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Anyone hear of this? It was sent out to James Denzel s list.

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    It automates the You tube traffic purchase/hijack method:

    1)Search for a keyword in your niche in youtube
    2) look for a video with a lot of viewers, and that doesn't have a link or affiliate link
    3) Send a mail to the owner of the video telling that you have liked the video and you like to donate him and in change he/she has to put your linkk on his video.
    4) He/she sometimes doesn't accept, but a lot of people will accept, 'cause they do the video just for fun and you 're looking for people that are not in the IM business.
    5) Get a lot of traffic thanks to the video viewers to that get that video.
    6) offer a low donation, maybe 10 or so, or ask the owner of the video to sell you the video or ask him/her to sell you his/her account for at max $100
    7) for sure they will accept.
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    Yeah, it just sounds to darn good to be true. It's also supposed to build niche websites around you tube vids. At almost a grand, risky to be first buyers...
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    Here's an interesting coincidence. In Anik's video he says he was on a webinar and there was another guru selling a $997 piece of software. He says that software is crap! Do you think he was talking about Traffic Phoenix? here's his video
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    Looks like I am in the same boat. Anik has put his neck on the line with this highly touted deal. I downloaded the promo video so I know what was promised. I'm very disappointed..

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    I purchased this product, TP simply because it does seem awesome, however my laptop keeps locking up, and I am not sure if its the laptop or the TP - so I am going to install it on another computer (my desktop) and I am glad to hear Anik suggest that he and his team are using it... I really value Anik's opinion.

    I will post here again after I re-evaluate -however I will say that if they have a skype chat room that is something that we should have already have access to, and I really do believe that the training for this system is really dense. However I am determined to give it a serious go before I throw in the towel.

    I heard of it via Jamie Lewis, and even though I am just now getting to know of him, he appears pretty legit and has some great comments about him here on the forum and I know that in order to have success with any of this stuff, you have to be committed to working for the success story. And that may even mean jumping through a few hoops.

    Besides the only program that will be entirely perfect will be the one that I put together.. lol hint hint... I hope this review helps.
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    I went to and rewatched the video.

    I looked at the links at about 52 minutes, and I did some searching. A bunch of the links do not have the same click figures as shown in the webinar.

    This is a youtube account that you see at 55:31 YouTube - ‪illonedon's Channel‬‏ nothing too spectacular.

    I'm sure a more fine-toothed comb can find other anomolies.

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    Causing bluescreen crashes of death! not happy ? worst ever purchase (stupid gamble) time wasted $$$ over whelmingly awkward to confess! people who marketed this SHAME ON YOU ALL!!!!!!

    as for anomolies? bitly links do not work mostly.. they have resorted to a no refund payment merchant to target newbies who will hopefully buy their BS and the FTC shoul dbe called in to hunt these crooks down.. even if they have honest intentions and the software works now.. it is no excuse for taking peoples money and launching something that doesnt work and not providing support to the 100s of frustrated customers that feeel betrayed and let down..
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    Hey Guys,

    I have got a couple of emails about Tube Snatcher since amuro mentioned it. It is true that it provides similar functionality as the program mentioned here (I haven't had direct contact with the program though!)

    Tube Snatcher is something completely bespoke to my business and you won't find a white label version of it. The bad news is I currently only give it out as a bonus offer to my subscriber list and it is NOT for sale . I don't really have any plans to release it as I would prefer to reward my subscribers with exclusive bonuses.


    Harry :-)
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    I have linked up with so many sites which help me to increase my Traffic. I do article, forums and many other web sites. which help me to generate PR and traffic. I have recently used SEO Power Suites which is very useful and i got accurate result with in a days.
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    Totally agree with and I expect to open the email with a new product or launch for him but it's alwyas others. Hope things getting better. From a newsletter subscriber, this have a negative impact.
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    I've been going back and forth with Traffic Phoenix customer service for over four weeks to get this software to work. Dan, at customer service, asks me for the second time what problem am I experiencing with the software. It appears to me they are not committed to getting this software to work. Marcus Moore was the person who introduced me to Traffic Phoenix via a webinar. I contacted him twice by email concerning this and he has not responded. If the software worked as advertised, I would be happy with my purchase decision. After reading this thread I thought I could enlist the help of Plimus to help resolve this issue. Long story short, the only thing Plimus will do is refund my money so I said go ahead. The phone number of Plimus is 866-312-7733 then press 0. After this experience I will not make purchases like this overseas. I do not want to deal with international law. We have better government consumer protection agencies here in the USA. That's my rant for today.
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    Well Update, I got a refund from Plimus through Paypal, If you purchased this scam get a refund from either paypal (usually within 45days of purchase) or plimus directly (don't know what their limit is).

