Stripped Down Profits

by Marius Preda 195 replies
Did anybody buy this product from Haley Milano? Any reviews? Thanks.
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    A link to the product popped up on my alexa news toolbar...I had never heard of it before then, but wanted to come to the forum to see if anyone was talking about it...

    I watched about 90 seconds of the video and just couldn't watch anymore! That is some really cringe worthy stuff, almost to the extent I had to laugh.

    Sorry, because I know this wasn't a particularly useful reply, but some of 'todays' sales letters are just baffling!

    Anyway, I don't really buy products/courses nowadays, but I saw enough of that sales video to put me off almost immediately.

    If it sounds too good to be's usually a pile of crap.

    PS: Towards the start of the video she says something along the lines of 'she made hundreds of thousands of dollars before she even knew the industry existed'...?? That's just ridiculous!
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      It sounds too good to be true, one click?

      If you had found a way to make a million in 90 days
      or even 180 days, would you sell that for $47?

      There surely will be up-sells.

      350 maximum? Hmm, on jvnotify it says there will be $10,500 in prize
      money for the top promoters.

      No problem with refunds as it's via Clickbank.

      I have the time but I cannot be bothered
      but perhaps a WF member will.

      The "reviews" on-line are about as useful as a chocolate teapot.

      98% of the time I am right, why worry about the other 3%?

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    Whats the deal with pitches today? Guru gets people drunk in bars and he spills the beans, Girl catches man with stippers and drugs and he spills the beans. Do these guys use the same BS template?

    Haley sorry hun, but you didn't hook me on that sales pitch. Now Im certainly not saying you are not a good hooker cause Im sure you are but your cheesy sales pitch didn't hook me.

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    lol..I think the creator was very smart to build that STORY with that sexy girl (Oscar award, anyone?). I think that's what will make most people buy sdp with his story of stripping or something. I don't know what the whole story was clearly ;P

    From sources, the one click software is nothing but AGAIN a website creator software that creates 9 different review sites in 3 various BIG niches on web and then there is training given on how to optimize and bring traffic to it with various techniques. Please count how many of such we had in past...Your fingers won't be enough to count even

    Newbies may found it exciting to try but pro's who already know this stuff and are making money good amount of money should think whether they need any software even now that will create website for them.

    PS. I wanted to say this for Stripped Down Profits - SEX SELLS :S
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    Inferiority often wears the mask of superiority.

  • Profile picture of the author Adam J Wagner
    As soon as I saw this, I was reminded of this gem from a while ago... The Rich 16-Year-Old's New Millionaire System
  • Profile picture of the author bluenetworx
    Jeremy is the real deal and this video review is the truth, I am sick and tired of all these BS products, they are nothing short from criminal and the warrior forum need to do the right thing and make a stand against this corruption....what happened to good old ethics eh???

    Jeremy is a champion!!!
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      Thanks Jeremy for giving me today's first laugh Looks like here some guys are more interested about commenting Haley rather product
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    Genius from Jeremy!

    Perhaps it's time we should name and shame the people that sent us to this crap? I have personally received tons of emails this year for these types of products from a really well respected marketer ( I have no respect for him now ). The only reason I stayed on his list is because it was supposed to be a VIP list where I receive updates for a product of his I bought a while ago.

    I have sent replies asking why he is sending me this stuff but of course no response and I have now unsubscribed. But is that enough? Perhaps time for us all to name and shame? Love to hear thoughts.

    Thanks again Jeremy it's people like you that keep a lot of us from buying such awful products as this. You thought about setting up your own name and shame blog with reviews? I'm sure you would be a massive hit
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    WOW! This was pure entertainment!! LOL.... "click one button" "no work" "Clickbank...whatever..." "I hit the Go button" to fuel her shopping.... riiiiiiight!!!

    I can't believe how IM has turned into an entertainment industry. This is by far the MOST entertaining video I have seen in the IM world!!! Worth it just for that! HA HA!! I love the threats she makes to the guru's family to get the "Secret software"

    Do you think she even knows what an algorithm is?

    I laughed out loud when she said people were talking about Wordpress plugins at the Spearmint Rhino! LOLLOL.. she should stick to stripping and "acting"...

    It is insulting as a female! AND an Internet marketer! I hope no one believes this crap!!!!!
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    This is the type of marketing where someone can successfully sue the owner of the product. It's clearly false advertising, promoting false hopes. Any investigative journalist would uncover that 1.) the home she moved in is a lie, 2.) the site is not even owned by her, and 3.) the story is made up. This is the type of marketing that is giving the industry a bad name.

  • Profile picture of the author jrafique
    She is sending kisses towards members in the welcome video inside I don't know if this is something to do with IM

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