Dean Holland's Commission Takeover

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Anyone try this yet? If so, any details or a review would be appreciated. How many upsells are there?

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    I am also looking for reviews for this product.
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      I just read a review on it here by a guy who claims to know Dean quite well.

      Looks like pretty basic stuff to me with the first module going through how to set up your blog and then on to getting free traffic and building a list of subscribers.

      Would be interested to see what upsells there are. That's probably where you get to the meaty stuff.

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    Originally Posted by airbusbarkley View Post

    Anyone try this yet? If so, any details or a review would be appreciated. How many upsells are there?

    Just bought this but download page link returns an error. Link provided by Clickbank leads to the first upsell page which then leads to umpteen upsell pages which then lead to the error page.

    I lost count of the upsells after the first four. At least, there was a "No thanks" option below each upsell sales video.

    Emailed both Dean and Clickbank for a working link but losing patience, fast.

    If this is nothing more than blog set up and list building, then what's new? Still, I'd like to give him the benefit of the doubt before throwing in the towel.

    Will keep you updated, if I get access.
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      i'm starting to believe that all internet marketing programs are a scam .. the sales pages are nothing more than a lot of fake clickbank screenshots followed by the usual talk of how you shouldn't listen to the "guru's" and how pissed they're gonna be when they release their product.

      they all rant and rave about some new mystery free traffic source that's a complete and total lie along with the same old tired ass scarcity tactics and of course the unbelievable low price of $47 which we all know is going to be accompanied by several upsells which are generally 4 to 5 times the amount of the original product and even more worthless

      its kind of interesting how none of them and i mean none of them ever have 1 word of substance in their sales pages or sales videos just a bunch of rehashed garbage and talk of the $1,000's they make daily from affiliate marketing .. oh and we all know that they don't make any money besides peddling their own worthless products to people who are desperate and down on their luck hoping and praying for a way to earn some income to pay their bills.

      the next time i see a real honest to goodness product which actually has some merit to it and actually teaches you how to make money on the internet will also be the first.

      i challenge all of these people to teach me how to earn a living.

      but i'm sure i'll have a better chance at winning this weeks powerball lottery or waiting for hell to freeze over than i do of finding an honest internet marketer

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    Hi everyone

    This is the first spare minute I've had to come and check in here.

    Regarding the issue mentioned above, I do apologize, during the night (UK time) there was an issue with the membership script redirecting wrongly.

    It was resolved earlier on this morning, hope you received my emails :-)

    I have to say the best (and only constructive) comment in here really is Jeremy's.

    I've learned to not actually get too affected by what some people say, especially when it's not true at all.

    It's taken me a LONG time to get where I am and actually start making a good living online.

    I'm not the type of guy releasing something every month or 2.

    There was a comment above about my system being basic. My answer to that is I hope it is!

    Do you know how many people I see saying a comment such as that when they have made little or no money online themselves...

    Maybe I have it wrong, maybe people want something that sounds amazing and complex and pretty to look at. Personally I wish before I got into $60,000 of debt prior to my success that someone broke everything down for me into simple pieces.

    I'd actually like to draw the attention of commenter cjr126 to this:

    That's my post here back in 2008 when I first EVER made money online.

    For the record. I SPECIFICALLY chose not to make my sales copy blind. There's even a breakdown of the modules

    And yes they do not exactly tell you whats involved, you want the TRUTHFUL reason why??

    It's because its people like you Chris that clearly have already made your mind up what the product is or is not before you see it.

    Lets say for example if I said I had a training on blogging. Would you think "Ah GREAT I want to learn this" ... Or would you think "Ah I've heard it all before"

    I reckon it's the later... which is VERY wrong!

    I've worked my ass off now for years, in the last 2 years things have really paid off.

    I've learned what to do to actually make money, and how to do certain things well.

    If I'm wrong for sharing that with people to help them then fine I'm wrong.

    If however by visiting my page and saying my screen shots are fake and I'm a scammer then fine, pass me by and continue doing what it is you wish.