    Its a shame that figures we respect in this forum will indulge in petty scam such as this, soiling and spoiling their reputation. Again it is been re-enforced that the only person you can really recommend is yourself. Its a shame and a pity.

    So folks, for me I have learnt a lesson and thanks to such scams that reside in this forum, I am more critical than can be!

    If you are just starting out here, Please be critical before you open your wallet. I should check if there is a newbie into thread in this forum to warn them of being preys.

    I will really love to see the webmaster of this forum take some form of action as this is also a bad reputation for this honourable community called "warrior Forum".

    I rest my case.
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    For anyone you who wants a refund but is struggling to get one. Just do a charge back though your bank

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    I purchased Traffic Phoenix about two weeks ago, and honestly it doesn't seem as great as it was made out to be in the webinar. =/

    Basically, Traffic Phoenix allows you to do two basic things:

    1) Send mass automated-messages to YouTube videos that get a lot of traffic, offering the owners of the video money in exchange for placing your affiliate link in the description area of their video.

    2) Automatically download popular YouTube videos and re-upload them to an automatically generated website under your control.

    I haven't messed around with the second option at all yet, but I've spent a couple hours each day since I bought it fiddling with the first option, and it seems very buggy and error-prone. There have been multiple instances where Traffic Phoenix told me it had sent out the mass messages, but then I checked on the YouTube account that I had set it up to send the messages with, and there had been nothing sent. But then I tried again the next day, and it did actually send the messages the second time. So the software is a little finicky and doesn't always work consistently. But honestly I think that's just a bug in the programming, and is likely to be corrected in the near future. In other words, Traffic Phoenix may not always function correctly 100% of the time, but when it does, it does exactly what it's advertised to do.

    Once Traffic Phoenix decided to cooperate and send out the mass messages like I told it to, I was able to send out about 150-200 messages on YouTube. Out of all the messages I sent, only like 10-12 people replied back, and two or three of them declined my offer. But eight people did accept my offer, and put my affiliate link in their video's description area just like I asked, and I have paid those eight people small fees in exchange for placing my links in their videos' description areas.

    Here are the eight YouTube videos I paid to have links in, followed by the price I paid to put the link in that video: -- $5.00 -- $5.03 -- $5.00 -- $7.54 -- $7.39 -- $5.00 -- $7.51 -- $7.54

    total spent: $50.01

    As you can see, this can start to get very expensive very fast, and I'm starting to wonder if it's even an effective method of marketing. Each of my affiliate links is shortened using bitly, which can track how many times your link is clicked on (very handy), and bitly is telling me that my links have only been clicked on once or twice each, and it's probably just the video owner clicking on it to see what it is before he puts it in his video description area.

    Now maybe I'm just sending messages to the wrong videos, and I'd have better success if I sent messages to videos that received substantially more traffic. But then I stop and ask myself, "Do people ever actually click on links in the description area of YouTube videos?" I know I sure don't, but then again other people may have different habits than me.

    But still, I can't shake the feeling that the description area of YouTube videos simply might not be an effective place to put affiliate links if you want substantial amounts of people to actually click on them.

    And given how the entire Traffic Phoenix software is built around the idea of putting affiliate links in the description area of YouTube videos, I have to question the usefulness of the program.

    But like I said, I may just be doing something wrong. If anyone knows anything about affiliate marketing on YouTube, or can tell me if they've had success by placing affiliate links in the description area of videos, please let me know!

    If I can't get this method to work, I may just try to get my money back and spend it on something else more effective and useful.

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