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Does anyone know anything about 6in6 coaching?
It's with Wilson Mattos and Jason Fladlien.

I am tempted to join but I want to get some feedback from someone who has already joined.

Is it any good? Is it worth the $97 per month?

Their website is: 6in6coaching.com
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    I haven't signed up but I have bought a lot of Jason Fladlien's products in the past which are all top quality. So IMHO with anything Jason puts out - you will get a ton of value, and as this is a coaching program you should be a lot more likely to follow through, take action.

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      My favorite part of this coaching program is we're pairing everyone up with an accountability partner who wants one. What we do is have people fill out a questionnaire and then match those who are similar together.

      We've never done that in a coaching program before, so it should be fun to see how it plays out!

      Co-creator of WP Twin. Perhaps the most expensive yet most reliable wordress cloning tool on the market. We've definitely been used more successfully than all other options :)

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    I am in the coaching class. What I like most about this course is that it couples action with monetization. Many times internet marketers do "stuff" online without having a clue of how to make money off of the action they are taking. Or even worse, they just throw things out there and they wait to see what sticks and are shocked when they see no results. I am excited to see how the course develops and I am happy I am on the right track to online marketing success!!

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    To anyone wondering about 6in6 Coaching...

    For the first time I feel that people who really know what they're doing online have put together a teaching program that is teaching me how to fish and not trying to give me a fish.

    I signed up for a very high profile IM course a few years ago with a four-figure price ticket and the first thing I was told was that it would be better to sell something suggested by them and not my own self help products I've spent years lovingly crafting. Since I knew that plenty of people are selling in the self help market all I wanted was some marketing tips!

    Jason and Wil are teaching skills and a mindset that will apply to any internet business. They are both formidable marketers and excellent teachers and they have complimentary knowledge too. What they don't know about how to succeed online between them frankly ain't worth knowing!

    $97 a month is ridiculously cheap for access to these guys. I was spending over $120 a month on average on more and more "shiny objects" and now, at last, I know how, where and why to focus my efforts, what not to buy, how to assess whether something is worth buying and most of all, what I need to do to finally and realistically start generating an income from what I am truly passionate about.

    And we have only had the first two training sessions! (Available to download for members if you didn't make the live training).

    Oh ... one more thing - I happen to live in the UK and the live webinars are put out at a time when even I can join without having to lose sleep! I don't know if the time was chosen to suit as many time zones as possible, but I'm grateful.

    And excited. You might have noticed!

    It's an excellent course.

    Hope that helps!

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    It's still too early to say whether 6in6 students will be successful, there have been only 2 training webinars of the basics. But the approach is very sound.

    I just came off a 3-month training program very much like this one... with the building a business and accountability approach which was quite beneficial. That's what sold me on Jason's program - that and his solid reputation. Plus, the affordable price.

    The other program, cost 3x as much and lasted only half as long. It did include 1:1 coaching, which 6in6 does not offer, but 6in6 has a developing community for additional support.

    6in6 has a bi-weekly, lengthy (...that's good) webinar approach to training with planned "homework" in between sessions - if you are just joining, you can easily catch-up because, so far, it does not take 2 weeks to get what is planned done.

    And that initial self-assessment...? Plan on 3 hours... if you can get it done in half that time... all the better, but it is lengthy and by the comments on their member site, quite an eye-opener for many.

    The latest homework... by "the book" or "on the clock"... 15 hours, give or take.

    If you consider yourself to be successful already, still check out the sales page, but my impression is that the people who will benefit the most from this course are the ones still struggling, just starting, or those who want to grow beyond a modest income . If you're willing to commit the time, energy, and resources to what 6in6 is going to take, and build a business, then seriously consider this program.

    I've been at this 2 years now... I'm not struggling, but I need to grow my business more and from my last training, I found that having an accountability partner is what I need to keep things moving. Being a one-person show (that's me) has its drawbacks, and laying out plans and goals in front of another really helps keep things in motion.

    Now, it's all a matter of what Jason and Wil lay on the table in the coming weeks...! So whether 6in6 means 6k in 6 months, or 6 figures in 6 months, there seems to be some promise here!
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    Originally Posted by highrider21 View Post

    Does anyone know anything about 6in6 coaching?
    It's with Wilson Mattos and Jason Fladlien.

    I am tempted to join but I want to get some feedback from someone who has already joined.

    Is it any good? Is it worth the $97 per month?

    Their website is: 6in6coaching.com
    I have bought Jason's stuff previously before and made good income with the info he provides. I expect this to be more of the same, so I am going to purchase tomorrow. Will come back here with a review..
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    Jason is the real deal. Jason chose the proper way, because he knows there is no get rich quick.
    People do not buy through logic they buy through emotion and justify later through logic. In otherwords, Jason is teaching logic, which is by the way the slowest but best way in the long run. You will be around buying his stuff later and telling others and they will buy also. Jason will not make as much money or as fast as the others but in the long run it is better for you and Jason to do your business with integrity. After all, do you like it when someone rips you off with rehashed crap. Do you really want to go that path? You can make money that way but you will lose money 95% of the time.
    Jasons idea of paring you with a partner is pure geneous. 90% of the people fail because they do not have a mentor and are not being held accountable for there progress and go for the next shiney object through emotionl sales letters rather than learning the hows and whys first.
    There are some other mentors out there but they cost more. I can see that you will save a lot of time by following jasons examples and the ones that can not do these simple tasks are not the poeple that would be a success anyway. They will also spend more money chasing rainbows.
    Here is how I can say that Jason is the real deal. First of all Jason will barely break even, even if you paid for 6 months. What happens after 6 months or a little before that? You will want to take it to the next level and, only if he did it right will you buy all of his stuff. You will have saved way more money than it cost you because you will not be spending money like, $49.00 programs with a $199.00 back end add on and then spend another $300. to $500.00 in advertising, hosting. autoresponders, etc. Youve been there havent you.
    I cannot say that this is for you but I can say that it will work better than the other option.
    This is my honest opinion and I hope it helps.
    I have never met Jason before but I have done more research on him than any one else has. Just go to IMReporcards.com and input his name. Read some of his work, or listen to him teach.
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      I'm a member of 6-in-6 coaching - for $97 it is a great investment. I was happy to pay that for just 12 training sessions but Jason and Wil have now delivered something like 28 sessions and still going strong.

      What I love about it is the sheer depth of the topics discussed - if you want a rounded education on internet marketing there are few better resources for the investment in my honest opinion.

      You can follow what I am doing to grow my business at http://mark-salmon.com I've been self-employed for 13 years as a business consultant and internet marketer.

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