Any review of Coffee Shop Millionaire?

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Any one bought this...
What this product really teaches...:confused:

Any review from warriors
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    I just watched some of the sales video and I think it's something about building up your own e-mail list and start sending them offers.
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    Yeah a guy on the video is hairless?

    First I heard

    Free Massive Traffic ==> scam

    Crazy Click Bank Cash ==> scam

    then this

    Coffee Shop Millionaire.... ==> ??? any reviews?
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    I just bought for the bonuses from another marketer. Been going through the site for a couple of hours. My first impression is that this is a collection of rebranded old tutorial video plr, along with an odd assortment of article plr on a variety of topics from setting up a blog and autoresponder to keyword research.

    Only the sales videos look new. My guess is that you can find all of this material all over the web for free, but if you're an absolute beginner it might be worth the $37 to find it all in one place, provided it's not too out of date. Even the site is copyrighted 2009. I'd certainly skip the upsells.

    The BIG sell is a monthly membership and in-house hosting and website building. They try to sell it to you on every page of the site.

    That's all I know about it. Hope that helps.
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    A.T ran the launch for the Arbitrage Conspircy when that came out.

    Currently he is equal partners with Ryan Diess in Ryan's FX business and handles the conversion and launch process of that business.

    I saw Coffee Shop Millionaire about a month ago and it's a very good product, and at the price it's a steal. Your not going to find any other A List marketer actually giving out the info on how they actually run their business at this price.
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    I bought this a few hours ago and have checked it out... here's the bottom line...

    The product is of decent quality, teaching a collection of business models, marketing techniques, traffic gen methods and has some respected names in the videos.

    It has some beginner training as well as intermediate and advanced - so if you have been around a while you may pick up a nugget or 2.

    However, for newbies who just want to start making money, this is a nightmare of a product. I have found that whenever there is a product with a ''collection'' of random training, most people just get overwhelmed.

    So essentially, if you know what you are doing, you may want to pick it up for the nugget of 2 you MAY possibly get ...

    If your a newbie, go find a product which teaches ONE method, ONE system and focus on it.

    I hope that was useful.
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    The Coffee Shop Millionaire Hmmm...I'll pass.

    I'll stick with Craig Kaye's Info Product Killer, Mark Ling's Affilioblueprint and Adam Short's Niche Profit Classroom concepts. I own the first two. These give you the basic concepts in step by step format and cover what you need to make money. You then need to try and add your style/creativity to the mix.

    1. Research and find a good niche
    2. Build a good basic optimized site
    3. Use SEO on page and off page
    4. Build a list.
    5. Rinse and repeat

    I spent way to much time getting to the stage of doing rather than looking at this or that and buying this new thing or that new thing. You have got to be doing, building and publishing as many sites per week as you can. Whether you do a lot of sites/blogs or just one mother of a site/blog does not matter you (or your staff if you can afford it) need to build it/them every day. Stick to one thing at first and give it your all for 90 days at least.

    Tools I use currently.

    Gimp and - WebsiteGraphics
    Traffic Travis-Keyword and SEO research
    Google-keyword Competition research
    Google Keyword tool-keyword search
    Spyfu-keyword research
    The Best Spinner-Article Writing
    Instant Article Wizard-Article research & writing
    My Article Submitter-A simple article submitter that works for my needs

    I write articles from scratch and I research topics and write the content differently using the article software.

    I use this stuff to build Adsense sites and Affiliate sites.

    Just sayin...
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    I think Coffee Shop Millionaire is a very good product that gives you just about everything you would need to start making money online the only thing I do not like about it and I said that in my review is that it is a membership site where you are going to have to pay a recurring fee.

    So if they are going to charge that amount then I am hoping that they continue to give fresh, new, and good quality material on a regular basis for those that are paying that recurring fee.
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    Yeah, I like Mark Ling he is one of the "good guys" in my opinion, and I do agree that people should find one thing and stick with learning the system and to continue and take action on what they have learned and modify it when it calls for it.

    I even said in my review that while I am not a very big fan of recurring fee's of a membership site that if it helps stop someone from by "every product and push button software" that comes out each week then it is well worth the fee.

    I really like Mark Ling's Traffic Travis software as well, and I am also a big fan of both The Best Spinner and his new release of Instant Article Wizard. The only reason I get half of the products that come out is either because I am given a review copy or it is a big release and I want to give an honest review for my mailing list.

    For a long time I was stuck in the "read all the ebooks stage" and as soon as I TOOK ACTION and put the knowledge that I had gained to work I started earning money fairly fast.

    For anyone that is new to affiliate marketing the best way to start earning money is by far ARTICLE MARKETING, then start moving on to SNIPER SITES, CPA, etc.
    I also highly recommending OFFLINE CONSULTANT and building websites, it is amazing how many people think setting up a website is difficult and are willing to pay quite a bit of money to get them going and even maintenance fee's etc.

    Alright well I got a bit off subject and this is getting kind of long.

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    I bought it to get a bonus from Bring The Fresh (jury's still out on that one too, for me ), and I'm just starting it now. I have just listened to the video about the free website and two things spring to mind immediately: 1) Doing the website for you for free is a loss leader to get the domain and hosting out of you - which is fair enough I guess. But I do query his statement (repeated several times - the info video is brainwashingly repetitive which makes me suspicious) that the longer you have booked your hosting for, the more Google rewards you (for longevity in advance) and so the higher you'll rank. I never heard that, and I do query it.

    Also, 2) they say that they'll populate the website they build for you, with ads on which you'll get commission. Fair nuff, but I listened carefully and they didn't say you'd get ALL the commission. I wonder are they making money that way too. Because there has to be SOMETHING in it for them to build a full website, including content, just for the hosting costs.
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    I bought it and am not happy at all. So many people pushed it. Brain host immediately over charged me and no matter the emails i send to them or Anthony I never hear a thing. I am very disappointed. The videos go through ways to make money locally mostly...there is a video on how to make money with videos, how to make money with freelance writing, even the tech videos are not up to par....the bonuses are just more videos to watch and to join other peoples continuity programs..I think it is a scam and i am kicking myself for wasting my time. There are quite a few people on the forum that comes with it that are not happy too. Dont buy it would be my advice.
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    Pretty disappointed that I just got spammed from Eben Pagan, who I previously thought was one of the more respectable marketers onilne, and didn't get involved with these spam fest circle jerks...
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    The CSM is an old PLR collection of old articles, plus a lot of fake hype and a lot of fake claims. Just save your money and your sanity
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    I bought it because of Kelly's Bring It Fresh bonus. But honestly, CSM is nothing but hype.
    I would not waste my time on this old rehashed PLR.
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    99.9% of the time, nobody is going to share whats working for them. Thats a fact. I am sure, some marketers will love to share their blueprint but not everyone.
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    Not sure if I was subject to the re-launch, but I remember getting promo
    emails right before Christmas 2011.

    When these re-launches occur, is there any substantive difference between
    the original launch date? I mean, you can re-launch Pepsi with commercials
    and gimmicks, but in the end it's still Pepsi.

    Recent example: Blogging to The Bank was re-launched but with little
    if any new info

    How is it any different from the original product, apparently launched
    11 months ago?
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    Does it require you to work in a coffeeshop for this to work ?

    James Scholes
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    I watched the videos and it all sounded great. What I wanted to see when I came to the Warriors Forum was proof of earnings. Not one thread had any sign of money being made with this product. So Attention To All Reading This.
    If anybody out has made any money with "Coffee Shop Millionaire" or knows someone who did. Please leave a post on the site.
    To the author of this product, please supply us with proof of earnings.

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