his bonus page, and I didn't do any of the OTOs. I can't wait to see what comes my way.

      But, I really wanted to comment on what this product is. The videos that accompany the core product 'include' the upsell videos with a link to purchase, in case you changed your mind obviously, but with no down-sell prices. So, you are able to upgrade but not with the opportunity to have the second lower-price option.

      Yes, the product is Another auto-blogging plugin, and from watching the 'advanced' videos, and a free plugin that Michael Jones recommends, I've decided that this is a knock-off of Massive Passive Profits by Bill McRea. Could be better, the same, or worse quality.


      Hard to believe I forgot about being a member for so long.

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    Thanks Jeremy for the insightful review you are a gem. By the way did you get your refund?
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    I picked up this software "Push Button Cash Site" and have to say it is a smooth system with tons of potential. 3 real draw backs to it are.

    1 - it adds a "powered by" link to the footer of your site which is not good at all since Auto generated content is totally against Google's TOS.

    2 - there is no way to add additional sources to draw content from

    3 - the source code is encrypted so you can not make any changes yourself and after 24 hours of posting a ticket no response from their support to resolve the main issue with footer link ( not to mention the link in the footer is broken anyway lol )

    All in all it performs wonderful and pulls great content, It will post that straight to your site if you are into that. I do not think it is wise to allow to post auto. I use it to save the posts as drafts and the system accumulates tons of content on any subject to pick and choose from.

    After you decide on a certain article to post I recommend doing a rewrite of the article and changing the title etc... so it is picked up in google faster. Once posted spin the same article and use "autorewrite.com" to spin it and publish on article directories, for best results spin before each submission hehe.

    PBCS - is great for research and gather, but I would venture to say if you run it on total auto pilot you would end up losing your adsense account. I think this would have been much better as a stand alone system or perhaps give subscribers the option to take a stand alone or WP plugin.

    Anyway, that's my story and Im sticking to it. :p

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    I do get sick of some of the lists I am on previously providing value and good content, all of a sudden promoting rubbish like this. Do they think we are all thick? The best response is to Unsubscribe - maybe if they got 2 sales and 200 unsubsribes they might rethink promoting stuff they know is rubbish. Disappointing. The problem is they probably make 30 sales, so the commissions make it worth it, despite their lack of confidence in the product or even ethics.
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    You know what, I received email from Matt Bacak promoting this product?!!!
    I am making automated full time income on Facebook...Yes, it can be done!
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    Thanks everyone for saving me some money. Sure, it's not a lot of money, at least not initially but with the upsells and downsells, who knows how much they might have taken me for. Jeremy, a special thanks to you and your review. It really helped.

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    Just over a week ago, I subscribed to a popular real estate investor's list & suddenly got an email from him yesterday & today about this "Daniel Young's Push Button Cash Site" thing. The only button I almost pushed was the unsubscribe button, but considering I'd received so much useful info from him up until then, decided against it. This does go to show you though how sad it is that completely different industry marketers out there are hocking these "push button" products if they see some kind of way to work it into their marketing program w/ subscribers... & we all know it's only because of the high affiliate commissions. It really makes you think about which "gurus" legitimately care about their subscribers... & which ones just care about milking their funds. I joined a "push button" opp in January of last year that set me back over $200 & went nowhere, even though I used the info & marketing techniques that came HIGHLY suggested from the guy who put the program together...

    My opinion: "push button" money makers are too played up & washed out... the ONLY people who would consider buying those products are complete 100% NEWBIES or those desperately looking to make quick cash...

    Also, in my experience, it's pretty much an "unspoken understanding" that the REAL money online comes from marketing products/services that have NOTHING to do with the "make money online" niche.

    C.W aka "affiliatechick"

    This should not necessarily be taken as any kind of an official review of this particular product as I have not purchased it, & I don't intend to either. Rather, this is just my opinion of products that try selling off the "push button" theme & my past experience w/ the like.
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    One way that I've discovered if there's going to be a bunch of upsells, downsells &/or cross sells is checking the affiliate sign up page link. The creators will generally mention the commission %, along w/ the total $ amount of commissions you can (potentially) earn. If that $ amount is more than what the initial product is going for, you know right there you're going to be thrown a bunch of 'sells.

