Social Bot VS Bookmarking Demon

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Looking into a program to automate social bookmarking...

Does anyone know what advantages Bookmarking Demon has over Social Bot (assuming it has any, im going off the higher price tag and much more detailed sales page)

from what i could tell bookmarking demon looks more automated, but socialbot looks like it has more directories it can do so im wondering if my impression about bookmarking demon being better is wrong

Thanks for any help
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    Good post.. looking for reviews and comparisons between these products too. I think what we should be looking for is software that..

    - can post at to random sites (not necessarily all that it has on its list)
    - use random pre registered user names
    - use different IPs
    - post to bookmarking sites when a blog post is published

    If anyone has bookmarking software that does those, I am first in line.
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    I would like to know too which bookmarking software or tools is the most efficent...

    any suggestions?
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    I haven't used any bookmarking software yet since I heard the auto thing is not good, can anyone confirm this?
    Still sticking to the good old manual submissions.

    Yet in this forum I saw many people use bookmarking software and now I'm a bit interested in the software.

    Be following this thread for sure.
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    Just went to the bookmarkingdemon's site, I guess the owner said things right about the auto submission tool.

    If you be patient and submit your links no more than 2-4 a day, then the tool is safe to use, but if you bombard the social bookmarking sites with this tool - which can be easily done - then you can get penalized.
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    I believe a tool, just like any, is supposed to make your life better since the automation it provides can save you some time, time that you can use for other things. Abusing a tool is what gets you in trouble. All good things turn bad when abused.
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    Can't say I'm impressed with BD at present, though it does manage to get some done.

    What isn't the software's fault but is a reason enough to steer clear is the lack of noticable traffic increase regardless of bookmarking.

    Then again I guess some must come down to how you word your descriptions etc. For me it's been a flop but I won't ask for a refund as it does what it says, albeit with a high failure rate. If you manually use the big important sites then it's an easy way of hitting a lot of the meaningless little ones that wouldn't be worth doing manually.

    I'm still waiting for the update for "pligg" sites, which may improve things.

    For me the real disappointment is the proxy server thing, ie the ability to use different IPs, which was a major reason I bought the thing. Then right there in the instructions it says that's not recommeded. ??

    I presume you can use proxy servers manually, have never tried, but rather liked the idea of the sw hopping from one to another. However it doesn't supply any, find any or recommend using any, so..


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      I have both Bookmarking Demon 4 and Social Bot 3. I think they are both good and they both work. Do I get a lot of traffic from them. No. I do get backlinks though. This is what I am looking for.

      I find I do better targeting the better Social Bookmarking sites. The top sites I do manually instead of using software because it seems that a backlink is more likely to happen.

      Both of these programs use a lot of scuttle sites. I don't think a lot of the scuttles will be around long. I have found that many tend to either fold or have bandwidth problems so the software ends up with not being able to submit to these sites.

      I just bought Social Bot 3 and was able to register to about 75 of the 120 sites it claims. I don't think it is the fault of the programmers. It is just that I am not sure the sites that it submits to will last a long time because they seem to be fly by night sites using the free scuttle or scuttle plus software. Social Bot also does submit to the major social bookmarking sites.

      But if you think about it after registering with the different sites, it is very easy to use and pretty fast to submit to 75 sites and maybe get 75 backlinks. I think it is worth the price, especially the WSO price.

      Bookmarking Demon is another program I like. I never used the earlier versions so I can't comment about them. Version 4 is nice. I like the account creation feature and it is basically a hands free software. The programmer has added a lot more sites over version 3. I think this is also worth the price.

      I would be careful using both programs in tandem without checking where they both submit to. Both submit to some of the same sites. You don't want to submit the same site at the same time because it could be construed as spamming.

      Even though you can go crazy with these programs, especially bookmarking demon, I would recommend you bookmark only in moderation. It is best to grow at a slow pace. You will keep your accounts active as long as you don't spam. Also, I tend to bookmark sites other then my sites so it looks more natural.

