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I just got an email for this new IM product Profit Siege for $47.00

- has anybody bought this yet?

if you x-out of the page, you get a very cool tip though called the sub domain trick with com- domain names. I thought that tip was GOLD!

Anyway I would like to see what others think...

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    Just purchased to see.

    Upsell 1 is "2 done for you campaigns" - keywords, copy, traffic source, landing pages, how-to videos and monthly Q&A (one month). Price $297.

    I didn't accept this, I click the link saying "I don't want all this work done for me, I'd rather spend hous of my own time getting it done..."

    Hold on, maybe I didn't understand the sales pitch - isn't this now software I purchased for $47 going to do all the work for me?

    Upsell 1(b) is "1 done for you campaign". Price $197.

    Again, I didn't accept this.

    Upsell 2 is a "plugin" that "adds 10 landing pages for the hottest markets and offers to the Profit Siege software.." Price $97

    Again I didn't accept, I clicked the "I don’t want this Profit Siege software niche landing pack plugin. I'll pass up this chance and go it on my own, hiring someone else to create them for me for much more..." link.

    Upsell 2(b) is as above except with 5 landing pages. Price $47.

    Again, I didn't accept this.

    And now, inside the members area.

    I am going to start with looking at the software first and then at the training.

    The Software

    The software is called PPV Demon and it is a script that one installs on one's host.

    If one does not want to install it themseleves there is the option to register a domain and take hosting with "Brain Host" who will install said script for you. They recommend selecting a domain such as as this will be the domain that tracks sales.

    You can also install it on your own hosting.

    The basiscs of the software - as described by the author.

    Builds custom landing pages in minutes with no HTML knowledge required.
    Modify campaigns without having to resubmit to CPA network
    Rate landing pages
    Auto real time payment notifications
    Real time stats

    Inside the software you basically set up a a list of CPA networks you work with and can create/manage campaings inside each of these networks.

    It also comes pre-loaded with a list of PPV networks where you can place your ads.

    A campaign can be via landing page or direct linking. You would also set additional info about a specific campaing (such as max amount per view etc) and create a campaign for a specif offer.

    The software creates a tracking link (that is used as the PPV link) and tracks all the clicks etc.

    Also, a trackback link is created so that you can tell the CPA network to update the PPV Demon software for real-time tracking.

    For the campaign setup and management, the software looks very good as it looks to have a simple an intuitive interface. The author has obviously spent time and money getting it the way he wants it.

    Landing pages: when creating a campaign that requires a landing page you can select a page template from per-loaded templates and the software contains an editor to edit the base templates. The editing looks very simple and there is no need for HTML knowlege.

    Again, it looks pretty good and it looks like the the author has thought the process through and actually uses the software.

    The Training

    There are 6 modules.

    CPV/PPV Marketing (8 minutes) - this gives an overview of what PPV marketing is etc

    The PPV Networks (16 minute) - overview of the 8 PPV networks that you can/should use. Author offers to help with referal into Traffic Vance as they require a minimum of $1,000 deposit and referal. Also, he goes through each of the PPV sources in detail telling viewer about that source and how he uses it.

    The CPA Networks - (18 minutes) - an over view of what CPA marketing is, how to get approved and how to work with them.

    Depth Charge - (15 minutes) - This video explains the types of offers to target (such as offer) and where to to target them. How to use compete and so that you can use URL (instead of keyword) targeting.

    Claim Jumping - (32 minutes) - This video explains how to target fake blogs and fake articles that are using media buys to promote on sites such as TMZ etc.

    Single Click Cash - (27 minutes) - This video explains how to build a list by capturing name/email prior to sending PPV traffic to the offer you are promoting. There is an example landinging page in the software (note that for this one would need to know HTML to plug in ones own autoresponder details).


    There is a $40 PPV coupon code for Direct CPV if you deposit $150 for ads.


    Thios section contains details of the CPA and PPV networks and sites where you can do research on offers etc.

    No doubt, the author knows his stuff and the PPV Demon software looks excellent for creating and managing campaigns/landing pages - from the tracking perspective.

    If I were looking for a tool to do this (I have done some PPV marketing) then this is the best I have seen.

    If you are a current PPV marketer who wants to streamline the process of managing/tracking etc, then this would be a good choice.

    The training is good. Again, if you are a current PPV marketer then I would suspect that the last three modules will expand you knowledge and give you better insight.

    Something I didn't like was the glossing over of the importance of URL/keyword targeting when setting the campaign on the PPV network.

    In one part of the video when the author was setting up a campaign he said (and I paraphrase) "you can enter a short, targetted list of a few kewords/URLs and then expand later - or you can enter a long list of keywords/URLS at first and then scale back. It is up to you - I tend to enter a small list and expand - but both methods are fine and it really is up to you".

    While true - this is definately not what a newbie wants to hear. The keywords and URL's in the campaign will be a major factor in the profit/loss equation and their research and maintenance should be a major factor in a course such as this.

    Note: - in the relevent section of the training videos the author does say to use "only URL's" for certain types of campaigns.

    For me, I am no longer interested in PPV, so I will be getting a refund.

    For the person already in the PPV market, the software is well worth the 47 bucks and the training will no doubt expand on your knowledge.

    For someone who is determined to start PPV, then this is a good course as the software is good and the training, basically, solid.

