Niche Blitzkrieg

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Hello Warriors

Any have experience with "Niche Blitzkrieg"?

Is this a good system or what?
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    I am using this now and the promises of automatic indexing with pretty much a blank blog does not work. I do not want to discourage anyone and maybe I did something wrong.
    The lessons tell you that you can get indexed before you really complete your blog. They tell you to just put keywords on the blog and submit it to Badass RSS Submitter which costs $27/month.
    But right now it is not working and I would like to know if anyone is making money from this program. :confused:
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    Whats next I wonder? Final Solution Linking, SS Marketing, Interahamwe SEO, Mau Mau JV, Khmer Rouge Minisites?

    I wish some marketers had some sense of History before naming their money making products or using graphics that glamorise a painful part of History for many.

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    The name Blitzkrieg means "lightning War". Though the Germans came up with the term and it was used in a HORRIBLE time in history it's not used in this case as reference to glorify pain and suffering.

    It's simply being used to explain a "fast" or "lightning" way to get a Niche built and ranked in the search engines. I KNOW my history I also know what the terms mean.

    To even suggest this is to glorify something that was an awful part of history is absurd.
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    You're really crossing up the lessons and things that are taught. In fact, your post is not even remotely accurate. Since you're part of the course why don't you send me an email or skype me and I'll help point you in the right direction and explain many of the steps that you must have over looked. We're always happy to help our course members.
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    hi, so I've been looking at this system, and I've been looking at a lot of other systems as well. I'm kind looking for a bottom line of say I invest the $47, put in the work, build the sites, etc...realistically what can I expect as full out of pocket expenses to start. and reasonably what kind of income to start and roughly how long on average to expect it? I'm very willing to put in the hours needed to make this work, I'm not expecting a get rich quick at all, but I would like some more nitty gritty facts about what to expect before I spend my hard earned money on something like this. I realize you guys have given it favorable reviews, and I haven't found any bad reviews either. the doesn't have any info on the site, which I guess can be a good thing. I've tried the surveys and other things, which are a lot of work, for very little gain. not time/cost efficient. I would appreciate your help with this. thanks
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    Once you become a Niche Blitzkrieg member, Michael Brown will email you the resources that one would need to learn in order to SUCCESSFULLY create websites. Now, I would imagine that the website would advertise product(s) or some online business(es): marketing products, services, etc.

    So, I am making an educated guess in determining my costs in getting started. A website is USELESS without SUCCESSFUL and ADVANCED MARKETING STRATEGIES AND TOOLS. This becomes necessary for directing TRAFFIC to one’s website.

    Therefore, as with any business, I believe it’s reasonable for one to know forehand of the cost involved in starting his/her business:

    I summarized an estimate as outlined below:

    1. Web-hosting [website cost:] $4.95 per mth.

    2. Website Domain Cost [say, great white domains] $20.00 per year,

    3. Auto Responder $19.95 per month,

    4. Keywords Service [For successful marketing] $15 to $150 per month,

    5. Advertising Cost [using Google AdWords] $500 a week.

    I apologize if my inferences are incorrect. But would someone please advise what would be my overall costs and where I can get ongoing support once someone registers as a member of Niche Blitzkrieg

    Thank you and I wish everyone the best in their business endeavours.

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    As a proud member of the Niche Blitzkrieg system, I can definatley say that this system is well tailored for those looking to being a career in internet marketing.

    Now I not promoting Michael's product here for my personal benefit, although I do have a review link( ignore it if you want), but I just wanted to share my honest opinion on his system.

    I've been at internet marketing a couple months now, and Niche Blitzkrieg was the first system I invested in, and boy was I glad I made a sound investment, cause it was very easy to get side tracked by many other programs offing quick riches.

    I like the fact that Micheal was open and honest about his system from the start, saying it was no get rich quick system, but you will learn the foundations of building your website empire. The course material was very well laid out and easy to follow with a break down of all the steps and screen shots along the way to help. But most importantly was the videos following each lesson, were he goes through the entire lesson live, so you can be sure that you are on the right track.

    Again, this is no get rich scheme. It honestly took me about a month and a half before I made my 1st sale, and trust me, between that period I was having my doubts as to whether this system was going to work, but I stuck at it and I believe that is extremely important for success, no matter which internet marketing system you follow.

    Now I have a few sites under my belt, and the course has now paid for itself and continue to bring me a nice residual income. I haven't gotten rich of this system, and proberly won't be making millions with this method alone, but for a person who is truly new to internet marketing, it is definitely one of the few products in my opinion that takes you by the hand and walk you through the entire process of setting up your 1st website empire.

