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Hi Everyone:
I am thinking about purchasing Killer Content by Socrates. Is anyone using this yet? I would like to know anything pro or con about this new product. Is is really different as he claims? All feedback will be appreciated.
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    I already have his program,

    If you like, I can send you some screens from the members area so you can see how it looks :-)

    And yes. It actually is a pretty good system with loads of bonuses and increadible content. He even gives you access to a database of over 10000 PLR products that you can use to resell :-)
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    Just got full access last night, so far i'm diggin this - will go more in-depth later with a video review on my channel.
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    Hi...If anyone out there knows: Do any of the videos explain how to set-up the blog the right way, and configure it correctly so that it looks appealing? Also, can anyone elaborate on the upsells: price and what they actually are? Thanks a bunch!
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    I personally bought this product, although i am new to IM i was not impress with his product. I receiev an email marketing (cant remember who sent me that) that this product will give me 100 new website.

    As i thought this would be a cool product, i bought it anyway, tons of up sell, i reject all of it cause i just want the 100 website. When i get to the content, i found out that it just gives you many PLR articles. Training was too basic. The most funny thing about this is that while he is explaining about how to use his product, there are instances that he is not even sure about the product himself. It your own product, how do you not know how to use it?

    I believe he doesnt even use the product to make money. I think it a big scam, stay away from him. I have unsubscribe his email.

    By the way, when you ask clickbank for a refund, he will give you an upgrade for free. So anyone interested in the upsell, do not purchase it, he will give you an upgrade for free worth 297$ if i am not mistaken.

    But the product even with the upgrade still sucks, so in my opinion, stay away!!!
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    I can see your points, and they're valid. Personally, I dont care if he's made money or not using this method. Fact is, PLR articles and Article spinning DOES work and there are many on this forum (including myself) who have made money with those combined methods. This system automates that for me, so therefore - I'm really digging it. :-)

    If you're NEW, you might want to check out Matt Carters Rapid Profit Formula - Rapid Profit Formula (no affiliate link) - if you want to see inside the members are of that, i've got a video showing it in my youtube channel. Good luck
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    I've bought it for the bonus from John Thornhill

    Personally the video sales process is awfull, I really didn't have the time to watch the scripted video full of NLP trying to push and prod at my emotions. I left the video running whilst playing mario and found that I was automatically at the $10 discount.

    Then I can't even skip the OTO, it's being going on for 15 minutes now and I can't even tell you if the main product is any good - great way to piss off customers!

    I can now see it is $197, I'll be skipping on that, and I think that if I tie this in with some of the other niche research sites I have access to I may be able to set up some splogs and generate traffc?

    If you are interested in buying this then make sure you buy through a link that is going to get you a great bonus. Hopefully the content inside is better than the salesprocess.
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    it's easy to use and FULL of content/articles etc
    Are the articles unique to the site, or the generic ones that have been around for years?
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    This is great software with good bonuses and very easy to use
    His tutorial videos are easy to understand and the auto blogging feature is brilliant
    Socrates is a honest genuine guy and not a scam artist as anyone who has dealt with him will agree.
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    Two questions:
    1) Are new articles added at any regular intervals?
    2) In the video you mention being able to create an ebook from the articles. Is that part of the basic purchase or is that one of the upsells?
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    ejaffe, I agree with you I like the product itself and as far as the upsells if you don't want them they send you an email where you can login in directly and if you click away it says something about apparently our video took too long and you can click "No I do not want your offer, etc."

    Once again this is one of the most complete PLR content providers and it is compatible with The Best Spinner which is exactly that!

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    Jerri I was thinking about this also I would like to see a
    example site too. How are the quality of the articles?
    I have the best spinner also.Thanks!
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    I also bought the product for $37 - not the upsells. I think there is a lot of good article content and I really love the Best Article Spinner. I looked at The Best Article Spinner site and found out that they charge $77 per year, so you are getting a real value with the one time fee of $37. I think the article spinner make the articles very readable and requires just a small amount of editing.

    Hope this helps.
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    Stright-forward Question:

    Has anyone made any money with this program i purchased it tonight but now i am not too sure about it as i didnt like the upsells and know really keen on this talk of 200 websites when basicly you have to create wordpress hosting (if your like me on a free doamin)

    still a good program
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    I've just received an email promoting this.
    It is one of those products that sounds too good to be true and we all know what that means.

    I notice all the Clickbank shots are from 2011.
    Does this work in 2012 post Panda etc?

    Any one using this software and making money with it?

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    It comes with a lot of articles, has its own spinner and auto submission is also possible. So far I found convenient to use.
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    This is being promoted again... just wondering... if somebody still making money with this as presented in the vid? The screenshots are from 2011 and the Internet changes at light speed as we know. Would appreciate your feedback!
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    Hi - does anyone have any updates on this at all? It's been a while since anyone posted.

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    How could anybody give this product serious consideration. This thread and his sales page are 3 years old and he has not appeared once to defend any criticisms of his product. Lift your game WF unless products are updated to reflect the current market they should be tossed out of the marketplace. Fair Dinkum its hard enough to find the honest sellers without having to sift though this c**p

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