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Has anyone had a look at the new service that Chris Rempel is launching tonight at just after midnight PDT? Apparently it delivers thousands of URLs for well ranked blog pages that accept comments containing backlinks, and it delivers each list to just a few people.

Has anyone here been a beta tester or otherwise had pre-launch access? I'd appreciate some real-life commentary if possible.

In the meantime, I was looking for any affiliate offers with a decent bonus and didn't find many worth mentioning. In fact the only ones I could locate were these two:
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    I love this table especially..

    How Time Consuming?
    Can Take Hours Each Day
    Depends on Service. Some are 99% Passive.
    99% Passive
    Minutes per Day
    Minutes per Day
    Realistic ROI?
    Very Small $$,
    Very Small Results
    Small - Med $$,
    Small Results
    Small $$,
    Small Results
    Big $$,
    Big Results
    Small - Med $$,
    Big Results
    Realistic Purpose
    Boost Existing Backlinks

    What a joke..
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    Chris has a proven record for delivering quality results (especially providing free training resources in the War Room)

    His affiliate program is application-acceptance only, so you won't see the usually "spam fest" of Sniper sites being able to promote it.

    In terms of the table quoted by Jamie, that's taken out of context, and was placed on the page in response to requests from pre-launch comments asking for a comparison chart.


    PS - I plan to sign up for the service myself tomorrow - no I'm not an affiliate.
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    Keep in mind there are only four beta testers and they were just selected last week -- depending on the keywords they went for etc. they might not have anything to report on as of yet.

    In terms of usability of the software, Chris does walk you through the software in the video on the website, which helps quite a bit to see if it IS what you might be looking to use (vs an automated solution).

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    I guess I can conclude that you haven't used the service and don't know anything about its effectiveness
    You'd be correct. I think Jamie still has hard feelings about some of the feedback we gave him on his 4-Figure PLR package a while back... what was it called, DigiBizPro?

    Anyway, on to things that are actually important:

    Well, we have about 200 members already as of 12:39 PST.

    (I'll let some of them chime in)

    Once we surpass 400 I need to carefully look at the numbers to make sure we don't go past our inventory limits. Depends on the blocks allotted to user-levels. Most are coming in at $69/mo. but there's quite a few accounts at 129 and 299, which eat up much more of the master DF list...

    I think we can scale monthly inventory somewhat past we what we can currently do, but I'm not sure. I think the eventual member-cap will be in the range of 1000 or so, but that may be pushing it.

    Also @ Dexx - got your email, dude, will get back to you asap


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    I am beginning to think we should have TWO different Product Review threads set up in the Warrior Forum.

    1. Actual Users - clear, concise opinion (good or bad) based on actual use and results

    2. Fantasy Reviews - totally made up reviews and opinions based on never using the products and filled with a bunch of followers posting "thanks dude, this is a scam"

    Unfortunately, Forum 1 would be about 1/10th the size of Forum 2!!
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    Just wanted to make note of 2 things:
    - This is for those who know what they're doing. There is a bunch of stuff in the backoffice to help out, but this is not for newbies (which is a GOOD thing IMO).
    - This is note a software but a DB of best locations to get links from. Unless you have a lot of time or have a dedicated VA to work with you, this is not a good option (it's not very automated).

    I saw a few common urls between what I own guys dug up so I know the overall DB is good. I've joined at the $299/month level and will report any changes I see in my SERPs with this soon here. I'll be testing with both high competition and low-mid competition KWs.
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    I'm curious as to how this compares to something like Blog Comment Demon. Better/worse or just different?
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    Ok hopefully the off topic stuff will end. Not the place for it.

    I joined Chris Rempel's ActuallyRank today also. If it delivers anything close to the promise it will be well worth the price and I'm going to teach one of my guys in the Philippines how to leave respectful and useful blog post comments on my behalf for my money sites.

    I've paid $150/month to have profile links outsourced in the past. The way I see it my $69 combined with about another $50/month for a pro-rated portion of my employee's time means I'm paying LESS than the former but probably getting more value.

