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I used Veretekk for a month or so about 4 years ago (maybe 3 years ago?) but it seems to have changed a lot. I am having a bit of a hard time trying to find out exactly what it does and how it does it or better said what tools it uses. I have read some post stating it can deliver several thousand backlinks a month and will give you a bunch of leads. How does it do that and where are the backlinks and leads coming from?

If you've used it or are currently using it can you tell me what it does and how it helps you with marketing, please. Is it worth the time it will take to learn?

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    OK, well, Veretekk is the top marketing platform on the Internet, that's what they tell me, it has thousands of customers, that's what they tell me and it builds massive list and backlinks, they say that also.

    So, there should be a large number of members in this forum? Where are you all?

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    Well... I am currently a Gold member of Veretekk because I got a free trial.

    I couldn't quite figure out what to do with it and my sponsor seems to be sleeping all the time.

    The only thing I can say is that its difficult to get out again. You have to print out a resignation form, sign it and send it to them per Fax ^^
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    So I spent a good 30 minutes answering both of your questions and good old Warrior Forum wouldn't let me post it do to some technical difficulties, I will come back and do it over is a few minutes.

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    Seems very very fishy... the only people on this entire forum that have anything good to say about this company are people who just signed up and whose only posts are on this thread in defense of Veretekk.

    I am presently waiting for one of their seminars to begin and they actually blocked me in the chat for asking a few questions prior to the beginning. And then sent me a private message telling me to keep my questions until the end. They were totally cool with my questions until I began to ask if I was about to be asked for money by a billionaire so that he can help me become a millionaire... they didn't care for that.
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    I have been with Vereetekk since 07 and have been to a lot of trainings that went on about one every hour at that time. Veretekk was the first system I found out that the trainers would help you in class or out if you had any questions and did not understand how to do things. You can not learn it in a month or even a year but work at it and you will get results. Veretekk is the only system where you can talk to the CEO of Veretekk on skype or by phone. Tom Prendergast will get back to you and talk with you. I have become a trainer also and have a class 2 twice a week on HTML. When you say that your sponsor did not help you than did you contact a trainer or Tom Prendergast, he would have seen to it that you got the help you need. So Please do not bad mouth a system unless you know all the facts.
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    First of all, Veretekk is a very good SEO and leads generation tool. It uses many techniques, all of which I do not plan to tackle in this response. For leads generation, it has a wonderful back office, where you can interact with your leads and communicate and track everything, It has very sophisticated blogging, forum generation and link building systems. It has many aged domains, each Veretekk system having them, which can all be linked to each other. It now comes with hosting and the ability to create your own super-blogs as sub-domains on aged domains.

    The best way to learn for yourself is to obtain a free silver account and take the time to walk through all of the extensive training the system offers. By doing that you will be able to also communicate and discuss issues with the many members and veterans of the Veretekk Skype group.

    I hope that this information has been of use to you and that you will take the time to accept the free training offered by the free tool. If you then feel that the additional amenities of the gold V2 are for you, you can always upgrade to a paying account.

    Veretekk V2 is a marketing system, not an MLM, the tools are there to assist you in marketing your business.
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    I'm curious-and I apologize if this is too far off topic for the review section. If Veretekk is no longer using an MLM model, what is the Ed Mercer group up to?

    I probably should just opt in, but I'm always a bit hesitant without some idea.

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    Veretekk started out in 1998 as a standalone Application Service Provider with “Aweber” like email systems, lead capture portals, and Internet Marketing training. Back then (before there was web conference technology) we used ICQ and telephone bridges to facilitate this.

    We sold the service for $19.95 for the lead capture portals system and another $19.95 per month for our email system.

    In 2005, after being a vendor to 100s of mlm companies we decided to become an affiliate with a 3 tier commission system. At that point we had the web based conferencing system, lead portals, the email and autoresponder systems were combined and we made it available for $54.95 per month.

    We did not get the stellar results we were looking for, but primarily because we never ran big promotions hyping Veretekk as an income opportunity but rather focused on the state of the art of Veretekk’s services like one of the old tools known as The Hammer, which was a huge success back in it’s days for producing massively good leads.

    Times change and so does the Internet and Veretekk has evolved. The latest developments is our proprietary social marketing system, advanced blogging systems, a state of the art email and autoresponder systems, social system broadcasting tools, web conference rooms for every subscriber, hosting and a whole array of very advanced techy stuff for SEO and capture portals.

    In March of 2012 we launched the new V2 systems and at that point we removed all mention of being an mlm off the web pages and no longer made it know we were mlm.

    One very obvious reason to remove the mlm aspects are found in cases like Visalis against Empowerment Network. Your big product driven mlms clearly and strictly forbid their distributors from promoting other mlm opportunities to their down lines. Case in point, Visalus took action against many of their distributors, terminating them, for promoting Empowerment Network to their Visalus down lines.

    I think you can see that the mlm aspect of Veretekk, however subtle actually worked against us. Veretekk was primarily built to help our subscribers build their primary business. Because we were mlm many of our subscribers, who only used Veretekk to do just that, built their primary business, but would not promote this system to the very people who would benefit from it, their down lines.

    More than 90% of our subscribers use Veretekk for the service, not as an opportunity. When we finally terminated the mlm aspect, after letting everyone know, that as of 2013 it would be terminated, only 4 out of the 1000s of subscribers actual quit over this.

    However, many past distributors then contacted me and confirmed that this was the right action. “That being several large distributors” for companies like Send Out Cards, Shaklee, Trivita and Organo Gold.

    We did not have an mlm collapse, what we did was smart business. Because Veretekk has always been able to stand firmly on our proprietary advanced technology that in fact works, is always upgraded and kept current to today’s trends and market.

    Veretekk is no longer mlm, but Veretekk is very strong and growing.

    I have also researched and written in detail based on my knowledge from the past 20 years as a vendor to the mlm industry and my experience thereof, that service driven mlm companies all fail. All of them fail. There is copious data to back this up and if you look for that article you can read all about my research based on my 20 years in this market.

    There is also something to be said, that in a perfect world, mlm (pyramid schemes) that the geometric progression will eventual meet with over saturation and fail. In the real world, chaos rules supreme so this scenario of recruiting everyone in the world never transpires. But, with that said, this is why it is also extremely important that any product driven mlm, make the acquisition of customers far more important than just the act of constantly recruiting more distributors (sales people), because to do so, invites a collapsing down line. Primarily because the leading edge of recruiters are always spending more than they make and will eventually quit for lack of making any income. As they quit the trend moves up line and the organization collapses.

    In contrast an organization that focuses on real customers, then those satisfied customers continue the purchasing path based only on satisfaction and competitiveness of the products or services they purchase.

    In summary, almost all service driven mlms are based solely on distributors making money. Most product driven mlms are not. An mlm that’s sole purpose is the never ending recruiting of more distributors (sales people) is destined to fail.
    Veretekk does not need to be mlm to succeed. In fact, as the facts revealed themselves, Veretekk being an mlm was hurting us.

    This is why Veretekk is no longer an mlm and is why we are moving toward a model to make the entire system and all services Veretekk offers absolutely free.

    I have published a Press Release about it

    Thomas Prendergast
    CEO, Inc.
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    Very few online marketing systems/businesses have been online & successful as long as Veretekk - I've used it in the past with good results. Might have to try again to see what's new & improved.

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