    Personally I enjoy nowthing more than looking back at things such as that WF post I have shown you above and thinking "Yes I really finally managed to make it"

    For the record, I could have got my hands on any number of HUGE screen shots if I wanted to be fake, but it's just not me. So I showed my actual achievements.

    Showing you me making $2,000 a week on CB is not a big screen shot in comparision to a lot of the pages online.

    I know it's har dto know who to trust Chris, maybe like me you've ben burned a lot of times, maybe also like I used to be your stuck in a routine of being a 'buyer' and not a real go-getter that implements.

    Whether it be with my training or someone elses, Chris you have to learn a good system to making money online and actually implement it.

    Wish you every success


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    Sorry I forgot to mention something I believe is important to anyone starting out or not yet getting too far...

    There's a comment above that says something like "what's new about this?"

    I think this is a key issue within IM... What 'NEW' things do you want?

    I think if you find yourself thinking that then you need to ask yourself why it's the same methods you keep hearing about, such as list building

    Maybe it's because it works ... ?

    I remember WAYYY before I finally made money I always used to hear marketers say... It's all about traffic and conversions

    Or the famous... the money is in the list

    Did I listen back then? haha, did I heck...

    You know what I realise now... A lot of it is all about traffic and conversions

    And guess what... The money is in the list!

    If only I had stopped searching for something 'new' or something to make me rich quick sooner

    I guess we all have to learn, my learning curve was very expensive. There's a few key things that are not new, they are old...

    So why do the most successful people still use them?

    I'll leave you guys to decide

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      Purchased a copy so I could post a review but when I finally got to the member's area login it asked for email and password. Since I never was given the opportunity to choose a password I waited at least 15 minutes for one to arrive via email (never received one). Then since the only email address that I entered in during the checkout process was during clickbank's checkout I tried entering that email and selected the "forgot password" option only to be told "User doesn't exist".
      Did anybody test the checkout process prior to this thing going live?
      Has anybody else here successfully purchased this product and got into the member's area?
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    Let's cut the crap. 15 (now 16 posts) and not one review.
    No one cares about whether or not the product owner is a good person, or a persons personal feelings of what they "think" the product is, or the ridiculous "take action", and "start from the beginning" message that is starting to surface.

    Dammit, people want a review & they want ANSWERS.
    People want:
    1. To know if the sales page matches the product
    2. To know if the product is working - meaning that a dummy can implement what is being presented and that results can be produce
    3. To know the details of the transactions that are being claimed
    4. To know the DETAILS of the story of the rise of the product owners success -- Not some glazed over story, but intricate details. Dean has stated an example of a post he made in 2008 here on the forum. I wonder if that is mentioned in the product, or a historical outline of that day to today is presented. That's what people want to know.
    5. To know if RESULTS can be achieved in a faster period of time than which Dean has undergone himself. This is slightly the claim made in the sales page, however, HERE, it seems squashed by having statements such as, well we have to learn & my learning was expensive -- therefore, learning how to set up a wordpress blog will allow a person to achieve $600k? C'mon!!!

    Right now, I just don't get it. People are angry. People are demanding more. People have already gained a certain level of knowledge of the basics. People want better answers than, "Take Action" and "Build a list".

    People want NUMBERS. Specifics. Details.
    They want to know expenses that are incurred. They want MORE than a cop-off of a product that was created 6 months ago, with a new face & a smile.

    You don't believe people are pissed? Then take a look at the sales page where there are tons of facebook comments made by people who are finally standing up & saying they are heated. They don't believe. 99% of this is NOT Deans fault, but more of what has happened in the market.

    But for here, right now, this forum needs a review of this product in its entirety. To judge whether or not it's a purchase that will allow a person to achieve the results as what the producer has achieved.