    I haven't even had a chance to login yet. I'll happily report back after a month of using this service. It's a no brainer to try it out. Worst case scenario I'm out $69, but I highly doubt that happens. Chris is pretty straight-up about stuff in my experience.
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    I have never found any effectiveness from profile links. $150 per month on outsourcing profile links is quite expensive. I rather spam high PR blogs with high PR pages within to get some link juice.
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    I joined Actually Rank yesterday at the lowest level, based on the other things I've bought and seen from Chris in the past, which have been very good. I've already used it a bit, and I'll put together a review based on what I find.

    Based on past experience, I doubt I'm going to see any overnight ranking improvements. These kinds of things usually take some time, although after they get rolling it's usually worth it.

    One of the pages I'm using this for is already on page 1 of Google, but at pos #3 for one of the main keywords I'm targeting, and pos#2 for the other. I'm hoping to get both of them into #1, and move another primary keyword from page1 pos7 (out of 7.4 million exact matches) up to the top as well.

    That will be a tough test, because getting from the bottom to the top of page one is no easy task most of the time, especially with so many competitors, many of whom are either gov entities or large businesses.

    I also have some blog posts in the weight loss niche and that I'm hoping to use AR to boost up. These are also highly competitive phrases, so we'll see what it's made of.

    Stay tuned.
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    There are many services like this.

    The bottom line is: will the comments and posts left on the network, be monitored for quality?

    If too many people post crap, well.. we all know what will happen.
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    Is anyone finding any appreciable amount of dofollow blogs that actually allow reader comments?

    I haven't even found one yet, after going through about 100 of them. I've been commenting on the high PR nofollow ones, but I don't even think those comments will go up because they seem to be abandoned wordpress blogs.
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    My initial impressions of this were pretty poor. The quality was so bad I didn't even bother sending to my VA to work on as it would have been a waste of his time and my money.

    The first update didn't really help much either.

    But the second update has taken this service to what it should have been initially.

    I hand commented on about 100 urls last nite and overall was pretty pleased with the sucess rate.

    What Chris is doing to avoid saturation seems to be working. This list was a lot less spammed than most of the other lists I get. At most I saw maybe 10 comments from other AR members.

    I even had quite a few comments on pr3 pages where there were no comments at all yet. Almost didn't even try commenting on these as it's usually a sign the moderator isn't letting any through but turns out I was able to anyways.

    I cancelled my sub around the first update but will be resubbing to this as think it's going to be pretty good now.

    So I went from not recommending this due to it not being quality to now almost not wanting to recommend it to keep it a secret ;-)
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    So is anyone who is using this having any success?

    It seems that the service is no longer offering pr as an indicator of link value.

    Maybe I am wrong, but it looks like Chris couldn't deliver on his promise of high pr links so he made up his own scoring system to determine the value of a link.

    So my question is who using this service is happy and who is not. He is suppose to have the quality of the links updated by now.

    So how is it going for everyone who is using this service? Are you getting high pr dofollow links like the salespage promised? Are you seeing your sites moving up the ranking in the SERPS?
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    Can anyone report back on whether this service is working for them?
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    Bottom line is, go with a reputable link service that can give you access to sources that are less-ravaged by other seo'ers, or, go the automation route and use automation tools to source your own backlink farms. That's the smartest in my opinion.
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    Not really, the list is organized in a very simple manner. I've spent maybe a total of one hour on the site to find the links I link to.

    Firefox + NoFollow detection plugin = Easy Peezy.

    Open link in tab -> see if the links on the page are no-follow or do-follow -> leave related comment regarding the topic -> move to next link (repeat)

    Can't comment on the challenges of the other poster, but I'm not sure how he couldn't get a decent link after 5 minutes...let alone 3 hours. (however I also don't know what exactly he was doing to search for those links / what he was posting for comments)

    All I'm saying is finding quality backlinks is a very simple process with the system they have setup. I could really care less whether others use it or not--as long they just don't shut it down for my use.


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    I couldn't wait any longer for actuallyrank to open up again so i bought scrapebox.Within 1hour i can crank out thousands of high PR blog pages easily. Now I can't see any different btw the two in terms of getting comment page except that scrapebox doesn't have a reliable addon yet to check dofollow/nofollow page. I think it would be great if chris could also includes the commenting service inside the membership.
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    Just a quick note to let people know that this opened up today. Last time it closed within 24 hours.

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