    So, if PPV is your thing or interest you, this is worth a look. If not, then probably you should move on to the next big hyped-up product.

    When-oh-when will these over-hyped sales pitches stop (rhetorical question).
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    Hey WahbReview...thanks for the REVIEW

    Was thinking of taking a second look though nothing much was revealed in the promo video or sales copy.

    Again, I'm thankful I consulted the Ole Warrior Forum before pressing the button.
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    Hello WahbReview,

    I came here to see if there was a review for Profit Siege, and am pleased to have found your
    review. Thank you for taking the time for such a great detailed and complete review!
    I really appreciate it. Thank you.
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    Comprehensive review WhabReview! Thank you so much. So many of these "instant millionaire-no work" type products around of late. Really, if you can get rich with no work or very little work, why not?
    Commonsense tells us that the product probably won't stand up to the over-hyped sales pitch, but then, what if it does?
    Ah well! Back to the grind stone again!
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    Thanks WahbReview for the great review.

    I've never tried PPV but for some odd reason, I like this guys style. Something to think about over the weekend.

    Bob Sikorski
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    Hey, thanks for the lengthy review, WahbReview! It certainly gives us much of the information we need to make a decision. I have enough sad experience now to know never to push the buy button until I see a review on Warrior's Forum, and yours was a good one. This product isn't for me.
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    Yes, Thanks for the review. I really appreciate it.
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    Do you think there is an intermediate internet marketing ebook out there?

    These seem to be the same product just rephrased and given a different graphics.
    Otherwise, it's all the same.

    Any recommendations?
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    Thank you, WahbReview, for an excellent and valuable review on PS.
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    Very good review. If the software is good for doing PPV, it deserves a place for its price. After all, $47 for a piece of good software is not a bad deal.

    Perhaps, it's better if the product creator gives more information about the product, then the refund rates will be a bit less. Give people what to expect so that they won't be surprised to see what's included... especially with so many upsells.
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    Thank you for your review WahbReview. Now, I do have an idea on what I am dealing with.

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    Hey Guys,

    Let me give you my own little review of Profit Siege. I bought it on Thursday and I got the basic membership and went for the upsell of the Gold package which was the 5 landing pages. I'll be honest I was actually going to go for the main upsell just to try and get a god jump on this program. However the paypal program wasn't set up to receive Bank account transfers. Anyway I'll be honest with you guys I have never ventured into the area of PPV so this was an all new experience for me. The main reason I even ended up buying Profit Siege was just knowing of Steve Rounds and his reputation, I usually don't buy that many products. Anyway I got the membership and dove in head first! I first watched every video and then installed the software. I signed up an advertiser account with Direct CPV and you get a great bonus of an extra $40.00 in advertising budget through Profit Siege as well. I went through my CPA accounts and picked a simple zip submit and followed through setting it all up by watching the videos as I did it. Direct CPV approved the ad later that day and I was off and running! I have just been running with this one simple zip submit but will be scaling up quickly. In my opinion I thought if you got nothing other than the training videos you would be ahead of the game, I learned ALOT from them. I logged into Profit Siege only to see they are adding more bonuses and they don't seem like they are stopping any time. I was more than happy with what I had gotten for 47.00 so you can imagine how I felt when I saw they would be adding more features! Anyway if you are sitting on the fence go ahead and jump on this, I really feel as though this is going to be one of those golden investments. By the way no one asked me to do this review, I'm just doing it out of support of a really good product. I think it could really help alot of us out. Anyway best of luck to ya.
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    Just curious guys but how did you make your decisions on not to buy without even trying the product?

    With most of these CB products I tend to ignore the sales page and press the buy button and take massive action for at least the duration of the return policy. Profit Siege allows a 60 day return so my thinking was WTF lets give it my best shot.

    My initial take on the course is that it was well worth the price of entry. There is a ton of value and some methods I had never considered when I last tried CPV.

    I keep ya posted on my progress and ROI. I'll be trying depth charge and/or claim jumping next week.
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    thanks for the very detailed review
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    I am new to this forum, but before I ever buy another launch, I look here, you guys reviews are awesome. Thanks, for all the information.
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    It doesn't sound like that bad of a product, also in regards to the sales pitch on 1 hand I agree it is a shame that the sales pitches are usually way over hyped etc. but then again they do write excellent sales copy.
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    well a very big thanks for the review, that has saved me some time and money.
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    Another BS super duper bla bla bla push button software..

    P.S. thanks for review.
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    I've been going through Profit Siege and thought I'd shed some light on it.

    I think this is a VERY good product on PPV, both the tactics and the software.

    The very first time I even heard of PPV was in 2008 from a Joe Lavery/Matt Bacak product.

    The tactics and technology have come a long way since then by the looks of it inside Profit Siege.

    Some people may not "get" the power of this stuff. That's ok. They're not ready for it or they don't quite see what they're looking at for what it is.

    Then there are just people who will whine because that's what they do for just about everything...

    Then there are others who see that PPV is still really like the Wild West (there's A LOT of opportunity here) and you'll take this and run with it.

    This is all totally legit.

    To me this training and software is a huge leap forward compared to what I previously knew about PPV. It's going to help me and people like me make a lot of money, I'm sure of it.
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    Thank you, WahbReview. Very detailed review about profit siege.

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