Has anyone purchased the iPAS program?

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The program is called the Internet Prospect Acceleration System (iPAS) started by Chris Campbell and Chris Jones.
It is a program that has a "pay to play" fee of around $300-$500 (depending on what level) and provides a coach with unlimited access to help one get income from IM fairly quickly. There is a $30 per month fee that pays for website and hosting. The c-panel of that has records of all the calls that have been made to leads, the date, times, progress and any signups, I believe.

The primary program they are encouraging you to promote IS the iPAS program, as an affiliate. HOWEVER, there is also access to YourNetBiz, which is another resource that has several hundred informational products that you can sell as well. You can also market your own products or services.

They have set up a funnel system that follows up with your leads on your behalf. In addition, if you do have money for advertising with them, they get leads from TV, radio, online, direct mail, etc. and depending on your ad investment budget, you receive a percent of the leads ie, if you invest $100 and the pot has $10,000, your percent of the leads generated would be 1%.

According to them, you can start without using advertising dollars... they will help you post what and where until you start making an income so you can take a % and then scale up.

There is no money back guarantee unless you don't make any money for a year after having done all the stuff they teach. At that point, you can get your initial investment back.

I may be missing some pieces of this, but this is the gist of things. The sales guy seems to think this thing is exploding, but based on very little info on the web, it is either a "secret" or is basically not effective or not worth pursuing. I have not signed up, but I am curious.
Thanks very much for any input.
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    Do yourself a favour - Google the guys who run this program. As my American friends say...do your due diligence.
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      Thanks so much for your note.

      I guess what amazed me was the almost total silence here. I usually find all kinds of info about all kinds of programs. even about stuff I haven't heard about or find easy to disregard...

      I guess silence is an evaluation. Thanks again. I'd already decided not to pursue it. Don't want to waste my time chasing. Have done plenty of that.
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        Funny how they say free automated system that doesn't require you setting up anything, but once you're inside, there's a lot to set up if you really want to succeed. A true automated system is, give your affiliate link and the system will build your income overtime.
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    You have to set up autoresponders--they work with Aweber of Get Response. You select traffic sources and set up back office. Other systems may provide an autoresponder, but then they lack some of the other features.
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    Guys I am having phenomenal results with Ipas.

    sales video removed

    Please read the rules of this forum

    Let Me Help You EARN Your First $750/mo Online!
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    It's part of the Empower Network. Frankly, while I know of one guy that's been having success with it and ISN'T a jackass (aka he's 60 and genuinely helps folks), it's just not something I'm into. I guess I'm MLM-phobic.
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