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    The problem with socialbot is they don't update those scuttle site regularly. Therefore, a lot of those in the list are not working and you cannot edit or add new sites


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    What I would really love to know is if it's able to Submit to sites that have captchas such as Digg? Are they really able to get around them or you have type it as the submissions are going on?
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    I prefer bookmarking my links manually, it takes a few minutes but always got good results with it. Automated tools never able bookmark on all of the sites they claim, and it looks spammy to bookmarking sites if you overuse the software.
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    Best way for me is still manual social bookmarking, I can decide all the bookmarking sites that I need, change them every time, vote for the links, interact with other members (real members), etc.

    People often forget that Social bookmarking sites are social, some sites appreciate if you interact with other members like stumbleupon or propeller.
    There are also groups that you can join, join the relevant groups and get your links noticeable by even larger audience.
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      Hi guys,

      How do these compare to www dot socialmarker dot com ?

      I don't bookmark very often, perhaps a few times a month.

      I do like it from the point of view of getting some links. But is does take quite a lot of time, even using www dot socialmarker dot com

      Will either of the two software choices mentioned in this thread improve this situation?

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    "Also, I tend to bookmark sites other then my sites so it looks more natural."

    I haven't figured out how to do this yet with BD, at least not without sending my original links again...


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      Originally Posted by Bigsofty View Post

      "Also, I tend to bookmark sites other then my sites so it looks more natural."

      I haven't figured out how to do this yet with BD, at least not without sending my original links again...

      I think Bookmarking demon does this by also bookmarking one or two other sites selected using RSS feeds...
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    Bookmarking Demon is great and the updates and support are amazing!

    Been using it since really is a great product.
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      I have used both programs and they both work. Here's the reality, however. NONE of these sites want or encourage automated posting or account creation. Can you do it? Sure you can, but in doing so, you will always be facing the same battle - constant updates needed due to frequent site changes. Also, as sites become more popular and prone to abuse, you'll find an ever increasing number of catpchas to prevent automated account creation. If these sites really wanted automation, they would provide an API.

      With that in mind, support becomes the major issue you need to examine. Bookmarking Demon has been around for a couple of years and has been updated religiously. I'm not sure about SocialBot.
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    i am using demon ever since ita launch and its effective as the words speak

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    I have just started bookmarking, and I am doing it manually. I tried automated bookmarking over the past week, but I have gotten zero traffic and zero backlinks for my efforts, so I am trying it manually now to see if I get better results.

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    I have both BMD and Socialbot. I prefer BMD, just more features and more sites. It also has the account creation feature.

    Not to mention that I created a whole other set of accounts for Socialbot and logged back in a few days later to find that they had all disappeared.
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    Hey all, there is a THIRD option that I feel due to the diversity, it superior to BMD (which I have 4.0) Have not used social bot.

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      I'd go with a 3rd option, and say . It's a community that works together to help with social buzz. I've been in it for about 2 months, and the results are amazing.
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    What other tools do you use for automatic link building programs?
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    The support at Bookmarking Demon is great, that has been very helpful. Quick responses on all support tickets. Bookmarking Demon allows you to add all the extra scuttle, scuttle plus and pligg sites you can find! That is one of the best features about Bookmarking Demon 4. Buy BMD4 now and get free lifetime upgrades. BMD5 is already in the works...not sure what the new price will be.
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    Social Bot i Cr@p if you ask me. Program from 2006 that is as anti-user fiendly, anti-logical and as anti-vista as they come. Interface architecture is pre- 2005 with non-editable lists once they are created. If you don´t have the manual forget it. And even if you have it, forget it.

    Functionality is very So-So. If you want it, there is a campaign ongoing and it IS cheap but after wasting half a day with it, i will not be using mine.

    Try Socialmarker and Onlywire No drip feed automation but at least they bookmark at muiltiple sites. Wondering why noone creates an alternative to senuke at a more comfortable price - would sell by the bucketloads.

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    Social bot is real problems for me. I don't know much about bookmarking demon though
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      Originally Posted by p.prince3345 View Post

      Social bot is real problems for me. I don't know much about bookmarking demon though

      Hi Prince, I have just bought Social Bot.

      Would be glad to know the best practices of using Social Bot. thanks.

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