Chronic Commissions

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Just got an email about this, anyone know what its about?

Chronic Comissions
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    you mean - 25 emails and 1/2 of them you have no idea who they are? LOL

    i'm watching now.. laughing.. LOL
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    OOH i love catching errors in their script. He said he grew up on a commune in Berkley, but then he said he's just like any other guy from so-cal... lol (Berkley is in Northern California) - this video is........entertaining to say the least, man.
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    question is, why are Adam and Tim of Local Mobile Monopoly promoting it, with Tim even shooting a video to convince us that this is worth getting?
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    Weird, I just got another email about another totally different product also titled "Chronic..." - back when I worked in a mental hospital that wasn't a word used to sell something, that's for sure!
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    There are actually two offers that came out today- that I've been reviewing..

    Chronic Commissions & Commission Black OPS- don't get them confused..

    one's a hippy and the others a ex-war veteran.

    I'm actually reviewing Chronic Commissions right now, so hang tight for a review
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    Okay- Chronic Commissions..

    So I've taken a look inside the members area ( I was given access from the creators, as I do review the offers I mail to my mailing list).

    I'm not quite sure, which "package" or upsells etc I received but here's the just of the program I have my hands on. But I beleive from the looks, I have the BASE package, which is perfect.

    This setup is VERY newbie friendly. A video for each sections, super easy to understand, a little low on volume, but it's okay- turn up your speakers!

    Essentially, it does not require the user to have a domain or hosting. the software is WEB BASED.

    You enter in a few pieces of information.
    - Clickbank ID - for your affiliate links
    - Paypal ID - if you decide to get paid per lead
    - Aweber Optin Code - read below

    The reason for the paypal ID/Aweber Optin is this- you have a choice- the creators will pay you per lead if you like OR you can use your own Aweber code to collect leads (I would of course collect leads!)

    Once you fill out those simple steps.. you're ready to set up your campaigns (that first step took me 2 mins max)

    Okay- next we are ready to setup campaigns- You have 5 highly converting IM offers displayed in which you simply type in your own "Tracking ID" (whatever you want) and decide if you want it go to the squeeze page or sales letter.

    Once you select the one, it takes you to a page that shows your affiliate ID with tracking built in- so it's masked and custom to you.

    You're displayed email swipes as well at that point.

    I tried the squeeze page first and it took me to my very own squeeze page. And it appears to be a strong one - as I certainly approve of it. It offers an exit splash in which it takes you directly to the sales offer.

    The sales offer one does just that- takes you to the sales offer.

    Of course both embed your clickbank affiliate ID into it so you get the credit.

    Now- Traffic section is actually REALLY neat. I've been wanting to do this for some time, just haven't gotten around to it. Anyways- here is what it is.

    A very comprehensive solo ad directory of about 20 people. Each showing you their tested results, the list size, costs per xxx clicks. ETC.

    The rest of that section is pretty self explaining- really neat part. That alone is worth the cost of the program in my opinion. A nice directory- I think ezine was selling this for $197 bucks or something.

    And the last important section was tracking- nice tracking interface, showing your campaign, your raw clicks, unique clicks, optins and description. Also it displays your traffic stats as well in a easy to view summary of each offer.

    Also to the left side are the "bonuses".

    These are:

    Bonus Campaigns- 5 high converting squeeze pages that give away a ebook/report.
    Bonus Downloads seems to be the same thing?

    And the last is a bonus Personalized coaching- no idea what that is yet - as it's not till 10 days from now!

    So here's my final review- to me, it's worth the money. Sure you can do everything yourself.. and that's great. But for a newbie or someone who likes to save time, this software is a easy to use yet very informational tool!

    If anyone has any questions, I can try to answer them

    edit: Upsells are as follow

    36 MORE campaigns - pretty cool if set up like the other 10

    And an 8 week coaching session with the creators.

    Both valuable upsells in one way or another.
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    Thanks Anik - can you give a link to a page you built or squeeze page? Did you get any of this on video by chance?

    Thanks again!
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    I didn't do a video, but here's a few examples:

    Make 5-Figures Online

    Instant Passive Profits - 60 Minutes To Money?