    So far, the ONLY thing that we know about this product is the following:

    1. Bad Purchase Flow Experience: Once a person has purchased, you have issues with logging in. People are tired of that B.S. - I mean $600k & $xx,xxxx per month -- I would immediately FIRE the tech support person OR DEMAND that DAP membership plugin provide a high level of customer service (If that's truly the plugin that is being isued)

    Another thing, I seriously hate when people come by & say, this has been tested & this is working. If a CUSTOMER has purchased & made a claim. The FIRST thing that should be stated is that, "We will look into it immediately!" If a customer has an issue....then it's an issue! Fix the issue!

    2. Angry pre-leads on the site demanding a quality product.

    3. That's all we know so far.....
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    I haven't bought Dean's product yet but plan to.

    Most years I spend $30,000 to $40,000 just buying stuff to
    stay informed. Everything from $5 wso's on up. I've probably
    bought from people on this thread.

    I think the "ripoff" threads are mostly overdone and an excuse for
    not wanting to spend money on self education. Not that some of the
    CB products don't suck. They do. You know, if you haven't figured
    that out yet....I have some land in Florida for you. I've ALSO bought
    some great info products on CB like Winter and Corey's Copy Paste

    Most people think it should all be free or for 5 bucks on WSO's.
    There are some really very, very good wso's. But there's also some
    very high quality info that will cost you a good chunk.

    That's the price of success. Of course, I started many years ago in
    the inner circle of mail order spending $5 there. You got 1000 x for
    your money. But I still learned things. I still remember what I learned
    from a 10 page report I spent 10 bucks for in 1979.

    ALL I ask of an info product creator is:

    1. They tell the truth about how much they've made

    2. They have full disclosure (or reasonably so) on HOW they
    made the money

    Whether or not I like or agree with what they say is totally irrelevant.
    I'm buying their experiences. That's all I buy. And if they show what
    they did to get a result and they show an honest result, that's the end
    of their obligation.

    I think Dean was worked his tail end off to get the specialized info
    it takes to cash in during the past 2 years.

    For him to be willing to share that at a fair price is a gift.

    I've paid as much as $500 for 1 page of information. It's all

    Right now, if you own a mortgage, you've paid $100,000+ for
    ONE sheet of paper...well maybe 2 or 3.

    I wish people would focus less on "ripoffs" and more on all the
    great info and techniques that actually DO exist.

    Oh, Jeremy tells it straight up too. I've bought his products.
    Not a big fan of SE Nuke but you know what? Jeremy revealed
    what he did and how he did it. That was awesome. That's all I
    ask and all anyone should ask.

    Best wishes,

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      I actually purchased the product and had a look over the videos. And here's my honest review.

      1. To cut to the chase this product primarily is about blogging. But doing so in a way that doesn't have you appearing as a money hungry person that is trying to milk your followers for every nickle they have.

      2. Dean seems very sincere and is very easy to understand in his videos. The sales page actually tells you what you're going to get not what the product isn't like so many to hit the market lately.

      3. I didn't see any new groundbreaking information anywhere but I did like his approach of being total above board on aspects of this business model. Following his walkthroughs allows you to be yourself not hiding behind some alias or pen name. He does seem to provide all the necessary information needed to succeed using his methods

      4. I felt this is more for someone fairly new to internet marketing, although even some experienced marketers could find some wisdom on his particular business practices.

      5. I bought this through my own link at a price of $37 vice $47 (I'm sure everybody knows how to do that... if you can't, try closing your browser and reloading it) So at $37 with my commission being $16.61, it only really cost me $20.39

      Video times:
      Module 1 - 57:33
      Module 2 - 10:17 (but 3 videos still have to be uploaded
      Module 3 - 48:07
      Module 4 - 38:04
      Module 5 - 43:50
      Module 6 - 20:11

      Now the negatives:
      1. There are a series of 3 upsells and 3 downsells - rather annoying

      2. I had to email support to get access (but in all fairness they responding within a couple of hours)

      3. Fast Action Bonus #2 and #3 aren't in the member's area even though the videos say that they are... hopefully they'll fix that soon

      4. Your hosting isn't free, it actually cost 9$/month with his recommended service. Most of us probably have our own so that doesn't really matter as you're not forced to use his hosting.