    The Push Button Cash Site product is going for $47 right now. An affiliates' commission on each sale is 60%, which is $28.20. With the possibility of making up to $263 per sale... $263!! So unless you've got about $300 on you, you don't really know for sure if you're going to experience the same full result claims as the product creators, because the initial $47 could just be a small piece of the whole pie, so to speak...

    This is kind of a hard thing for me to mention, considering I'm an affiliate marketer myself. HOWEVER... affiliate marketers are consumers of these products as well & as affiliate marketers we should be able to notice these marketing tactics.

    I've studied online marketing for going on 7 years now, affiliate marketing about 1/2 that. I completely understand both sides of the fence, as the affiliate & as the product/service creator; I've never created a product myself, but I understand the selling mentality that's used, as well as the process so I could easily apply it. Now don't get me wrong, there are thousands of people who buy & don't take action using a course or product, or just scantily use it. But there's just as much deception involved in the marketplace & I'd be surprised if people haven't been aware of that.

    I'm the type of affiliate marketer that will only promote a product/service for TWO REASONS:

    a. I've bought it, used it & had a favorable outcome.
    b. I have complete trust the individual/company who's product I'm endorsing
    works the way it claims!

    I teach #NetworkMarketers & #HomeBusinessOwners how to implement #LeadGenerationStrategies & #SocialMedia. Subscribe to my blog & social sites for coaching!
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    Yes, I tried it. Initially I found it easy to set up, but a plug-in they offer did not work. Then comes the real truth, they have no support whatsoever! I got a refund really quick. Thank God for Clickbank.
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    I wonder how many people actually have bought this plugin thinking that they will earn those revenue figures,if anyony has i am betting that they go for a refund.

    The easy way to earn a very nice income from the comfort of your home.Start earning straight away today its 'possibly' the easiest income you will earn.
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    Originally Posted by Azlan.MY View Post

    Just received an email from Chris and Jerome about this product. It is from Michael Jones and a guy named Daniel Young. Did anyone buy this product?
    Yea.. a woodpress plugin to auto post content from article base and youtube. Nothing special. May have been worth the price if it did not run correctly on so few hostng platforms (needs special php features). Not bad for a newbe, but fair for a contect generator. On the good side the videos that showed you how to setup a web site, blog and ETC would have been great if I was in need of that kind of information. Like I said good for newbes maybe..... otherwise a pass.

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    Yes , Daniel Young push button cash site is seems to be good but just for grabbing videos with keywords, and articles from article base....can't say anything about how this can help to get traffic.
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      Just watched the video..

      you just push the button and wait for the cash to come...
      Google has rules to prevent automated posting and article spinning so if you do use these be sure that you review everything before it posts to ensure there are no grammatical giveaways, etc. etc.
      Have been doing some serious keyword research lately using various scrapers like keyword ninja..

      So I pasted about 100 keywords in to G's adwords tool each time..guess what no results for most of them..but, click through to the search and then you will see a heap of adwords advertisers...

      This happened time and time again..

      Put some of the keywords in to one of my blogs with adsense on it..made $15 in a few hours...

      I'm feeling quite pleased about it when..got an email from G all ads to this site have been suspended...we have not closed your adsense account though..

      I wouldn't buy these over hyped 10 a penny CB offers, put your money in to keyword research and build out a lot of sites..

      You will probably find about 5% of them will make money 10% if your good at it..

      Traffic is the missing ingredient of a lot of these systems, I have some sites with fantastic traffic but, fail to make money with them..

      I may have to eat these words but, in general people are not spending anything like before the crunch..

      Make sure what you promote has a desperate market wanting a solution and provide the answer to the problem..

      Read a story about a student a few years ago..he was looking for a report on a topic and failed to find it on line..he realised that a lot of other students might need this particular information..

      The guy made the pdf report himself after researching it and put it on line from a simple static site..the story goes he made $24K in the first month..

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