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A friend of mine just started to get involved with a program called six figures mentors

The Six Figure Mentors

run by these lot:

The Team | The Six Figure Mentors

Does anyone have any feedback...I am trying to wade through the "reviews" online as I wait for my fellow warriors learned reviews

Many thx

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    Yep there doesnt seem to be any unbiased reviews/review sites anywhere, even on BH forums, everyone just promoting it!
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    it's MLM was the yournetbiz model that stuart ross was part of and copied which is now SFM. you basically pay a so called mentor £1k to have the right to then be able to sell it on yourself, you position yourself as a so called mentor to prospects, SFM call it attraction marketing, and the cycle begins. stuart claims to mentor you but you got more chance of going to the moon than actually speaking to him. every one you sign up you earn like a £1k commission with i think 20% going to your mentor.

    my advice, stay away and learn the proper affiliate marketing.
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    Per usual, people who haven't a clue spouting their nonsense on forums about a system they have no information on and can't even be bothered to do the research. You say that it's blind selling and yet the SFM is the only training system that actually show you behind the scenes before you make any decision as to whether the program is a good fit for you. Go to youtube and look for the videos that take you into the back office before slating.

    To the other person doing the same nonsense spouting about SFM being MLM, get your facts right. SFM is a network marketing system, yes, but it's not MLM. There's no creating down-lines and there's no dependance on the system and it's member sales to earn any cash whatsoever. You promote their products just like any other affiliate offer but are not in any way obligated to do so. I speak to Stuart a couple of times a week inside the community as do many other members.

    The SFM is hands down one of the best training programs out there at the moment. The training, community, forum, live calls with 6 & 7 figure earners, live webinars, tools, recurring income streams, high ticket commissions just to name a few is enough to make this a class above the crap that's out there.

    You talk about learning proper marketing when 90% of the training out there is outdated and useless. The SFM is a cut above any of that crap and the knowledge you gain from the extensive training is exactly what's needed in this industry.

    Stop adding to the crap by giving an opinion on something you have no idea about. It's people like you that have others buying into the same regurgitated nonsense that just doesn't work anymore. This industry is changing rapidly and many are being left behind. Inside the SFM you learn exactly what's working right now in this industry and it's being constantly updated. There's real products and training being sold here.
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    Lots of promises by the people behind SFM but once your in and they have your money they don't care. Apparently Martin Hickey ( Stuart Ross's side kick works in a Jewery store part time cos IM doesn't pay him enough. I read that a while ago I dunno if its still true but I do know he is the guy who will phone you up and try and sell you SFM.

    Stuart Ross is a fantastic marketer there is no doubt. Problem is he pretends to care and and claims he is different but he isn't he just wants your money
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    I am a family doctor and a founder member of The Six Figure Mentors/DEA and I fully endorse their training and business model. I have learned a lot from them over the years and am doing well building my online business with them. StuartRoss and Jay Kubassek have "been there and got the tee shirt".
    Full disclosure: Yes, I promote the SFM training program because I know from experience just how good the quality of the training is and I know the power of the business system behind it.
    I wrote a Six Figure Mentors Review that I published on my personal blog at
    I can honestly say that I have made some very good money promoting the Six Figure Mentors system and I use their training and software as the foundation of my other online affiliate promotions. At the end of the day, there will always be people who think that they know better than everyone else and there will always be naysayers and people with negative comments about even the very best things in life and this is no different.
    Anyone can try the entire system out for 30 days with a rock solid 30 day money back guarantee so if people are curious or nervous about getting scammed they can take advantage of the free trial and make their own mind up?
    Where's the risk?
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    SFM is nothing more than an MLM pyramid scheme. Avoid like the plague.
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    There seem to be a lot of good reviews about SFM on this site, but how many of you are actually making money. Now you say you can read the forum and follow the info but surly if you have a mentor that is making money and is providing lots if good value and you see improvement the longer you are with them, surly it is better than going on a forum and following the advice of 30-40 different people who provide very little value with a online technique that you are not sure is working anymore.
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    This looks like a great programme. I might even get involved haha.
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    Sounds like the million dollar club or is that different?
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    Looks informative at the least. For those who've had negative experiences, what happened to you specifically?
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    Seriously is that the marketing they teach you spam your link in a forum. I will tell you straight , you will get no more info from SFM than an marketing for newbies ebook. Look I am a member there, save your money. The top earner promoting SFM has made less than 10 k per month for the last 6 months and then you need to take out their expenses on advertising etc. this guy here has just shown what crap it is,,,
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    I first started with the SFM, I didn't get very far to be honest. It got me started on my journey but I found better ways to learn myself.
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    I joined the SFM in September and ended my membership last night.

    The positive: I learnt a lot in the system, there are regular webinars - a few times each week where strategies are discussed both marketing and motivation, etc. Money can most definitely be made, I have met people that are making a killing in the programme.

    The negative: The sales process is not very transparent, you are sold the idea that you don't need loads of money to get started (except of course the $1,500 it costs to join the Elite Programme). Once in you realise that you need another $5K for paid advertising or at least 6 months worth of hard slog doing free advertising to build your list to a level sufficient enough to actually start earning. Also, once in the sales funnel they are very selly which put me off.

    The community can be great, unfortunately not many people contribute and it takes up to 2 weeks for someone to get back to you and then it is one of the support team a lot of the time. Plus because it is a general marketing education system the members of the community are all working with different strategies and therefore are not always able to help.

    There are several levels, Elite, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Black. When you are being 'sold' it is implied you get all this amazing training and mentorship but once in you realise that to get ALL of that you basically need to be one of the higher levels.

    My verdict would be that if you have the capital it could be a gold mine - high ticket commissions between $1-$8K but if you do not have a good $20K to spare upfront or a lot of time to take advantage of free advertising methods you are going to LOSE!

    I made an executive decision and cut my losses.

    There is a lot of value here on the WF for free without paying a $97 monthly subscription. Not to mention the many internet marketing blogs that give tremendous value. And lastly, you can find most of the SFM training videos on Youtube!

    PS. Even though I was paid up until 16 December. The minute I said I wanted to cancel my membership my access was removed, no questions asked. I found that a bit harsh considering I had given them $2,500 in the last 3 months. Not feeling the love.
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    Widgetnz - that is cool that you seem to have detected a way to lose money - before you actually did so (to any extent).

    Gosh - there are a ton of money drains out there. And it's really hard to avoid them.

    That's why I tell all my members at HeyMalc to invest their money a low cost, money-making system (I recommend half a dozen which pass my own sniff test...) and plod through it steadily setting up a solid business - as opposed to chasing dreams.

    (It's so-o-o-o-o hard to avoid chasing those dreams! You blink - and you find yourself chasing another one! LOL)

    Good luck with your search, and well done for doing your "due dilligence" and cutting out one dead end.

    I don't know this programme personally, but when the founder boasts about how he:
    "..quit his job and build a multiple six figure income business his very first year online...." (company page) have to think it's suspect - it just reeks of the hyperbole you find in the typical bullshit guru sales videos :|

    Interestingly, your link to: "The Founders" in your OP is dead. But folks can read about the company here:

    Good luck with everything and, yes, if it smells like a skunk, it's probably a skunk. LOL


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