    Commission System

    (now guys these DO have affiliate links BUT i wanted to show them just for examples- so Mod's don't get mad!)
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    Hey Anik,

    As always thanks for another great review. Jeff, I always look forward to your reviews too. I got an email about this product too.
    Anik, On a side note. Did you get my Pm's on that other product?

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    I still don't understand WHAT it is? Is it a traffic system? A squeeze page generator? A tracking site? All of the above?

    "Push 5 buttons", and WHAT happens?

    Anik, I'm a tad taken by your enthusiasm for this one, it's similar to 2,348,201+ scam "push button make money" products that have come out in the last 6 months that are all crap... borderline scams.

    What dos this DO?

    HOW does this work?

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    Does it make any money? Anik, you should have some results by now. Going to give us a report? Like ZNICK says, I think it just has that "scam aura" hanging all over it.
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    I believe that is "Michael Jones" in the audio. So what's that tell ya?

    Here's a video where he claims to be Ken Walker and he admits to being behind some of the scam launches of the past. Claimed he was done with them...

    Sounds like the same guy to me.
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    Anik, how much does it cost to use the 'super duper secret traffic system' and email the lists of the 20 people available? And who's to say that the 1,000 plus people who buy this program wont' saturate those lists to the point of extinction.

    The product was sold by a guy with $12.00 in his bank account - point being - you can have no money and still make this work. Without traffic, without PAYING people to email their lists and send their traffic to your site - this product is useless. There was no mention of having to pay for traffic in the sales video, and it was very much written to sound like a homeless guy could do it even with just $12.00 to his name.

    I can see this being a decent product - BUT with the way it was sold - I can also seeing the refund rate being rather high.

    If they were HONEST about what it was, and told people the TRUTH - i'd be ok with that - but the only reason 99% of people ARE buying it is because of the lies on the sales page. You and I both know it.
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    Rouge Hackers? lol ... someone needs an editor to proof read their powerpoint slides...
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    Thanks for the review Anik.
    But like any other review of a product that claims it will make you money in 24 hours or just like the video where he only has $12 in the bank then just like magic has thousands
    there are lots of reviews of different products, but I have yet to see one where the reviewer not only praises the product but says they actually made money in 24 hours as claimed with proof
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    are people here really THAT naive?

    if this is what sells in IM... i'm in the wrong market.
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    Like i say in my earlier post, i bought this product and i will do a review on this product soon because i thought the sales page is kinda cool.

    Well the product is essential this :

    It a 2 parts process.

    1st Part
    They create on your behalf really cool squeeze page for 6 click banks products and they also crafted nice and well thought out promotional email campaigns through aweber for you.

    2nd Part
    Email Your Campaign

    What you get
    -6 click banks campaign / product to choose from ( you can promote all if you like )

    - promotional emails for each campaign / product

    - tools to track your campaign

    The process is easy and painless,

    with a few clicks you can get your click bank id in all the campaign and promotional emails set up.


    This is where money making is suppose to happen.

    If you already have a huge list to sent your emails great. If you don't
    they provide you with about 20 person who for a fee, they will sent your email thorough them.

    I am not sure what the going rate for using other people list.

    But the min price is $150 for 500 clicks and $300 for 1000 clicks

    and the range differs from different promoters.

    So with the promotional email list you created, you contact these 20 person of your choice through skype, and give them money so they can email your promotion out.

    Since you already embedded your affiliate id and your aweber code in your email list. They have a nice interface letting you know how many click and how many conversion you have made. That is all.

    I am a newbie in IM, so i do not have a list yet. Plus I got a impression that I do not need to spend more money to get more money. And I do not have that kind of cash to test this out. It could work, or it could bomb. This system could also give you a huge list if the promoters are well like by their members.

    If you do not have spare cash to try or do not have a huge list, do not even bother.

    The product is good, too much hype but good. Not for me at this point. When i have a huge list, or need a huge list or have the spare cash, i would come back to to this product to test it.

    Well i already begun the refund process. So if you need more info, just post a question and i can answer them if you like.

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