Free alternative to Norton Internet Security?

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Hey guys,

I'd like to install a free solid anti-virus on my laptop.

Any ideas?

Thank you

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    For an anti virus, I would use Avast
    You can get a trial, I forget how long, but if you fill in a email address you can get a year free. I have yet to get an email from them.

    I don't get to worked up about spam anyway, I get more spam from the USPS than anyone else. Harder to get rid of too

    For a firewall I use Comodo, I have constantly checked it at shields up,
    it just works.

    They have an anti virus also, but I use avast, because I am pretty impressed with it.

    I used to pay for zone alarm, but someone bought them out and I had problems, this is just as good free.

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    please go to www dot 360 dot cn, all are free
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    I second Roaddog, Avast is awesome. I would download Avast, Spybot search and destroy, and something like Ad-aware to make sure that your computer is protected from every kind of virus.

    Avast is pretty much your main virus protection software whereas Spybot search and destroy and Ad-aware cleans up all the things avast has not picked up.
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    I'm using zone alarm myself. It's not free but some things you shouldn't pinch your pennies on.
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    I use Microsoft Security Essentials on two computers and AVG Free on another. Both work perfectly. I have the Comodo firewall installed on them all and recommend it to everyone I know.
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    I use AVG Anti-Virus Free and Zone Alarm Free Firewall. So far so good.
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    Frankly, I don't think you can find a free antivirus program, that's as good as the commercial ones. I would definitely go with a paid subscription to Kaspersky antivirus if you really want to protect your PC. I have tried them all, including Norton, and can tell you this one is doing the best job keeping my PC clean.
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    I also use AVG on all of my computers and have never had a problem. AVG Free works just fine, but doesn't have the support of the paid version.

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    Has anyone used Eset Nod32?

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    Avast is great. Been using it happily for years.
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    I use Avast as well and have found it to better then what you can get for the free programs out there, but It will all come down to choice so if you do want to go free then try them all till you find the right fit, so in about a month you should have what you like.

    BTW if decide to buy a good one DONT go with NORTONS it is the most hackable one on the market

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    Yes I use Avira and I have used it since I started Internet Marketing. My husband is a tech and he was told about it and it is great.
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    I used Avira free AntiVir and it's quite good. But now I'm using avast free Antivir and it seems to me the best of all.
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    Using a free anti-virus software is like opening the doors of your electronics store in a riot. Unless it is CONSTANTLY updated it is useless. Cyber thieves and spammers work tirelessly every day to create new ways to scam you. I recently read about thousands - yes, thousands - of programmers at a central location in Russia who work 8-10 hours a day creating trojans, viruses, etc. Who can afford to keep up with this kind of flood unless they're getting paid for it?
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    My main setup, which I am very happy with is:
    Microsoft Essentials and Malwarebytes

    I also run Spybot now and again.

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    I use AVG the free version and Malwarebytes and have never had any problems thank g-d.
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    It is hard to beat Microsoft Security Essentials. I used Eset NOD 32 for years and switched to this Security Essentials a while ago. Works great and is free.

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