      5. You will need an autoresponder account. Again most of us have that.

      6. There are 3 videos in Module 2 that are not posted as of right now (It says they are trying to fix it).

      7. This is a minor point but the "Process Maps" show an icon for an Adobe PDF file but are actually jpg's (and very large jpg's where you have to scroll around even on a 27" monitor)

      8. All of the videos are not downloadable, you have to view online. I can definitely see the advantage to this for those that would download everything and then request a refund. Also there are no "written" manuals or instructions. So you'll be watching the videos online and taking notes.

      With all that said, at a real cost to me of $20.39, I'll be keeping the product because I'm sure they are going to fix the problems above and I just have this gut feeling that Dean is one of the good guys out there teaching honesty and transparency on your marketing endevours.
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    primarily is about blogging --That's all?

    Are there examples of "blogs" that he is blogging on ? Are there specific sites or details that "HE" is actually using? Or is there the ol' "here's how you create a dog training niche blog example?"
    Are there actual stats being shown by these blogging activities?

    But I digress, maybe it's about which has aided in the $600k & $110k in 30 days....that blog has only 74 blog posts since 2008. And about ZERO in 2011. So, hopefully, we can gain some insight into what types of blogs were created & used.....IF this course is truly "primarily about blogging".

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      Originally Posted by templarjustice View Post

      primarily is about blogging --That's all?

      Are there examples of "blogs" that he is blogging on ? Are there specific sites or details that "HE" is actually using? Or is there the ol' "here's how you create a dog training niche blog example?"
      Are there actual stats being shown by these blogging activities?

      But I digress, maybe it's about which has aided in the $600k & $110k in 30 days....that blog has only 74 blog posts since 2008. And about ZERO in 2011. So, hopefully, we can gain some insight into what types of blogs were created & used.....IF this course is truly "primarily about blogging".

      I don't remember seeing a single blog that he's blogging on but, I could be wrong. He stopped by earlier in the posts so I'm sure he'll correct me if I'm wrong or better yet maybe he can give us all here at WF a couple of examples.
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    I'm using The course and enjoyed the training.
    Its pretty basic when you break it down.

    just do what the videos say and set up your blog(s) and make sure you promote them in a manner that builds trust and relationships.

    If you do what the videos say you will make money, i have a site setup from the course and am following the tips and techniques.

    I personally Liked the course I am Not NEW to IM but I am New to making decent money and this course helps a LOT.

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      Ive had this for almost a week now and Ive had a chance to go through everything.

      Product delivery was very straightforward and the system has been set up with an online members area, providing short Powerpoint video tutorials with their relevant resources (such as pdfs) located just below.
      (Personally, I prefer a download option for such instructions for offline viewing when possible)

      On to the content:

      Module 1 takes the newcomer through the process of setting up a hosting account, registering a domain and installing a WordPress Theme using Fantastico. Dean then shows how to change the theme and install a plug in, as well as how to add pages including an About Me page.
      The emphasis is on taking action and everything is broken down into bite size chunks.

      Module 2 deals with more advanced applications, such as uploading free reports, squeeze pages and Web forms via FTP. Dean provides these reports and squeeze pages for you, which require only basic editing to customise them.

      Module 3 Various methods of generating traffic are discussed and the student is encouraged to interact with other members of the Commission Takeover community by leaving comments on their blogs. Traffic from forums is addressed, as are the benefits of using video for better ranking.

      Module 4 deals with social media and how to avoid some of the most common pitfalls.

      Module 5 addresses the benefits of being an affiliate vs a product owner and demonstrates how to register as a ClickBank affiliate.

      Hand written process maps are provided for the first five modules and whilst these are quite useable, I would have preferred purpose made mind maps.

