AWebber vs iContact?

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I have been researching the last few days into getting an autoresponder.
I used to have an account with aWebber but cancelled it when my credit card expired as I stopped using it.
I am now looking at starting building a list again since joining the WF and hearing about how the money is in the list etc

I have been comparing iContact with aWebber and it seems to be cheaper for more subscribers

Also I heave heard its free up to 500 subscribers? Is this true? Can anyone tell me why I shouldn´t sign up with iContact over aWebber?
I know alot of marketers use awebber but what makes it better than iContact?

Appreciate any advice
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    I would personally go with Aweber because of many several reasons:

    1. Aweber is a one time cost, no matter how many subscribers.
    2. It's templates are AWESOME.
    3. It is easy to use and reliable.
    4. $1 Trial!
    5. (Shoot, here's a review to make it easier.. Click Here.) lol.

    The thing about icontact is that you pay for the emails you send.
    For example, here's their pay plan:

    Contacts Pricing
    250 9.95
    500 14.00
    1000 19.00
    2500 29.00
    100,000 699.000

    *You get my drift!

    Hope that helps!
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    Personally I love Aweber.

    I have never ran into an issue with them.

    The emails that I sent are delivered to their inbox, not spam.

    So, overall, the price is well worth it and really nothing considering
    you can make tons of money from a list.
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    If you think iContact is much better than AWebber...

    You can use a trial version of iContact. They offer a free trial run for 15 days, and to sign-up for this trial you don't have to give your credit card.
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    I've been a subscriber with both services and ultimately went with aweber. Their service is top-notch, great templates, and very easy to set up your campaigns with their clear, simple instructions, including quick and clear instruction videos.
    Secondly I appreciate the steps they take to ensure the lead really does want to receive information from the business person. So that eliminates any concerns about "Spamming" anyone.
    Lastly, their security measures eliminate the potential of being blocked by "Spam filters." So your emails get delivered as they are intended!
    'Hope this helps and good luck with your list-building!
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    I've used Aweber for over 5 years and I couldn't recommend them high enough

    Remember: List building is the core of your internet business so don't scrimp on it

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    I signed up for iContact almost a year ago after a few of my marketing buddies recommended them. I'd been with Aweber for 5 years and wasn't thrilled with their deliverability.

    iContact has some features that rock, like the ability to import leads and not require a second "double optin".

    Recently, I realized that my open rate was terribly low, so I tested Aweber to see if it would improve and it did, dramatically.

    A former spammer friend of mine ran the IP address that my iContact emails came from and found that a spam service had flagged that IP. In other words, it was iContact's fault that my open rate was so terrible.

    As far as pricing is concerned, Aweber may be a touch more when you're starting out, but they are far less expensive when your list begins to grow. I pay about $40 per month for Aweber and over $100 per month for iContact.

    I'm dumping iContact either later today or early tomorrow and going back to Aweber.
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