Service any good? Do they really deliver?

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Ive been checking out this site for quite some time now and am thinking about buying one of their plans. As we all know, there are alot of BS traffic selling guys out there in the world so I want to know that im really going to get my moneys worth and not burn another worthless hole in my pocket trying to buy targeted traffic that leads to nowhere.

Please, if anybody has experience with service, please let me know if its worth my money or not. Thanks.
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    They claim to have been creating targeted traffic since 1998, but the whois suggests these guys have only been in business since 2006.

    Hmmm...something doesn't add up.

    I'd lurk some more, until some of their victims...err customers come forward.
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      Well i dont know. They could have just got that url in 2006 but that dosent mean they havent been in the business for way more than that. I cant say for sure but ill check and see what I come up with.
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    can you elaborate webdesigner4?
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    They remind me of any outfit that does the same thing and looks very much the same.

    Their categories can give a listing of the many large and profitable niches on the internet.

    Thanks to my fellow warrior, Stephon Rudd and his comments above they may be worthy of a very small test.


    "It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. -- Mark Twain

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    Not that it matters if they work but is the same as

    Sites look almost the same only with different branding.
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    I used revisitors years ago (Yes they were around prior to 2006) can't recall their web address at that point. As someone else pointed out the customer service is excellent. Unfortunatly, if you check the sources of traffic they are often subpar and are coming from sites that have no actual association with the catergory you pick out. Not to mention between my multiple stats counters on my sites and theirs, there has always been a large difference. When I contacted Steve about this he did send me an additional campaign no cost, but I still would not recommend them. The traffic stays less than 15 seconds, and I belive this is largely due to the traffic coming from sites that are completely unrelated.

    Hope that helps.
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    Revistors is great. I use them also and had a lot of people signing up every week. Traffic increased 20x also.
    If you have a compelling offer or business opp Revisitors can help you generate new businss. No it's not a scam either.
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    This stuff doesn't work. I do not care about some of the testimonials in this thread. Just look at some of the other case studies out there on the web and you'll understand this stuff is just a waste of money.
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    You're absolutely right Adam, unfortunately, people like me had to take the plunge and find out the hard way. Oh well. Chalk another one up for experience I guess.

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