    Being a current user of the NBK system still,if you have any questions feel free to PM me.
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    I am a member of Niche Blitzkrieg, and hands down it is one of the best programs I have ever used in my life. There are a few different programs out there like this one but the big thing that sets NBK apart is the fact that Michael Brown and John Mann are so interactive in the forum. Whenever we have a single problem they are both there to fix it and ready to talk whenever we need help.

    Throughout the entire course Michae Brown also gives us the option of doing things for FREE or for a small cost here and there. Overall, the options work out pretty well either way. Of course the free way costs a little bit, but paying a little bit for a product that is going to help you for the rest of your IM career should be worth it, I would suppose anyways.

    Again, I love NBK

    Thanks guys. Hope I enlightened someone today.
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    There has also been a recent update on niche blitzkrieg!

    Since the release of niche blitzkrieg underground, a bunch of members have joined in along side myself and we're starting to actually see results. Within niche blitzkrieg underground, Michael Brown literally gives us the keywords that we can use to be successful... and to be totally honest...


    He gave me a list of keywords which I used on a website, but didn't even have the website with more than the front page as content and it was ranked #11 for it's main keyword in under 2 days! For a keyword that was pretty competitive but had research done by Michael, I was just amazed. I believe I can rank the keyword as #1 within this next week and definitely see some results.

    Not to mention, every single keyword for each website I have used in niche blitzkrieg underground, I actually rank within the top 40 within just a few days.

    Anyways, just thought i'd share that success since this is the review section. I really liked niche blitzkrieg underground, so I really do advise people try it.
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    Has anyone bought Google Sniper & Blitzkrieg? Which is best?
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    I started using this system in December 2009 after trying several others that was full of hype and little practical use. I've completed two sites and both are on the first page of Google and Yahoo. In addition, they are are in the first position for three listings and 11th on the other. They are also on Bing. I did not pay for the Yahoo listings. To save a thousand words, see for yourself: and The first site appeared 7th on the first page of Google within 48 hours.

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    I am an internet marketing newbie. I was wondering if one can compare blitzkrieg to niche profit classroom, or is it apples and oranges? I am definitely going to join something. I am not expecting to make a huge amount of money but merely trying to get my feet wet. I realized a long time ago that the best way to make money is to create passive income through a business. Thus, here I am. Thank you in advance for any help you may be able to offer.

    P.S.- I am looking for something in niche marketing.
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    Join now, period, question answered. No it's not a scam and if you don't like it, yes there is a money back guarantee. I've joined about 2 weeks ago and already have two sites up and running and already made 5 sales. Of course results will vary, I work 16 hours a day on my business and been around this industry for a while. Best bang for your buck MMO out there. However, you may want to buy some of the tools. You will also need to spend on domains and hosting. This is a "rinse and repeat" type program.

    @Jeane- Did you ask? Bad A$$ RSS blows, I'll say that much, RSS bot works much better, although I use a better tool but costs a lot more. You won't get your whole site indexed right away, that doesn't exist, what the lesson teaches is that your RSS feed will get indexed right away, not your whole site.
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    I have used NBK for my ground IM-training.

    I found it very easy to use and it comes with well written guides to follow.

    Michael and his team is quick at answering questions in the supportive forum, so I would recommend the products to newbies, who

    1) Would like to understand the proces of IM
    2) Would like to build simpel blogs
    3) Wants to understand the methodology in IM ( do this first, then next and so on ).

    Good course for the money.

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    I am interested in this program as I am new to internet marketing but the site has received an F from the Better Business Bureau and I am worried. Anyone here satisfied with the program that isn't actively selling the program? Thanks for your time.
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    I created Niche Blitzkrieg.

    It's not listed with the BBB because I don't agree with making business have to pay a fee to receive an A grade. Sounds a bit backwards.

    I chose not to list with the BBB and what they do is give anyone not listed with them, and F with a little disclaimer that says... "This businesses recieves an F grade because we've contacted them and they have not responded." If you go to the BBB page you'll see where they have included that verbage.

    We responded to them but agreed not to pay a fee to get a grade. Seems somewhat wrong, don't you think?

    Other than that look around on the net and you'll see all the posotive feedback we've got coming in.

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    Hi everyone. I am new to this whole idea and have heard alot of good about the Niche Blitzkrieg program and is honestly the first one ive looked into that isnt a scam. I fortunately have not spent money i cant afford on other programs. This is probably a question that no one has asked before but i will ask it anyways. Is this program easy to teach to someone else? My wife is looking at getting into IM and even though from all i have read it is easy for newbies to understand but she would still require me to basically teach her how to do it. We are looking for additional money to keep things going while i dump money into a business of my own (not internet related). i was also wondering if $2000 - $3000 a month extra income is feasible within a couple months of start up?
    Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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