      Module 6 contains the bonuses and wraps it all up with an emphasis on getting leverage from the Commission Takeover community (fellow students)

      Dean has an upbeat and friendly manner which puts one at ease very quickly. Whilst his gentle approach is ideal for newcomers or those who may otherwise be lacking in confidence with the technical aspects, Warriors with some know how and experience under their belts may be left wanting more.

      One area where even experienced Internet Marketers could learn a thing or two, is Dean's ethical approach to list building and his customers. There is a strong emphasis on delivering quality content before selling, through building trust with the list before making specific offers.

      Dean encourages students to tell the story of their journey without exaggeration or bluffing in their blogs. The course does cover several business strategies and blogging is just one of many.

      The advice on social media is relatively basic, but for those of us who have yet to take the FaceBook plunge, it is nevertheless informative and reassuring.

      All in all, I enjoyed this course and although it is aimed fairly and squarely at newbie marketers, there should also be something of interest here for those approaching an intermediate level.

      (Experienced Warriors might certainly benefit from observing Dean's presentation and teaching style if they plan to launch their own courses)

      What I particularly liked was the ethical approach, the emphasis on "community leverage" and the provision of all resources necessary to implement the training (other than an autoresponder)

      Dean Holland is a well known and highly respected marketer in the UK; any concerns expressed in this thread about fake screenshots and the like will be wholly unfounded.

      Commission Takeover contains everything you'll ever need to get up and running with a new internet marketing business and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending it to fellow Warriors.

      Christopher EYEN
      London UK

      "explode the power of affirmations by uncovering and transforming your subconscious limiting beliefs"
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    I have recently started the Commission take over course and I have found it to be very useful to me as I am just starting out on becoming a fulltime internet marketer.

    The course is designed in a way to take newbie by the hand to create a solid foundation regarding blogging. I have just finished module three which is about traffic generation, that was a complete eye opener to how one can generate traffic without spending money on ppc and other sources that cost you and arm and a leg.

    Dean is just a ordinary guy like you and I, but what he has done is take action to show us what he is doing to make a living online, and that we can also follow the process if we choose to do so.

    I have applied the strategies that Dean has mentioned in the first three modules because I want to give up my fulltime job and become a fulltime internet marketer. Dean Holland has been the first port on my journey.

    My advice is if you want to earn money online and change your life for the better then buy this great product, if you are not motivated to change your life for the better, then don’t .
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      I purchased this course and I really like the way it walks you through the steps. One thing about this course is that it fills in the gaps that many other courses leave by assuming you know how to do this piece or that piece.

      Dean walks you through all the basic things so you can just follow along and set up your blog and do the things he suggests right as you watch the videos. If you already know how to do parts, you can just skip ahead. I went ahead and watched each part as I am always looking for little tips on each piece that I might not have known before.

      Of course, no product works unless you actually do what it says. His course just happens to make it easy to follow along and do what he says in the videos. I've gotten many courses that leave out a lot of basic things. His course is very thorough with step-by-step information that other courses don't provide or don't provide very well.

      You really do need hosting, a domain name, and an autoresponder for his training course. If you are planning to do much online, you need these things anyway. You probably already have them, but if you don't and you want to try to earn money working online, you'd better get the money for these as they really are essential.

      I can't report on any results yet as I am only most of the way through Module 3 right now, but if you are interested in setting up a blog and don't want to try to figure out what to do on your own, this course is a good one.

      I know a problem I often have with courses or products is that I get to some part and don't know how to do that part, so then I go trying to find something to help me do that part, and then I just drift away to some other course or product to find the answer and get distracted so maybe I never get back to what I was doing. There is less chance of that problem with this course.

      I'll post again in a few weeks after I finish implementing it and let you know what is happening.

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    I'm still waiting for a refund..4 days after making the request...

    So much for the 100% Guarantee and Customer Service..!!!

    - G

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      Originally Posted by gj2802 View Post

      I'm still waiting for a refund..4 days after making the request...

      So much for the 100% Guarantee and Customer Service..!!!

      - G


      Thank you

      - G

      Affiliate links and MLM links are not allowed.

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